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  1. In Topic: Hurrrrr Abuses the Reputation System

    Today, 02:46 PM

    Don't know what is going, but man, this shit is so cringe.
  2. In Topic: Introducing GOG Connect

    Yesterday, 05:16 AM

    At that time I had GT 9800 and intel core 2 quad, though I don't remember which exactly I had, not even sure if it was more powerful than my second CPU which was Celeron. I played on medium settings and I had 1680x1050 screen.
  3. In Topic: Introducing GOG Connect

    Yesterday, 03:17 AM

    It does, I had no problems with vanilla outside of terrible performance on high settings and that was 5 years ago or so. Anyway, Steam version also worked fine, but I noticed that people have more issues with Steam version compared to GOG one. What really bothers me about PC version is lack of DLCs compared to consoles.

    Also, people recommend to get a mod called "Gentlemen of the Row" which fixes many bugs.
  4. In Topic: Halo Wars Steam Edition

    Yesterday, 03:08 AM

    Creative Assembly? Well, no wonder they dropped the ball with the second game.

    Also, I doubt that the game is like Age of series which is why I didn't mention it, though maybe it's close to SC then?
  5. In Topic: Halo Wars Steam Edition

    20 April 2017 - 09:52 AM

    So, will anyone answer my question about the game? To be specific, I like C&C games before RA3, even Dune games are favorite of mine and I play them from time to time.

    The price seems to be good in Japan, better than in Europe or USA, but considering this is console RTS (which is likely done with consoles in mind), I don't know.

    Also, for people who actually want more Xbone exclusives on Steam and thus non-UWP version.

    343 Industries said:

    Q: Please bring MCC / Halo CE / Halo 2 / Halo 3 / Halo 4 / Halo 5 to Steam!!!!
    A: It's awesome seeing so much demand and excitement to bring more Halo titles to Steam. However, at this time, we have no current plans to bring any of these games to Steam. If these plans change, we'll be sure to spread the word!

    Q: Please bring Gears of War / Forza / <insert other Xbox title here> to Steam!!
    A: We are 343, the Halo studio, and as a result have no insight or ability to comment on future plans for other Xbox titles. Please share your excitement and demand with the folks at Turn 10 and The Coalition!

    Source: pinned thread by developers themsleves.


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