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  1. Shadow Warrior: The Missing Voxels - Shadow Warrior Voxel Pack

    18 December 2013 - 07:17 PM

    I was seeing Reaperman´s Duke Nukem voxel proyect the other day: http://forums.duke4....-3d-voxel-pack/
    and I thought: What about Duke´s missing eastern cousing, Lo Wang?

    As you know Shadow Warrior only had voxels for only the most important things in the games (weapons, keys, items, switches etc) the rest only had sprites. Well some awesome voxels designers of the late 90s/early 00s made some voxels for some of the other non-interactive elements of the game.

    Using a special program I decided to extract all of them and let them available to anyone. Here´s pic of some of them:

    Posted Image

    It would be great if some of them could be added to the original Shadow Warrior game like the stone lamps, the ketchup, the bars, table, the parking etc, like Reaperman did with his voxel pack for Duke Nukem

    UPDATE: Several of the voxels that are useful to the classic Shadow Warrior are now included with the txt to convert the sprites to its correspondent voxel. Check links below.


    Mediafire download link (recommended):


    IMPORTANT: For the animated voxels you will need Hendricks SWP patch:


    Now includes new voxels + light on/off switches voxels courtesy of Reaperman!

    I also added a README file so now you can disable the voxel you don´t like leaving intact the rest!

    It works in Shadow Warrior Redux too!

    Now it is only one voxel pack that works for all (Swp, Classic, Redux)

    INSTALATION (SWP): Just copy and past the content of the folder to the folder where you have the sw.grp and SWP (I have both in the same folder)

    INSTALATION (Redux): To install the pack on Shadow Warrior Redux (steam) just extract the content of folder in the gameroot folder:

    Steam ---> SteamApps ---> common ---> Shadow Warrior Classic ---> gameroot (here´s where you extract the voxel pack)

    INSTALATION (DOS - Shadow Warrior Classic 1997): To install the pack on Shadow Warrior Redux (steam) just extract the content of folder in the gameroot folder:

    Steam ---> SteamApps ---> common ---> Shadow Warrior Original ---> gameroot (here´s where you extract the voxel pack)

    I included a README file so you can disable the voxels you don´t like.

    I think that some particular sprites could serve as model for some of the missing voxels in Reaperman´s Duke Nukem Voxel (for the fire extinguisher and other elements). I hope you find them useful...

    By the way some of the voxels were actually created as a replacement for some items in some Shadow Warrior addons (for instance a flame thrower to replace the guardian´s head...)

    Credits: All the credits of course must go to the original creators of these voxels! (I just extracted them using a program originally thought for duke). I mean the creators of the following Shadow Warrior Addons: WIWY, Park (Yves Bresson, The Grape, Sheri Sleyzak and rest of the team), TNE, The Last Warrior. I also modified one voxel (tcast) from the Blood Voxel Pack.(couldn´t locate the exact voxel creator)

    (I couldn´t find who exactly made these voxels as they worked as a team: one guy programing, another guy made the maps, another effects, art etc...)

    I Hope you will find them useful for your proyects!


    I renamed the voxels useful for the normal Shadow Warrior so instead of 3.KVX it will be STONELAMP.KVX, PARASOL.KVX, JOYSTICK.KVX etc etc...

    I also modify the SWVOXFIL.TXT so the sprites can be converted into voxels. Understand that these are not all the voxels for every single sprite of Shadow Warrior. There are several sprites that don´t have voxels yet like the samurai helmet, the cups, the electric lamp, corpses, bones etc etc... eventually I will create them ( now making them :) )

    Here´s a before/after screenshot:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    More screenshots here:




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