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  1. In Topic: Auto Aim off?

    25 February 2019 - 12:59 PM

    View PostLazy Dog, on 22 February 2019 - 09:22 PM, said:

    fixed in r7352 !

  2. In Topic: [RELEASE] NBlood - Blood port based on EDuke32

    25 February 2019 - 12:58 PM

     Dzierzan, on 23 February 2019 - 03:41 AM, said:

    So... I dunno if it's port's problem or maybe it is working actually correctly here... Let me explain, if you use alt fire for Tommy Gun, the screen is shaking. It doesn't in DOS. Although you can see a slight screen movement towards up if you use alt fire for akimbo mode.

    I don't have this issue. Stood still and used the alt-fire and my screen didn't shake.
  3. In Topic: Rednukem - Redneck Rampage port

    27 October 2018 - 09:32 AM

    View PostNukeYKT, on 26 October 2018 - 07:39 PM, said:

    How does original EDuke32 work on your setup?

    Works fine at a solid 165 FPS, but this drops from that 165 a lot to 110-120ish. It's not awful by any stretch, just a bit jarring. Honestly, it's probably just due to the fact I'm running software at 1440p.
  4. In Topic: Rednukem - Redneck Rampage port

    26 October 2018 - 01:43 PM

    Framerate seems a tad low in classic mode @ 1440p on a i7 8086k, might just be me though.
  5. In Topic: Bugs & Problems

    13 September 2018 - 01:24 PM

    Posted Image

    For some reason, my crosshair isn't centered. Any reason why?


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