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  1. Direct System Mod

    03 April 2014 - 04:58 PM

    Posted Image

    93812th restart later...

    Set in several years before the events of Duke Nukem Forever.
    Duke Nukem relaxing on his old fishing boat when he suddenly gets a mail from his laptop. "General Graves?" says Duke and the proceeds reading the mail. It reads that the General's daughter went quiet in an island where Direct System is located and asks Duke to go check it out. Duke accepts it and sails towards the Island. Days later he finally sees the island, he then immediately gears up and says to himself, "Somebody's gonna friggin' pay for screwing up my vacation!".

    Mod features:
    - Episode of 5 Large maps and some Bonus maps
    - Locations to explore; jungles, caves/mines/ruins, military bases and the Direct System itself
    - Atmospheric with plentiful ambient sounds
    - New enemies to blow up! Direct System's Mercenaries, Mechs, Droids and unknown aliens
    - Lots of secrets, Easter eggs and hidden messages.

    Lacks polish but pretty much finished.
    Posted Image

    Good enough. Maybe polish some more when I'm closer to final release.
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Currently Working...
    New Merc Minigunner
    New ??? Enemy
    Polishing Art

    Pre-rendered intro cutscene.
    Duke arriving the Island with his fishing boat and gears up like in Commando movie, and then says something funny. I try to keep the cutscene similarly low quality like Birth's intro cutscene to give that look as if Direct System was an Expansion Pack.

    2013 Direct System Demo Downlooad
    This demo is basically ugly and cheap looking but you can get some sort of idea what to expect from final version of Direct System.

    Direct System is something I've always wanted to finish since early 2006. Below is my old thread I made back in 2006.
    Original 2006 thread

    In case people get confused with names. I used to be known as Pappi_man and MrGlasses.
  2. Few Coding help

    26 September 2012 - 02:16 AM

    What lines I need to modify to make Troopers stop using their jetpacks and teleporters, and also Lizards not using their crap attack?
  3. Direct System Episode

    25 September 2012 - 06:02 PM

    Direct System Episode TC for Duke Nukem 3D

    Update #6 Playable Demo Released!!!

    That's right. After 7 years, I finally managed to release something playable and I'm super happy.
    What's new since last update?
    Minigunner has been removed for a while and got replaced by a Female Commando.
    Commandos don't shoot Rockets anymore since they could be used for cheap tactics.
    First playable level in Direct System Campaign.

    In the campaign you'll find all sort of small secrets, fun story and tactical combat.


    Download Link

    Anyone who releases a gameplay video will receive a huge thanks from me and a hug.
    Why? Because gameplay videos are great way to see what improvements I need to do.



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  1. Photo 17 Dec 2016 - 02:17
    Impressive stuff there.
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