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29 years old
September 4, 1987
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  1. notification bug?

    19 July 2017 - 09:07 PM

    Like the title says, there's a number next to the Duke pic in the top right of the screen; the drop down message menu tells me I have 2 new messages but they're not showing up for me at all. Clicking on the pic takes me to my profile and I'm not seeing any notices or anything like that. Just wondering if it's a bug or I'm just missing something really obvious.
  2. 3 monitors crash

    25 February 2017 - 11:49 AM

    I recently got a TV that I could plug into my GTX760 via a Display port - I've got that and 2 monitors set up as well. It seemed to go well enough but today I've been getting crashes whenever loading into a game that went full screen - this GPU only has 1.5GB of ram so is it likely that the card just can't support 3 monitors going at once? (I'm only playing games on one monitor and watching videos on the other) My main one is 1920x1080, the second is 1440x900 and the TV is duplicating the feed of my main one (but its effective resolution is about 1280x760) Basically what happens is that the screens go black, I hear a USB disconnecting sound (no idea what that is since everything plugged in is still going and lit up) and then I have to restart my computer.

    If it IS due to that, are there any good free programs that could manage the monitors so I could disable them on the fly? The default windows stuff seems kinda useless. I appreciate any help here.
  3. help fixing an md3 with a OOB polygon

    12 December 2016 - 01:50 AM

    Would anybody be willing to help me with this md3 model? There's an out of bounds polygon that's preventing it from loading in Eduke and the only program I know how to use crashes on loading the file. I can view it in NPherno's model viewer and see the polygon but I don't know of any way to get rid of it. Here's a link to the file:


    I'd greatly appreciate any help (It's for a patch for IW basically)
  4. [REL] Nuclear Showdown v2.1

    05 November 2016 - 03:29 AM

    Nuclear Showdown V2 (moddb page)

    First of all, thanks to Nightfright for patching what he could of my old code and trying to keep the mod alive. This version was based off his version. also thanks to M210 for hosting NS on his site and also trying to fix a few bugs.

    Finally thanks to Oporix for releasing 'Block ignite' a usermap for Nuclear Showdown which inspired me to patch it so it's functional and relatively bug-free. I've included the map with the mod in a new episode titled 'Nuclear Showdown', it's made for polymer mode (although the mod itself is classic mode, it still works fine in polymer) so give it a play and leave him some feedback in his topic.

    -fixed custom switches, locks and toolboxes from not opening doors
    -fixed pipebomb being thrown along with prox dynamite
    -fixed plasma cannon not working
    -fixed jibs not spawning

    -added additional shotgun animation tile by Minigunner
    -added ammolots tile by Reaperman (originally posted by Hendricks266)

    There's a lot of quality of life stuff I'd like to do (a more organic way of activating the new inventory items) but AMC TC is always beckoning in the background; however if people like the mod enough and make more usermaps than I would definitely do more stuff with the TC.

    Download here:

    Note that I highly recommend grabbing the Duke Nukem PSX version soundtrack from here:

    The included ns.def with NS will use this music so just place the highres folder in the same directory as Nuclear Showdown and rename ns.def to duke3d.def
  5. [REL] Dracula's Castle

    22 October 2016 - 12:40 AM

    This map was made for the Duke Spook'em add-on but I'm releasing it now as a standalone demo map - when that mod is done there'll be a different tweaked version in that. Designed in and looks best in Classic mode. Micky and Mikko beta tested the map.

    Duke Nukem gets shot down by a Science experiment gone wrong near Dracula's Castle - get in and make the bastards pay for rising your flight insurance premium yet again.

    Two versions, one that works with vanilla Duke and one for Eduke32. I have tested the vanilla version in World Tour and it does work but IIRC there's no way to add art files or anything to the workshop (unless that's changed) If they fix that than I'll definitely upload it to the workshop with added lights and shit. The Eduke32 version has OGG music as well as a couple of reskinned enemies (Total Meltdown zombie pigcop and a Cthulhu Octabrain by me) so that's the more definitive version.

    Vanilla version (719kb):

    Eduke32 version (4mb):

    Have fun and let me know what you think.



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  1. Photo 20 Jul 2017 - 09:19
    Hi James. I read you're post about the notification bug. That might've been me. Sorry about that. I was trying to send you a pm, but it kept glitching up, saying an error occurred. Which is probably why you have two notifications. Again sorry about that. :(
  2. Photo 04 Sep 2015 - 01:02
    Happy Birthday :)
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