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  1. SilverballZ [RELEASE]

    24 February 2019 - 10:43 AM

    SilverballZ is a standalone first-person platformer powered by Build Engine. While it features the same technology as the first-person shooters, SBZ is actually a complete antipode of it.The visual style is utterly minimalistic, violence and is minimal, and the actual gameplay is №1 priority here.
    Your character is a anthropomorphic ball named Silver, and you're one of the silver balls. The evil shapes is your enemies, and your job is to free your friends from them,
    i.e. you must collect all balls to finish each level.
    The gameplay is nothing but platforming and evasion.
    Difficulty will gradually grow from level to level.


    -12 levels of jumping mayhem!
    -3D-rendered sprites!
    -PC Speaker sounds, for pure retro!
    -OST by Brandon Blume, aka MusicallyInspired! 8 tracks!

    Standalone OST by Brandon Blume is here!


    While the game itself is free, the soundtrack is a separate product so if you want to support the me and the composer, you can buy it for just $3.50!

    All 8 tracks from the game is here + monster 9-minute bonus track! In MP3!

    Loseless FLAC version is coming soon too, it'll be released by MusicallyInspired later.


    Sanek - Lead Developer/Designer
    Mblackwell - Programmer
    Brandon Blume (MusicallyInspired) - Composer
    Zykov Eddy - Tester

    SBZ was a very troubled production, but it's finally here. Thanks to all who supported me, and also gave me a fair criticism over the last year.
    And very big thanks to MusicallyInspired, he's AMAZING composer, you should play the game for it's music alone.
    Made with software renderer in mind, but you can use opengl too. However, there's a lot of strange flickering here and there, I don't know to resolve it yet...

    Download: https://manicware.itch.io/silverballz
  2. Clipdist don't work

    18 February 2019 - 12:58 AM

    Want to use Clipdist as a PROJ_CLIPDIST, so the moving sprite will have larger clipping sphere (just the size of a largerst grid).

    for example:

    defineprojectile PROJECTILENAME PROJ_CLIPDIST 200

    And it don't have any effect at all.
    Maybe it's confilcting with other PROJ commands, or what else connected with a sprite?

    Here's the code:

    defineprojectile FLOWERPROJECTILE PROJ_WORKSLIKE 36866
    defineprojectile FLOWERPROJECTILE PROJ_EXTRA 1
    defineprojectile FLOWERPROJECTILE PROJ_SPAWNS -1
    defineprojectile FLOWERPROJECTILE PROJ_VEL 300
    defineprojectile FLOWERPROJECTILE PROJ_CSTAT 32768
    appendevent EVENT_SPAWN
        ife sprite[].pal 4
            ifand sprite[].cstat 1
                geta[].cstat TEMP2
                xor TEMP2 1
                seta[].cstat TEMP2
    appendevent EVENT_WORLD
        for TEMPW spritesofstatus 4
            ife sprite[TEMPW].picnum FLOWERPROJECTILE
                setu[].vm_sprite TEMPW
                add TEMP 1
                ifg TEMP 1
                    cstat 128
    action AFLOWER1 0 4 1 1 11
    action AFLOWER2 5 3 1 1 30
    action AFLOWER3 8 0 0 0 2
    move NULLMOVE 0
    spriteshadow FLOWER
    actor FLOWER sleeptime -1 cstat 0
    ifaction 0 action AFLOWER1
    ifaction AFLOWER1 ifactioncount 17 action AFLOWER2
    ifaction AFLOWER2 { ifactioncount 3 { shoot FLOWERPROJECTILE resetactioncount } ifcount 250 { action AFLOWER3 resetcount } } 
    ifaction AFLOWER3 ifactioncount 30 action AFLOWER1
  3. GRP auto-detection problem

    11 February 2019 - 12:53 AM

    Have a TC that runs as a standalone game, so it don't need a Duke3D grp file in the folder.
    However, for some reason it finds the only existing Duke3D grp file, the one that comes with World Tour edition. It really shouldn't run with this GRP file.

    I'm using the aug 2017 eduke snapshot, and have this issue while running the game on Win10, with WT installed.
    Is there any explanation for this? Is there a way to solve the issue?
  4. Looking for coder...again

    23 January 2019 - 06:29 AM

    Once again, I'm looking for coder who'll help me to finish the game...which's complete as far as art and maps are concerned. It features all-custom art and will run as standalone.

    What's needed in order to release the game:

    That's all. If there's anybody who knows CON language and can lend a hand, it'll be tremendously appreciated. I spent 10+ months on this game, and just putting it on the shelf is really depressing for me, after investing so much time and effort into it. And waiting even more months until Mblackwell become free again will be really agonizing. For something that's basically the updated version of Candymania, and not even as complicated as AMC TC or Decay, this is ridiculously, unbelievably LONG development time. With proper man on board, it's just a couple of weeks before being released.
  5. Software vs Opengl

    07 November 2018 - 08:41 AM

    What kind of renderer do you choose when you're playing the game? Do you like the same original oldscool look, or you'd like something more pleasant and modern?
    The reason I'm asking this is because I'm making my current game with Software renderer in mind. However, some people like Opengl and unfortunately, there's lots of glitches like spites flickering and such. I mentioned the bugs I've encountered a couple of times, but don't get any kind of proper explanation.

    Personally, I'd turn the opengl off as the settings option so the player can't play with it. Howver, I heard that some people can't stand software and won't play the game because of it. But I'm not sure. That's why I'm asking you guys. Would you play the game if there's only one kind of renderer?


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