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  1. [RELEASE]CandyPole

    22 December 2017 - 07:10 AM

    CandyPole is a the additional winter-themed, holiday level for CandyMania.
    In order to install the level, copy all files to DATA folder. Be sure to make backups of all files from the original game, otherwise you can't play it again!

    Initially intended as the winter-themed episode, CandyPole was cut to just one single level. The main attraction of the episode was supposed to be the in-game menu by Mblackwell, but unfortunately he's unable to made it by Christmas.
    CandyPole features art from Nuclear Winter, as well as music track.
    I'd call this map fairly easy, compared to Candy Arena from the original game. ;)
    I hope you'll like it! :)
  2. [RELEASE]CandyMania

    30 October 2017 - 08:00 AM

    Posted Image
    CandyMania is the first-person platformer. Your objective is to collect all the candy-points on the level in order to finish it.
    Avoid your enemies and don't fall into Vitamin C and other dangerous lava!
    You can also save the game, but only if you pick up a one-off floppy disk.
    CandyMania includes total of 8 levels, 3 types of enemies and more than 500 candies to collect! The game is quite easy for expierenced player, and it's easy enough to finish it in one sitting. Read CandyMania.txt. before playing! Download link here: https://www.mediafir.../CandyMania.zip

    One notable feature of the mod is the disabled menu. Since I want to pretend that CandyMania is a standalone game I've had to eliminate all the Duke Nukem connections. I can't remove Duke Nukem-related sections from the menu, so I have to close the menu completely. It means that all the game options is locked. You can't change controls, sound and everything else (except brightness settings).
    Mblackwell did not support this idea, so I had to change the СON-code for the menu by myself. I'm sorry if the very idea of locked configuration dissapoints you, but I can't imagine any other way to hide all that menu sections that had nothing to do with the game. The game use Classic Renderer, Vsync is and Widescreen is ON.

    CandyMania was developed by Oddball Wizards - basically Mblackwell and myself. I did all the levels and draw some textures and sprites, but Mblackwell was the real hero of the project. Probably I was more demanding than I should, and I closed the menu despite his warnings, but I'm extremely grateful to him for the fantastic job that he made!
    Most of the music comes from FMX's collection, and MegaBee sprite was drawn by Nightmaresplody. You-know-who also worked on the mod before he disappeared. For more credits and information, open CandyMania.txt.

    I hope some of you would enjoy it!
  3. Disable menu options

    15 October 2017 - 10:05 AM

    While working on CandyMania, I asked about a possibility of disabling of HELP section in the main menu. It's no longer the issue by now, since I will replace the vanilla help screens with my own manual. However, I totally forgot that there's tons of other sections in the menu, like the whole Game Setup section, Player Setup, Duke talk and pretty much every hotkey configuration for vanilla Duke (weapons, inventory, etc.). If I want to release CandyMania as a standalone game, I need to hide that stuff.
    Zykov Eddy disabled these options in Electric Highways, so I know it's possible. However, Eddy don't want to talk with me anymore so I can't ask him for help.
    That's why I came here. I guess most people will told me that I need a significant code knowledge to do a thing like that - the skill which I'm obviously lacking. However, I would appreciate if you will at least explain to me how that thing works and how hard the elimination process is. I guess the menu options is not coded in the CON files but somewhere else so it's a hard thing to do by default.
  4. CandyMania needs a coder...90% is done

    17 September 2017 - 05:22 PM

    Attached File  CANDYMANIA.jpg (206.79K)
    Number of downloads: 105
    CandyMania is a first-person adventure that me and Zykov Eddy (as CandyMade team) worked on since February. Known simply as "Candy project", that mod would feauture points-hunting, puzzle-solving and numerous new enemies to deal with. After playing countless maps and action-packed TC's, working on such a project felt like a breath of fresh air!
    But unfortunately, Eddy started to ignore me without any reason and the work on the mod was virtually stopped since the late May. It was very dissapointing to add another project to my "closed ones" list, but ever since I started working on it, I felt that it's the only project that's worth finishing, since it's something really different. It will help me to break away from the usual Duke mapping and start something completely new. With all the new art, sounds, and enemy (1) being done, It will be the biggest shame ever to just bury all that.

    And I need a new coder to finish this thing. I started to make the thing simpler, cut everything that's not important so the potential coder have the the least amount of work possible. Now the concept is simple - each level is a box, where player must collect all the candies while angry bees try to kill him.I doubt that anyone will join the project if he didn't know what to do, so I wrote a list of everything you need to make. I the only fault I made while working with the previous coder is that I never knew how much new code I exactly needed, and I continued to bombard him with new requests.

    It will never happen again. I have the complete vision of the project now. Open the spoiler and you'll see the COMPLETE list of all things to do:

    Now, here's the current progress list:

    New Art - 95% is ready. Aside from new font and loading screens, all in-game art is done.
    New Sounds: 90% is ready. Death sound and menu sounds is needed, otherwise it's done too (there's not too many sounds in this mod)
    New Code: 40% is ready. Eddy wrote some significant chunks of code before he became a jerk.
    New Maps: 8 out of 20. Considering size and scope of the maps, it will be no trouble to make these maps fast once there will be more code.

    I know that most members of this community have their own projects and don't join forces just because a guy asked about it. Somebody at duke4 said that you have to show some kind of a proof that your project isn't just an "idea", you have to show that something exists and that you are going to actively be a part of creating the thing you want. The screenshots you all saw during the year is a proof that I've actualy made something for that project.
    I took care of every aspect of the production I can - maps, sounds, art tiles, music, etc. The only thing I can't handle is the CON language.
    If there's a person who's interested in such a project and wants to help me finish it, write here!
  5. Shadow Warrior Redux vs Classic

    02 September 2017 - 06:50 AM

    Well, after more than 10+ years of break I'm going to play Shadow Warrior again. I played it a couple of times when I was a kid but never had much interest in it. However, since then I become more interested in Build games in general, and when you guys started all that SW Beta/Deadly Kiss talk down here, I suddenly become intrested in SW and want to play it again. :)
    I come to Steam looking for it and they have 2 versions of the game - SW Classic and SW Redux. Classic is free, while Redux cost money. I assume that Redux is better, since you can confige both keyboard and screen resolution + it have 2 official expansions for it. In Classic edition you just have the old DOS version of the game and worse graphics. I don't know what version I should have, so I came here and want to ask SW fans about it. I create a poll so you can vote for your favorite.


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