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03-December 11
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34 years old
December 15, 1984
Male Male
Games, programming, babes, computer graphics, mapster32, break time :p

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Jabber  arwu@aqq.eu

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  1. Rocks (work title)

    29 October 2012 - 02:13 PM

    Hi :huh:

    Recently Im working on many small maps, learning skills and mapping techniques :lol:
    This is a 'raw state' of my last map, it is only a piece of full idea that born in my head week ago.
    I'm need some opinions/help from experienced mappers, like what to change from beginning or what should be avoided :D
    maybe somebody become a mapping partner here :P (yes, Im wish that someone help me upgrade visual design of this map) ..ehhh stoop dreamin'
    Even TROR lately is not that bad for me, but my lame PC not support polymer so these visual glitches drives me crazy and I not use much of this feature :( so in this map I do not use it, except water.
    I forgot to put jetpack so only method to trip around is with god mode or using mapster :)
    thanks for read :) have a nice day/night . long live Duke4.net
  2. self moving two-way train?

    26 January 2012 - 03:24 PM

    Hi again :D, I want floor moving up and down constantly (self moving), so I used of course a two-way train to activate ACTIVATOR sprites.. I want a two-way train moving by itself so I put ACTIVATORs on it but this not working.. ehh my poor english, but everyone should know what I want to do just by looking on my map :P Im doing something wrong or just try another method? (oohh my poor brain :S)
  3. Hiding sprites in 2D mode

    19 January 2012 - 03:10 PM

    Hmmm Im wondering about ('+3) combination in mapster 2D mode. . What that function doing? Im not see any difference except from hiding names of sprites/sectors effectors/sector tags. .

    Im making floor using sprites and wish to hide these sprites from view, so I can freely make bottom level without moving these all sprites and verticles. . Is any way to do this ? :/
  4. Missing mouse button

    11 January 2012 - 04:31 PM

    When I play xDuke there is option to configure two special buttons on mouse, on eDuke only one button can be assigned (mouse button 4). Why it is missing ? And if is a way to set that missing button then please help me ;)
    I loved Dukeplus and Im very missing that button (for example I need altfire there ). . I tried XmouseButton program to set key from keyboard on that button, but in eDuke that key not working. . any ideas ?
  5. ArenaQ

    03 January 2012 - 03:16 PM

    HI ! :unsure: After fight with myself I decided to show my little first map on forum (why not), layout is based on Quake2 collosseum multiplayer map.
    I'm creating it (started almost two weeks ago) for playing with my friend, This map is almost finished (about ~90% for now)

    Im expect some critic opinions here so please feel free to constructive criticism about it, Does anyone on the forum is interested about a such small map ?? Maybe someone points me how I doing bad with constructing, Im do not want to stick to bad habits on beginning

    my map is ok with both HRP and software mode
    Now, I start real map, maybe Im finish it within next few months :P ;) (I hope eDuke32 never "die")

    map is finished and here is the new attachment:



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  1. Photo 18 Feb 2013 - 15:15
    too much work lately -.- .. from 6am to 6pm :p. ..small amount of time for doing something I like ;(
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