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  1. Blood Plus for Blood TC

    14 April 2012 - 03:48 AM

    I have some ideas how to improve the final product, some sort of "Blood Plus" tweak mod:
    1. [Optional] Replace the Fork by Beast Claws (sprites are present in orginal Blood) with stomp altfire. See this:
    Beast Mode Blood 1.21 Note: I prefer this to not have the red glow, just Beast Vision effect turned on.
    2. [Optional] Permanent akimbo if 2 guns are picked up, but with requirement to reload them
    3. Oxygene indicator like the one for throw power (blue)
    4. TNT changes:
    -ability to pick up Remote TNT after thrown ("use" button)
    -Proximity TNT not triggered by Caleb
    -Ability to throw a single TNT stick as well (alpha sprites, much less power)
    Alpha TNT
    5. Integrate Cryptic Passage episode (after 3rd and before 4th) and Post Mortem (not sure if it's already planned or not)
    6. [Optional] Single shotgun looking like the one in Alpha (with some color adjustments to match akimbo shotguns). Other alpha weapons such as Napalm Launcher, Spray Can also available (triggered separately).
    7. [Obsolete as it's already a part of BloodTC] Extra frames added to Gargoyle Statue transform animation (alpha)
    8. [Optional] Replace the (now obsolete) Guns Akimbo and Beast Vision powerups with:
    GA: Rage Shroom: Doubles the attack rate but causes delirium when the effect wears off.
    BV: Shadow Cloak. Makes all the attacks go thru you unless you're attacking. Sometimes dropped by Phantasms.
    9. [Optional] Weather effects: Rain in ep1, Snow in ep2 etc.
    10. Some new items for mappers etc:
    -Doppelganger: simply a Caleb-bot, allied with player, in SP obtained from broken mirrors
    -Shrink shroom: makes player small like when Duke gets hit by shrink-ray. Makes him return to normal size if he was enlarged before.
    -Grow shroom: makes player return to normal size, or enlarge him when he's normal size already.
    -Medicine Pouch: adds 50 health which can be stored in Doctors Bag
    -Spot mark: simply invisible Duke's camera
    -Crystal Ball: allows to cycle thru all the spot marks in the map
    -Delirium Effector: like the delirium shroom in Blood, but invisible and with no hud info displayed after "pickup". This item would be needed for some map packs like Bloody Pulp Fiction etc.
    -Feather Fall: protects from falling damage.
    -Asbestos Armor: protects from fire.
    You can see the last 2 here: Alpha Items
    11. Some new bonus events such as:
    -Breaking a mirror causes Lil' Calebs (enemies) or Doppelganger (ally item) to spawn. Random 50/50 chance.
    -Kamikaze-mode: which ressurrects Caleb if he'll kill at least 3 enemies with the TNT bundle held in his palm
    12. [Optional] Add Caleb one-liners from Blood 2
    13. Make Remote-Proximity TNT selectable by some "new" button (for example "Turn 180 degrees button"). The reason for this is to not have crowded weapon groups. Weapons nr 5 would be TNT Bundle/Stick, so there would be a need to move the other TNT's to other button to have only 2 weapons selected per button.
    14. [Optional] Make the lighter burn only when close to the fuse. IMHO this makes more sense, than wasting the lighter's gas for no reason.
    15. [Optional] Quick Kick button (since it's obsolete in Blood) replaced by a "Lighter button". This would activate the lighter as the sole weapon which deals little close-combat fire damage. This would be useful for:
    -quickly dealing with some lesser enemies: spiders, rats etc
    -destruction of some decor items like trees, bushes etc (just for fun) or TNT barrels (quite useful)
    -if held longer will illuminate the nearest area, but make Caleb unable to use other weapons
    16. [Optional] Suicide bombers perhaps? Like the one seen in Dan's HYPERCORE mod: kamikaze zombie troopers
    but with this spriteset used:
    Posted Image
    17. More interaction with some items - for example liquors drinkable from bottles/goblets (adds some hp but causes delirium effect) etc. Some items can be seen here: Alpha items
    18. [Optional] Probably the most questionable change: swap secret levels of A Farewell to Arms and Dead Reckoning. Reasons?

    -what is the main theme of the 3rd episode? What is the main theme of the 4th episode? Wouldn't they fit better this way?
    19. Some additional map/s from Blood Alpha added to make each episode have 9 levels. This means:
    -Alpha map01 (with some improvements of course) added right before E1M5: Hallowed Grounds under title "Haunted Yard".
    See an example: Map01 improved
    Map02 cannot be used since its already present in Post Mortem as M6: Forbidden Rituals.
    -This map added to episode 3.
    20. [Optional] "Focus" system: like the one seen in Blood 2:
    -all magical weapons uses magic which regenerates up to 100
    -Trapped Souls gets replaced by some other item since they're obsolete (by Medicine Pouch for ex.)
    -you'll not loose Voodoo Doll after altfire (just wait for the magic to regenerate)
    -all magical weapons share the same ammo
    -Life leech doesn't work if out of ammo

    When a feature is marked [Optional] this means it'll be customized by an ini file.

    Here's a good site to see how some stuff described above looks like: RTCM - Knowledge Base

    Unfortunately I lack the skills to make it, hopefully someone has. If someone would like to join the team to actually make this, please let me know (PM).



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