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March 26, 1987
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  1. HRP License?

    24 June 2015 - 12:08 PM

    Hi all,

    I was wondering on the status of the HRP license, specifically for the 3D models. I'm only asking because I want to include a 3D model of it in my commercial Dreamcast project (as one of those easter eggs, sort of like what DN3D had going on). I would assume they'd be CC-complaint, but if they used any of the original artwork for skins that it'd probably be a no-no...

    Thanks everyone =)
  2. Not dead. . .

    06 February 2015 - 10:41 AM

    So, I'm not dead...I hit a really really low point. My doctor said it was a result of mixing Clonazepam with Prozac and other things (alcohol, etc). I just got so desperate that day for something to make me feel better, usually Clonazepam gets me really high but I wasn't aware mixing those would cause me to get that way. I'm not supposed to take the Clonazepam unless I need it but I've been popping them the last few days to deal with some shit that some people gave me at work...and I'm already majorly depressed, so that didn't help either.

    I'm thankful for you guys talking me out of it, it does show me that people care. A lot of it is rooted in other things...what I'm going through right now as a woman, heartbreak over my friends ditching me, my past (being molested/raped for a long time as a child and not being strong enough to fight back or speak up), my parents not giving a shit about me at all, getting ridiculed for the person I am, relationship problems, videogame problems...the list really does go on.

    I figured I'd start a new thread just to let everyone know I made it okay. It was a close one. I was going to stab myself in the stomach and slit my wrists...pretty much the most brutal and painful way to go, because if I went it's what I would have deserved. I was on the couch, the knife beside me, when I picked up the phone and called Jimmy (Viper). I've never really considered it until then. I'm not sure what the fuck in my brain sparked me to pick up the phone because the knife was literally pressed into my stomach..it was intense.

    I have tons of copies of various "wills and last notes" on my machine from the last few years, but when you are really in the moment and ready to go, it's a different experience. I was almost placed into a psych-hold today, but I convinced the doctor that I was okay. My arms are painful reminders of that night though.

    I'm still not really recovered from it, just trying to stay positive right now. It's really hard because my heart is still just so...broken...and I still feel very very alone. I suppose it will always be this way, eventually I will do it (I am positive of that), but for the first time in a long time I'm thankful that I'm alive, even if just for the moment.

    I know I deserve all of this because I'm still not strong enough to get the help I need...my parent(s)? taught me that it's weak to ask for help...so I never did. :)

    Anyways...I just wanted to create a new thread so the Post Thread isn't all depressing and shit.
  3. Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness

    16 November 2014 - 11:16 PM

    Hey PROD, I will take us through the early days until present, so get comfortable!

    Posted Image
    Hypertension is a psychological first-person shooter by my team Isotope Softworks and being published by Goat Store Publishing, LLC, for the Sega Dreamcast and PC. They are also publishing a game I am producing called SLaVE, using the same engine I maintain and program for (3DGE).

    It was based on Blood and actually started its life as a remake project in 2008. The game has gone through a dozen rewrites since its inception, each time moving further from Blood, until we are where we are at now.

    Take a look at the original 2008 trailer that debuted on Joystiq, etc

    All of the publicity we received, negative or positive (even Game Informer covered it) led to a publishing deal for the game.

    (This trailer was released by Diehard GameFAN.)

    But two years later we were burned out by it (and Atari seizing the game too hampered our efforts) and decided to start fresh with a different project called SCOURGE. That happened in 2011. That project was going great until we were ordered to halt and move back to Hypertension by GSP (no deal with Atari went through as expected). Since 2013 we have been reworking the project and it's now completely original, only related to the previous version by program code left in from so long ago, and all of the levels (which we were allowed to keep since they were original designs).

    We were flown to the Midwest Gaming Classic to show off the project early in the year (I did not attend because my flight got delayed past the point of the presentation, so that's why my team member is so nervous and holds a clipboard in the video). The game, at the time, was chosen at the last minute because of technical problems we were having with SCOURGE. As such, the MGC trailer looks very rushed/incomplete and still has Blood placeholder content in it, but it was clear we were moving to replace everything (storyline, characters, enemies, etc). It was received well but people were still a bit confused since we halted the project for so long, and brought it back with almost no explanation.

    Midwest Gaming Classic trailer from earlier this year

    So, present day...I just released a new teaser trailer to our fanbase showing off some of the stuff we've been working on, which is what I'm going to show below. The game has been in development since 2008 (that's 6 years) and has come a long way since the early days, but this is what it looks like now. I'd love to hear constructive comments about it.

    My team and I are working hard to get it finished by next year, also, David Firth (who created Salad Fingers) gave us his explicit permission to include SF after playing the publisher demo of Hypertension in 2012, and he's designing the section of the game where he will be most prominently featured in (and doing all of the voice work). You play as a mentally scarred woman who watches her lover get murdered, and goes into a deep depression while battling demons from her past (and the present, stopping an occult leader).

    You guys are also free to check out the Corbachu Youtube channel to look at various builds of the game through the years (we even planned to have live-action cutscenes which are shown a few times in the trailers).


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