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  1. Duke Nukem to be featured in Quake Champions (poll)

    12 September 2017 - 08:52 AM

    Do you think Duke Nukem should be in Quake Champions as playable character like Wolfenstein's BJ Blazko and Doom's Doomguy are already?

    Reasons I personally would like to see this happen is because it would be cool and he'd fit in more than into Bulletstorm anways, because it's an fastpaced action multiplayer game. Plus it would help change Duke's current bad public image quite possibly by being in an fps that pretty much is bringing classic deathmatch back to forefront.

  2. Duke Nukem voice and character

    05 August 2017 - 12:48 PM

    So recently I was watching on youtube some Leslie Nielsen videos and I realized that Duke Nukem used to deliver his act in a similar way. Back in the day Duke Nukem was funny without *trying* to be funny in an obvious way. Seriousness is the key as we all know, aswell as the way of what kinda tone of voice you use to deliver it.

    Jon not being able to deliver it anymore because he's old or stuff is bs, since he has clearly demonstrated in just recent years that he still very much can do it. When he voices Duke like it not sounding so buff sometimes, it loses Duke's character because in the words of Duke3D producing "but Duke is a big buffed guy on stereoids, so let's lower his pitch". So if you don't do the gritted teeth thing and thus don't speak from low enough, how are you gonna deliver Duke Nukem then? In some more recent performances it almost sounds as if a guy looking like this is doing the voicing as opposed to this...
  3. Your ideal developer for next Duke Nukem game

    17 January 2017 - 11:12 AM

    I figured since this has come up couple of times in random threads, it would be interesting to see what devs people prefer.
  4. The Crash Bandicoot junction

    05 December 2016 - 11:07 AM

    So I did a search and didn't find any previous CB topic or anything for Naughty Dog either and thus decided to make this thread.

    How the heck are Activision publishing this :blink: ?

    Looks extremely faithful and actually cool just like the originals but now in HD. Impossible, isn't it? Now if this kinda release was done for Duke3D..

    The Comeback Trailer

    Fan made PC-excusive mod project (hoping that official thing's announcement won't lead to this getting an C&D now..)
  5. Post your funny Duke Nukem 5 titles

    29 August 2016 - 08:14 AM

    I could start this by using these two, which are something in the lines of "Duke Nukem Forever".

    Duke Nukem: High5 (high referring to some highway)
    Duke Nukem: Hive5

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