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  1. Software vs Opengl

    07 November 2018 - 08:41 AM

    What kind of renderer do you choose when you're playing the game? Do you like the same original oldscool look, or you'd like something more pleasant and modern?
    The reason I'm asking this is because I'm making my current game with Software renderer in mind. However, some people like Opengl and unfortunately, there's lots of glitches like spites flickering and such. I mentioned the bugs I've encountered a couple of times, but don't get any kind of proper explanation.

    Personally, I'd turn the opengl off as the settings option so the player can't play with it. Howver, I heard that some people can't stand software and won't play the game because of it. But I'm not sure. That's why I'm asking you guys. Would you play the game if there's only one kind of renderer?
  2. Custom EDuke32 launcher?

    09 October 2018 - 04:50 PM

    Is there a easy way to make a custom launcher for your Eduke32 project? Like the one for Ion Maiden, but for Duke3D port (and 32 bit)? There's a couple of things that I didn't need in the project of mine, such as polymer and autoload functions, as well as picture on the left side. I don't need to turn these functions off the port itself, just hide it so you can't turn it on. And no, telling players to disable the polymer doesn't sound like a solution.

    I know that there's a way to make a custom launcher. In fact, one very well-known author did this a couple of times, and he knows ho to make it. But I just want to ask about it directly and not try to get what I want in a way that port's makers don't like or approve (unless there's no other option). I guess many of you who make mods would like to have a custom launcher, isn't it?
  3. TC's is killing User Maps?

    29 August 2018 - 03:26 AM

    A couple of days ago, Alien Armageddon was unleashed to the world, instantly getting a significant amount of attention both from forum users and outside media. BossDuke team deserve all the praise it's getting right now, but I want to discuss something that's actually a very important matter when it comes to custom content for our favourite game.

    The amount of new maps releases is is decreasing every year. From the times when almost every new map is the exciting well-designed adventure, we evolved into the era when then only thing people care about is what I'd call "events" - huge tc's and a few selected user maps from well-known authors. The maps is usually a work of one man, but massive mods and tc's like AMC or Armageddon require a team of people, from mappers and programmers to artists and even musicians. The results is absolutely fantastic, but it comes at the cost. The cost is that huge projects suck all the talent, and instead of making great maps people make mods...which is great too! :P

    I understand why people like to be involved in something more than just a user map. I must admit that I'm more interested in making standalone games/tc's myself, but I'm still interested in making a user map once in a while.

    Now, I don't blame anyone, and I don't criticize Trooper Dan or Jblade or even Voidpoint. I haven't finished Armageddon yet, but I'm enjoying it very much (despite a couple of flaws). It's just my observation about the current state of the community and I'm wondered if anyone is willing to discuss the matter.

    24 August 2018 - 03:02 AM

    Suddenly I felt the real urge to make a map to deathmatch, just to pass some time between the work on my big project. The result is this tiny map (12 kbs), completed in like less than one hour. However, there is a twist!
    I don't know if it'll work in the actual multiplayer, but unlike most of the DM maps, there's only one weapon you and your opponent can pick up - it's a freezethrower! I put a Death Row floor on the player's respawn points, hope it'll work.

    Design-wise, it's a lot less detailed than Dark Seed and most of my maps. I'm not even sure if I'm doing the right thing by uploading such a map here. The map is just 2 mirrored rooms and 2 corridors. On the other hand it's ok for multiplayer, since you can find your enemy very quick. The lights is all yellow-colored, so it'll match the freezethrower.

    I was hoping that I can upload it to World Tour's Steam Workshop so I can play it with somebody, but I just can't figure out the damn process. Than I wrote to Lunick (who's uploading tons of user maps here), asking him to do it if he can, but get no response.
    So now I'm uploading it here, hoping that there's somebody who's interested in deathmatch and can do it. :rolleyes:

    Attached File  duke0090.png (160.86K)
    Number of downloads: 111Attached File  duke0091.png (177.89K)
    Number of downloads: 121Attached File  duke0092.png (157.53K)
    Number of downloads: 104png]
  5. [HELP] To Find a code line

    17 August 2018 - 05:39 AM

    I want to cut the feature I don't need anymore.
    Back when making CandyMania with Zykov Eddy, we added a feature that'll make the player walk by default - in order to turn a run mode, you must to hold the run button (shift for example). Unfortunately, it turns out that most of the players will hold the run button all the time.
    Now, while making SilverballZ, I knew better and want to cut, delete that unnecessary feautre. The problem is that I can't find a line that's responsible for it! I don't want to bother Mblackwell (since he'll write the new feautres), so eventually I asked Eddy to help, but he can't find it either!
    Is there anybody who can help me? In case you can, you can download the game here: https://msdn.duke4.net/candymania.zip
    It's not like the biggest issue right now, but it can be a potential game ruiner for some.


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