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  1. In Topic: Duke3D & SW - Early/Alpha/Beta/Gold Material

    Yesterday, 09:37 PM

    You can poke here for assets released on Discord and not yet the forums (I'm too lazy to relink a series of images atm).
  2. In Topic: [RESOURCES] Community Stockpile

    26 June 2017 - 07:41 PM

    Another Duke situation:
    Duke enters a bar and engages in a shootout with the assault troopers and pigcops chillin' inside. Of course, he wipes the floor with them, and goes towards an exit in plain sight. However, it's a trap, but Duke realizes before he gets hit with it, and sees a spot to foil it with a pipebomb or an RPG. Explosions ensue, and as the sound clears, he mutters, "I don't get fooled again."

    All the while this music is playing in the bar.
    It includes looping tags, so the second half loops. Best results when the track is restarted once explosions happen.
  3. In Topic: [RESOURCES] Community Stockpile

    16 June 2017 - 07:41 PM

    Updated the Sound Canvas VA title loop rendition of Grabbag I did a while back.
    Just rename it to "GRABBAG" and it'll be loadable in EDuke32.

    MIDI credits to Lee Jackson, of course, and other notices (and download for full version) here.
  4. In Topic: Duke3D & SW - Early/Alpha/Beta/Gold Material

    16 June 2017 - 12:10 AM

    Patience is key. If time and legality permits, then we'll see. :P
  5. In Topic: Any Duke related dreams?

    10 June 2017 - 01:32 PM

    I've had a few.
    I had one where I entered a map where I crashed a small spaceship (like the one at E2 start) into a canyon. A few hundred feet away was an entrance to a massive alien headquarters. In its gigantic main lobby were many forcefield-protected computers and control panels, and surrounding the room was an open tunnel of just water in it, but the forcefield allowed you to go in. Defending the lobby were larger turrets that fired more powerful green lasers. Looking around, I found a tile on the ground that didn't appear grouted, so I pulled it up and found a ladder to a secret security room with several camera monitors showing the lobby. There were also switches that did things like open the exit and flood some of the hallways with water. These functions were important because I didn't have the necessary jetpack to reach the exit off the bat. I opened the door to the main hallway but when I entered it, sirens blared and aliens flooded en masse, forcing me back out the door where it was then closed. With that I went back to the panel and activated a ventilation door to an alternate pathway. Once I went through the vent to a secondary hallway, I found that it was flooded, which was bad because there were few air pockets aside from the vent, but at some hallway intersections were platforms with ammo to a red missile launcher more powerful than the RPG. I got to the main hallway, which wasn't flooded, and after a lot of progression, I finally managed to get to the exit room. It was a large cavern with water in it and alien matter all over. At the bottom was a large portrait of the district congresswoman (it's a fuckin' dream, what can you expect?) and there was a moss-covered ledge with the exit on it. As it was, it was unreachable by normal (non-jetpack) means, so I had to head back to the lobby security room to activate one of the water lines. I head back and the water was gushing out of the hanging moss and flooding the room to the point where I could swim up to the ledge and exit it. At the end, I tried to save the automap to my IRL computer so I could recreate it. Instead I have a really crude sketch of what I could remember the next morning.

    Speaking of really crude sketches, I had another dream where I found a nuclear plasma gun; it was a huge red gun with the shrinker's muzzle, and the core was a sphere with a miniature star glowing inside. It fired bright white projectiles that vaporizes lesser enemies in a single hit. This is the very crude drawing of it that I drew the next morning.


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