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  1. In Topic: Newcomer Perspective

    Yesterday, 02:56 AM

    View PostMusicallyInspired, on 17 January 2018 - 08:41 AM, said:

    I like puzzles. It's no different to me than hunting for keycards or that one blowup wall that I missed somewhere after all the enemies in the level are already dead. In fact, it's better than that.

    Same here. Puzzles are very much why classic fps is always superrior to modern fps. They simply had more variety. You take Call of Duty and it's literally just a mindless shooting gallery in a complete simon says behaviour/environment. This meaning no exploring or any kinda out of the box thinking, since you do what the game says or youre not proggressing/game over. Those puzzles in classic fps mixed things up. It wasn't just mindless slaughtering or running in a funneled path but you got times where you had to stop and think (Shadow Warrior that shiny floor color puzzle door thing anyone? ;) )

    Imo the puzzle aspect in DNF was way too light but that is most likely because the funding side obviously wanted to be certain that the game would "appeal", meaning to slap on the CoD4 gameplay mechanics which was popular at the time. So no puzzles it is. Except in DNF's case they atleast tried a bit but it really shows how there is nothing where you would actually get stuck or any real challenge. Some example of actual puzzles? I recommend playing a game called Antichamber from 2013 and it pretty much has the hardest puzzles in really long time. So the few "valve puzzles" that DNF had were just plain pathetic compared to that or even the Shadow Warrior shiny floor color code door thing.

    View Postnecroslut, on 18 January 2018 - 01:02 AM, said:

    I don't mind the single beer-thing too much, my main issue with the beer mechanic is with regards to gameplay: even with just one can it takes just too damn long to use, and the excessive blur on the screen makes it almost useless as you can't get a whole lot done while it lasts, bosses notwithstanding.

    I never digged the whole beer power up really and thus on my intial playthrough I pretty much played it entirely without it. To me it just felt such stupid and gimmicky. However afterwards I have adjusted a bit to it, actually sometimes even use it.

    View Postnecroslut, on 18 January 2018 - 01:02 AM, said:

    Even worse, those console-shooter mechanics are pretty much just slapped on top without being properly implemented, constantly clashing with the game's originally intended mechanics and balancing. The weapons were never planned to be as generic (gameplay- and situation-wise) as they are in Halo or CoD.

    Definitely. You got guns that are more than just hitscan, take the freezeray, shrinkray or rpg forexample being entirely projectile and beam based. Really still grinds my gears how George dared to say in some Q&A that "it's not the 90's anymore" as reason for the 2weaponlimit to get implemented in DNF. Like you said. Maybe if they had atleast done something for the game design in how the 2weapon system was implemented with reason, then maybe it would have been ok. But as it was implemented it was just shit and everyone prefered the kinda strategy where they carry 1 favorite/powerful gun and one more allaround suitable. Making George's whole 2weaponlimit brought "strategy" useless, aside from the forced explosive weapon swapping during bossfights.
  2. In Topic: Newcomer Perspective

    16 January 2018 - 02:51 AM

    View PostZaxx, on 15 January 2018 - 04:29 PM, said:

    Yeah, guess that was it but honestly I don't want to blame anyone for DNF turning out badly, by the end of it development was just a salvage operation more than anything else. And really I was expecting the same tasteless shit from World Tour but I was wrong, that was the same ole' charming Duke instead of the guy who picks up shit from toilets so based on that alone I wouldn't say Triptych is incompetent. DNF was just a mistake in my opinion.

    Uhh, someone correct if wrong but afaik.. Triptych didn't have anything to do with World Tour development. Was made by Nirve Software and GB.
  3. In Topic: Newcomer Perspective

    15 January 2018 - 03:54 PM

    View PostZaxx, on 10 January 2018 - 06:13 AM, said:

    Exactly, that was a perfect assessment. On the top of the sheer quantity of the erotic stuff in DNF 3D Realms also forgot about the importance of context: sure, lots of times the sexy stuff was hidden in secret places but when it wasn't it always used the appropriate context. On the second level of E1 you enter a sex shop, then a strip club, in E4 you visit a porn shoot etc. so sexiness was net overused and it was always shown in places where it served the setting. Basically it even helped the more realistic settings of the game.

    In DNF stuff like this has no context to it and even when it does you simply don't care because erotica is overused: you see boobs in the intro, you get a blowjob from the twins, you turn on vibrators, you buy condoms, look at lots and lots of boobs, smash up some wall boobs... and then you're supposed to be excited about the strip club AFTER THE BOSSFIGHT WITH AN ALIEN THAT HAS THREE BOOBS. :D In Duke 3D the strip club was exciting and awesome, in DNF it's just boring because you no longer care, you've seen everything already up to that point.

    Yep, DNF released version basically over-did everything and because of that it got to a point where it wasn't that interesting anymore.

    I would actually like to see the 2001 or/and 2007/9 versions, just to see how much (if) DNF 2011 really did wrong. I know that 2001 game did most deflinitely not have any wallboobs, "gloryholes", or whatever brown throwing simulators. Just by you looking at those screens and that iconic trailer, will instantly notice how that was a way more self taking serious game/vision than 2011.

    I dunno but I kinda think 2003 version is the start of this escalation into the completely over the top wallboobs direction. How there you see the booth with that tit flashing thing etc .And since according to rumours.. most of the original staff quit the development around 2003-2007. It most probably just didn't work out with the new folks, because they didn't understand the game and George was already way more annoyed with the thing after he realized they were finally running out of that self funding money. So that he just didn't really care anymore but wanted to get "the burden out" and move on from it via cutting is shipping.
  4. In Topic: Newcomer Perspective

    09 January 2018 - 08:49 AM

    View PostPoorchop, on 02 January 2018 - 05:14 AM, said:

    Between wall boobs, statues with 5 inch long nipples, nudie mags, incestuous twins, and so forth, I thought that it was really juvenile and it added nothing of value to the game.

    That's exactly what Duke3D had aswell but the main thing is it wasn't the main focus and wasn't put on a silver platter above everything else. Nudity being on a silver platter in DNF however, plus DNF being entirely linear game design wise and it utilizing cutscenes/scripted events to tell the story via npcs etc.. you WILL see the erotica. Liked or not, since you cannot deviate from the path main path in DNF and you get all kinds of builds ups to alien queen boss fights etc with npcs constantly reminding you about "thing with three big titties", you kinda tend to see everything. Case with Duke3D is quite different. Since DN3D isn't a linear game, it's quite possible that you miss some of the erotica in it. Quite a few of them are inside secret areas forexample. Like the first woman and xxx rated tv thing is inside that appartment building in HH. Just an example.

    Duke3D does have plenty of such rough adult appereances aswell like DNF. Very first level you start, has advertisements about a ficitonal movie called Attack of the Bleached Blonde Biker Bimbos or some like that. Second level has a pornshop where you can find enemies in private booths with toilet paper and adult rated flick playing on a tv. Same map has the first hooker shown in the bar. Raw-Meat level has asian statues/women whom if you interact with, they will show you their boobs. Various places having x-rated magazines on floor and various poster advertisements aswell. So you see, DN3D did have plenty of erotica aswell but because it's a bigger game, it won't overshadow everything else.

    Gameplay wise my biggest gripes with DNF are complete map linearity, restricted weapon limit, regen health, slowpaced movement and lack of secrets. Aesthetic wise I think DNF is totally appropriate looking Duke Nukem game.
  5. In Topic: Favourite Duke Nukem Forever Moments?

    02 January 2018 - 03:50 AM

    Realized I had not yet actually responded to the topic in question. So I'll do just that.

    Duke Burger tower climbing part.

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