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  1. Cryptic Passage

    03 May 2018 - 02:20 PM

    Would you believe this is the first time I've completed the entirety of Cryptic Passage? I swear I beat it before but I completely forget everything after the 2nd or 3rd level for whatever reason. I would have completed it even sooner but an update to BloodGDX meant my save was no longer compatible.

    As you know, Cryptic Passage was not made by Monolith and it shows. It's not bad at all, but it certainly lives up to its name. The funny thing with Blood is that despite being an oldschool FPS it's very rarely frustrating when it comes to the key-hunting aspect that plagued the genre and nearly ruins games like Hexen and Shadow Warrior. All because Monolith demonstrated smart level design. The map pack doesn't start off too badly but when you get the 3rd level (the Library) and struggle to figure out where to go and after wasting your time you finally find a switch, in a corner, behind a book case, where there's no items, and you have to crouch to actually see the switch. Luckily, there's only one other cryptically-found switch in the same level.

    Aside from that element, Cryptic Passage doesn't bring anything new to the table and weirdly piles on the health pickups (especially Life Seeds) and Voodoo Dolls. I assume that was done to offset the higher difficulties. A lot of levels are average at best and very sparingly has moments of brilliance: particularly the Boggy Creek secret level, the Steamboat level (which is really well designed) and easily my favorite of the map pack which is the Castle. The second-to-last level in the mountains is fine, it does something a little different, but the cryptic nature (yet again) left a bad after taste for me. Granted, that level wasn't too bad but I doubt that the average player or even the most diehard oldschool FPS player would quickly see that tiny little path close to a locked door leading to a key. Not without wasting your time exhausting every possibility.

    7 out of 10. The rest of the episodes easily get a 10 out of 10.
  2. Death Wish

    15 April 2018 - 03:23 AM


    I finally completed Death Wish. And not because it was insanely difficult or I lost interest. Before BloodGDX the only way I got the mod to work was to use a Blood Launcher a guy made (I unfortunately forget his name) that incorporated tons of other user-made maps and even included the mouse fix. I got pretty far into Death Wish but got stumped in episode 3. Then the launcher just refused to work no matter what I did and I just never got around to completing it.

    Having finally completed it I have to echo what the general opinion is and it's easily the best mod for Blood. Easily the best mod for a Build Engine game too.

    My only complaint would be that a key is in a very un-obvious spot in the Duck and Cover level in episode 3. I spent almost twenty minutes in that level looking for the key until I noticed there were key symbols next to a column that you could activate.
  3. Gggmanlives covers BloodGDX

    18 February 2018 - 01:33 AM

  4. Replaying Heretic for the first time

    02 December 2017 - 02:07 PM

    I did play Heretic back in the day. However, it was only the Shareware episode. I've tried to play it through completely but I always find myself distracted or accidentally delete everything when grabbing the latest GZDoom.

    In playing it again I can say that the map design is usually great. A far cry from the complex labyrinthine design of the later Hexen. But I'm reminded of the one problem I have with it in that the weapons are just Doom weapons. Only exception -so far- has been the Mace weapon. I was a little surprised to find 3 machine gun weapons and I've yet to find the BFG equivalent.

    You have this great idea with a Medieval/Fantasy Doom and the weapons are so unimaginative with few exceptions. They only really get interesting when you use that power up that radically beefs them up. But said power up is fairly rare. That and the enemies are -for the most part- re-skinned Doom enemies. Those wizards you fight are fantastic tho.

    Making the weapons feel more unique was addressed in Hexen but Hexen falls victim to some of the most confusing level design ever in an old school FPS.
  5. Headshots on Cultists?

    15 August 2017 - 01:11 PM

    Long time since I've been to this forum. I seem to remember on Transfusion or one other Blood site that someone posted a gif of the incredibly rare headshot effect on Cultists. It can only be done with the shotgun (obviously).

    Is it possible for the headshot to be modded into GDX so it's more common?



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  1. Photo 12 May 2012 - 16:36
    Thanks for letting me add you as a friend dude.
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