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  1. In Topic: Is Duke 3D's music mostly mono, or notably stereo?

    Today, 07:51 AM

    Bobby Prince incorporated stereo effects into several of his Doom tracks, some clear examples being Sign of Evil, Nobody Told Me About id, and The Dave D. Taylor Blues. I can indeed confirm that he also used stereo effects in some of his Duke Nukem 3D tracks, such as the harp in Water World, and as that link implies, the stereo separation is still audible in the remastered World Tour tracks.

    As for Lee's tracks, I'd never really thought about hearing any stereo effects there before, but upon a quick review, I can hear some stereo separation between the lead guitar and the synth in Grabbag (or the synth is stronger in the right channel, at least), so I suppose that answers that question.

    In short, Duke 3D's tracks incorporate stereo effects in numerous tracks from both of its composers, and whoever posted that thread on the Steam forums is a gormless tosser.
  2. In Topic: TEN Design Contest Maps

    28 May 2018 - 10:19 AM

    View PostMarphy Black, on 24 May 2018 - 07:18 PM, said:

    Since they were likely released independently, some of the other entries in this contest could possibly be ascertained by cross referencing the names of the voted winners with readme author names, but that's for some other time.

    After some hyper investigative sleuthing (I searched for the entrant names in the readmes), I've determined that the following were also entries in the TEN map contest:

    Dethroe (Robert Chetwynd): http://dukeworld.duk...aps/dethroe.zip
    Waistful (Tommy Cagle): http://dukeworld.duk...ps/waistful.zip
    Versus (Matthew Sundling): http://dukeworld.duk...Maps/versus.zip
    Skyhop (Dave Fithian): http://dukeworld.duk...Maps/skyhop.zip

    That's unfortunately pretty sparse for checking 20 names. Of course, the big problem here is that these authors might not have used their real names in the readme, and I guess there's the possibility that the entrants may not have even released the maps independently of the contest. This could mean that they're legitimately lost forever.

    The following were also entries into the 1996 contest (not the later 1997 Mapstravaganza), at least according to their readme descriptions, but it seems they didn't qualify as semi-finalists:
    0whirl0: http://dukeworld.duk...aps/0WHIRL0.zip
    Bartmap9: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/bartmap9.zip
    daclown1: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/daclown1.zip
    Dark1: http://dukeworld.duk.../Maps/dark1.zip
    Dukeair: http://dukeworld.duk...aps/dukeair.zip
    DukeMan: http://dukeworld.duk...aps/dukeman.zip
    Highsc: http://dukeworld.duk...Maps/highsc.zip
    Groundz2: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/groundz2.zip
    Hope: http://dukeworld.duk...6/Maps/hope.zip
    KINGDUKE: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/kingduke.zip
    outpumc: http://dukeworld.duk...aps/outpumc.zip
    Pow2r: http://dukeworld.duk.../Maps/pow2r.zip
    Quake3D: http://dukeworld.duk...aps/quake3d.zip
    Station1: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/station1.zip
    slaine3d: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/slaine3d.zip
    TRKRSHL2: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/trkrshl2.zip
  3. In Topic: TEN Design Contest Maps

    24 May 2018 - 08:00 PM

    View PostForge, on 24 May 2018 - 07:51 PM, said:

    the one in your post is from James Duncan, not Luc St.Cyr

    Yes, you're right. I'm looking for the right map now.

    Here's the correct The_Rock: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/THE_ROCK.zip
  4. In Topic: TEN Design Contest Maps

    24 May 2018 - 07:18 PM

    Robert Travis was the winner in the TEN level design contest:

    His winning map was Anslem X. The original TEN contest page is here:

    Although she didn't work for Sunstorm, another noteworthy name here is the author of runner-up Quadstry, Crista Forest, someone who worked on the Shadow Warrior Twin Dragon and Deadly Kiss add-ons.

    This archived page includes a link to a full pack of all 33 semi-finalist maps, but unfortunately neither the exe or zip were saved, and I've not been able to find archived mirrors of either. This is doubly unfortunate since only a handful of these maps are identified on the page, but here are working download links to the winner and the named runners-up:

    Anslem X: http://dukeworld.duk...aps/anslemx.zip
    Earthwar: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/earthwar.zip
    Quadstry: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/quadstry.zip
    Hoovrdam: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/hoovrdam.zip
    The_Rock: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/THE_ROCK.zip

    And here's one other entry I could find, Charlie Wiederhold's Paint Ball II: http://dukeworld.duk...ps/pntball2.zip

    Since they were likely released independently, some of the other entries in this contest could possibly be ascertained by cross referencing the names of the voted winners with readme author names, but that's for some other time.
  5. In Topic: The Supreme Topic of Miscellaneous Knowledge

    22 April 2018 - 12:09 PM

    While searching for Cam Nash (of all things), I came across this picture of the cancelled Duke Nukem D-Day game for the PS2 that I don't recall seeing before:
    Posted Image

    This is from the portfolio of Michael Bacon, a former developer at n-Space. He mentions working on several levels for the game, including a fusion of Normandy and an alien Death Star which is presumably what's shown in this screenshot.

    And unrelated to D-Day but still in regard to Duke Nukem, he mentions that he was the one who did the Grabbag rendition for Land of the Babes, although it seems he didn't work on the game itself.


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