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  1. TEN Design Contest Maps

    24 May 2018 - 10:01 AM

    Total Entertainment Network (TEN) was a popular online gaming service back in the 90s, which supported many popular games of the day, such as Duke Nukem 3D, Quake I and II, Shadow Warrior etc. (remember TEN's section in the Atomic Edition?)

    It seems like TEN had some kind of a level design contest around '96/97, and apparently one or two Sunstorm Interactive mappers made maps for it - I remember it was mentioned on the old Sunstorm site.
    Is these maps still around? Is there a list of the maps featured in the contest? I know it's all DM maps, but at least we can check'em out for history's sake. B)
  2. Graveball

    22 May 2018 - 09:04 AM

    What the...

    "Graveball, the spooky and savage skill-based sport where goblins kill one another (and themselves!) from developer Goiní Yumbo and publisher 3D Realms, will begin serving up three-on-three online matches on July 31, 2018." - Frederik Schreiber on Steam.

    "Graveball is a multiplayer combat sports game where teams of 3 goblins compete in a graveyard. Points are awarded by keeping the skull in your opponent's goal for two seconds or by simultaneously eliminating all the members of the opposing team." - 3DR

    Unexpected announcement to say the least. Looks like a very strange choice for a game, considering Ion Maiden and previous projects...
  3. [RELEASE] Dark Seed

    12 May 2018 - 11:42 AM

    Dark Seed (no connection to the game of the same name) is short, story-driven map inspired by such movies as Alien 3 and The Thing, and my own desire to make a quest-like map, a map that relies on reading text instead of a firefights. Don't worry, you'll meet some enemies!
    There's some kind of a story and 6 characters who play their parts, but the player come to the scene after the main course of events.I hope that someone will be interested in this sort of a map. :)

    Download here: http://www.mediafire...Dark%20Seed.zip

    Hot tip: You have to read a lot of text in order to finish the map, so check all the viewscreens you'll see.
    I also suggest to turn Duke Talk off in the game menu.

    Thanks to James and Mark for beta-testing.
    And special thanks to James for helping me with a text.

    Attached File  duke0083.png (121.18K)
    Number of downloads: 105Attached File  duke0084.png (210.43K)
    Number of downloads: 117
    Attached File  duke0086.png (203.86K)
    Number of downloads: 100Attached File  duke0087.png (122.81K)
    Number of downloads: 87
  4. Viewscreen cameras order

    15 April 2018 - 10:32 AM

    I'm working on a small, quest-like map right now. The map relies heavily on reading messages from the veiwscreens, which have like 5 or more cameras linked to a single screen. Each wall of text needs to be viewed in the exact order; it seems like it's a hard thing to do.
    I tried to create the cameras in the right order, and then did it in the opposite order. None of it helps - the cameras work in random order.
    So...how to make the cameras work in the order you want it to?
  5. [WIP]SilverballZ

    10 March 2018 - 05:56 PM

    Posted Image
    SilverballZ is a zero-budget, first-person platformer powered by Build Engine. While it features the same technology as Duke Nukem 3D and recent Ion Maiden, my newest game is actually a complete antipode of two. The visual style is utterly minimalistic, violence and interactivity is minimal, and the actual gameplay is №1 priority here. It will be almost identical to my previous game, CandyMania, but only better. More levels, more enemies and more challenges will be waiting for you!

    Attached File  S1.png (6.59K)
    Number of downloads: 54
    Your character is a anthropomorphic ball named Silver, and you're one of the silver balls. The evil shapes is your enemies, and your job is to free your friends from them, i.e. you must collect all points to finish each level. For the most part, the gameplay will consist of nothing but platforming and evasion, although some minor button puzzles will be added. Each level will be just one big arena, with some minor variations as big room-small room-big room thrown into the mix. Difficulty will gradually grow from level to level, as well as the size of the levels themselves.

    90% of the textures featured in the game was drawn by me, and the rest comes from public domain. Tea Monster is making the enemies right now (see the prototypes below), and I'm still using Mblackwell's code from CandyMania. However, I'm still looking for people who can join the team, and I hope that this theard will help me when I'll start sending more invitations.

    I will not call a specific release date, but I think it will be released by the end of the year. I also think that I will release a demo version of the game in a couple of months. After making CandyMania, I beelive that a similar game that will feature such simple yet addictive gameplay can be good and successful if it will be more polished and professional. Stay tuned! ;)

    Actual screenshots:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Prototypes by Tea Monster:


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