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  1. Best fighter character

    06 September 2016 - 03:44 AM

    Micky asked for our opinions at the AMC forums, but as all of us are developers - and most of us have in-game self-inserts - our opinions are heavily influenced. :huh:

    By the end of EP2, if there were a "civil war" among AMC agents, who do you think would be victorious? Research projects up to EP2 are available to fight but temporary weapons are discarded - every character would start with his/her full weaponry. B)

    IMO, a melee fight would be more interesting. If this were the case, my bets are on Merlijn - who is supposed to be the strongest physical character (take a look at that devastating Dragonslayer) - or James, whose MJ12 injection makes his fists DYNAMITE! :lol:

    The other scenario would be if every character had their "real" powers available during gameplay, which is their wiki description (power levels are nerfed in-game because, if not, there would be OP characters).

    IMO, Micky would be victorious because of his perfect aim and intelligence. :dukeaffirmative: Micky promised me some Duke Burger coupons if I stated this... :P
  2. Snowfall's newest usermaps

    20 November 2015 - 03:00 AM

    Posted Image
    Pipe Dream (New Version)

    Now there are three doors that require to fix a button using a toolbox in order to be unlocked. If you pick the new route, at some point you'll be able to get back to the 'older' route - if you wish to get all kills and find all secrets. :)
    In the new route you'll explore a backyard filled with 'hobo boxes' and an intelligent use of one of the TC features: you can get to the interior of a dumpster - through the 'door feature' of the TC (Yuck!). :blink:
    Anyway, there are 11 secrets now and a change in the boss battle. ;)

    Posted Image

    Explore a sort of egyptian-catacombs themed map embodying the knight of the squad: Merlijn! :D
    Warning: the map is filled with lost ghosts (at some point you get ambushed by three of them), so if you felt uncomfortable in 'Dis Base' ambient or jumped from your chair while exploring 'Ghost Ship', this map might not be for you. :(
    Don't let this discourage you! You get Merlijn's magic sword (Slot-7 weapon) before the very first encounter with a ghost! Use it to send them back to hell! ;)
    It would be a good idea to change your speciality weapons for the occasion, as there aren't any upgrading machines and you may prefer the Blunderbuss replacement.
    If you really want to try the map but don't want to suffer the jump-scares of the ghosts... in EP2 there's a new artifact that comes in handy for this mission. ;)
    There's a ton of treasures for the brave explorers! :)



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