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26 years old
June 29, 1992
Male Male
New Zealand
Duke Nukem, Gaming, Collecting Duke Nukem, making Eduke mods.

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Website URL  http://wesker500.deviantart.com/
Skype  xMobilemux

Topics I've Started

  1. Duke Nukem Pop Out Posters!

    14 July 2018 - 01:23 AM

    So someone going by the name Tobias Umland has created these incredible Duke Nukem 3D Pop out posters for Duke3D and it's expansions.

    I have to have these!
    Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
  2. The Naughty Dog Agenda

    05 July 2018 - 10:08 PM

    OK let's see if Duke4.net passes this!!

    In case you guys don't know, this has turned into quite the interesting hot topic as of late.

    Verified Youtuber and self confessed Naughty Dog fanboy RobinGaming has apparently woken up to the corruption in gaming and made a well done, in depth, evidence supported video that goes into great detail on how Naughty Dog has become full of SJWs and have been pushing an SJW agenda in their games and even spewing a lot of hate as well ever since the talented Amy Henning left.

    Now what's interesting about this, is that 3 forums(so far) have all gone out of their way to ban all discussions of this video with little to bullsh*t reasons as to why and banned them so fast that the discussions can barely begin.




    This is really quite something.

    They REALLY don't want people talking about this, spreading the word and making more gamers aware of Naughty Dog's terrible agenda.

    Here is the video, it's very well done, backed up by evidence and doesn't condemn anyone of either side, RobinGaming is a fanboy of Naughty Dog too so he doesn't bash them, their games or their fans.

    There's nothing what so ever about the video that would give reason to ban it, it's very respectful and intelligently made.

    Seriously give it a watch:

    I'm posting it here, as well as other forums I'm on to see if Duke4.net is willing to discuss this very relevant and hot topic or be added to the growing black list.

    Will you discuss or will you ban?

    (If I know you guys like I think I do, you'll be cool and let it fly.)
  3. Rebuilding my Duke Archive

    07 March 2018 - 04:55 PM

    Unfortunately my large Duke Nukem Archive full of Duke stuff was lost during the Hard drive transfer to my new PC, I lost all the Duke soundtracks, themes, assets from the games, sounds, textures, my multiple Eduke game files with Total Conversions and what not.
    Worst of all I lost the majority of assets I used to create my sprite based animations for Duke Nukem Typical Day, which will take me a while to get back.

    If possible I could use some help in restoring some ground work to rebuild the Archive going forward.
    I've already got the Archive files from here.
    What I'm hoping to get some help with is download links to:
    -The ripped Duke3D Assets
    -Soundtracks from the games(including the spin offs)
    -Duke talk
    -Archive file of Duke Nukem themes if possible.
    Stuff like that.

    Anything that you could find would be helpful cause I want to get that Archive back.
  4. Duke in 2018?

    31 December 2017 - 07:38 PM

    Well 2017 gave us 2 Duke Nukem cameos in other games which got "Mixed" reactions among the community and Randy Pitchford shocked the whole Duke community by actually taking some time to talk to us Duke fans about the status and future of Duke which to no one's surprise, resulted in jack shit.

    So with 2017 gone and 2018 upon us, can't help but wonder what this new year has in store for Duke.

    The voice of the man himself confirmed that there were multiple things in the works for Duke so there is that.
    Posted Image

    Anyone have any ideas what 2018 will have in store for Duke?

    Aside from the inevitable half assed cameos?
  5. The Good, The Bad and The Hyped 2017

    30 November 2017 - 06:32 PM

    Another year of gaming has gone by and it's been an interesting one, it introduced me to a franchise that has been around for years and I hate myself for only getting into it this late, a famous franchise has returned to it's roots and western gaming is going down in the dumps while Japanese gaming is skyrocketing in quality.

    So it's the time to list the games you liked, the games you didn't like and the games you are hyped as hell for in 2018.
    As usual cause this is my thing, I'll go first:
    The Good!

    Posted Image

    OK I just put this on the list cause while I do like it, I still haven't finished it cause I so loath the character of 9S and can't play the game with him, his character is so god damn annoying and his combat is no fun at all, whenever he's the player character I just loose all interest in playing which is why I haven't finished the game yet.

    However the parts of the game with 2B and that other chick(A4 I think), I loved those parts and they are the reason why I bothered giving this game a mention, I suppose one day I'll suffer through the 9S parts and finish the game.

    Posted Image
    Yeah when I first saw this game I was one of those who thought Capcom screwed up yet again, but boy was I wrong.
    Resident Evil 7 brings back the classic survival horror gameplay we've all wanted and it does it really well.
    I just wish there were more monsters instead of just that Mold type, but whatever, this game is still awesome and I'm looking forward to the Not a Hero DLC.

    Posted Image

    Robot dinosaurs.........what else do I need to say?

    Posted Image

    Remember when I said that this year introduced me to a franchise that has been around for years and I hate myself for not getting into earlier?

    Yup it's Yakuza, holy hell what a series and this remake of Yakuza 1 is so amazing and incredible story filled with so many emotional moments and down right hilarious moments on top of incredible gameplay with so much content.

    By the way, Yakuza Kiwami wasn't the one that got me into the series, that honor goes to......

    #1 GAME OF THE YEAR!!!

    Posted Image

    Wow, not since Bayonetta 2 have a told myself that "This is one hell of a video game!"
    Taking place before the whole franchise, it was the perfect place for me to start and my god I had the most fun I had in years, it brought back the charm of playing video games again for me because unlike most games today it didn't feel like the story was taking over in any way because this game and the whole franchise manages to tell great stories without interrupting the gameplay.
    This series knows when it's time to be a video game and when it's time to tell a story and they never try to force the two together.

    I highly recommend giving this game a go and if you want a more in depth view of this game, check out this video, it's what convinced me to try out this game in the first place, trust me you won't be disappointed.

    RIP Hiromi Tsuru
    (Voice Actress for Reina)

    The Bad:

    Fortunately I didn't really play any bad games this year cause I tend to watch the games I plan on buying very closely and wait for reviews.
    But I suppose I can list a game I was disappointed with:
    Posted Image
    I enjoyed my time with the game, but let's just say it ended up doing one of the very main things I dislike about modern games.
    It seemed to want to tell a story more than it wanted to be a fun video game about killing Nazi's.
    Also it was shorter than The New Order and it's ending was anti climatic, as was the pathetic final boss fight.
    Still I enjoyed my time with it so I wouldn't call it bad, just disappointing.

    Now for what I'm looking forward to next year!

    The Hyped!!

    Posted Image

    This is going to be my first crack at this franchise so here's hoping it's a good one.

    Posted Image

    Really liked the first 2 games so I can't wait for this one.

    Posted Image

    PLEASE be good!

    Posted Image

    Again.....please be good......and uncensored!

    Posted Image

    I admit I lost a but of faith in this game after Take 2 said it's gonna have MTX, but I still have faith in Rockstar.

    Posted Image

    PLEASE let the rumors be true!!

    Posted Image

    Yup, this is a yearly franchise I can get behind!

    So those were my Good, Bad and Hyped for 2018 games.

    What are yours?



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  1. Photo 29 Jun 2016 - 09:03
    Happy Birthday!
  2. Photo 25 Aug 2014 - 09:35
    Very nice images, just wondering what program do you use?
    If it's XNALARA, would you mind PMing me a few of those models? (not for redistribution just personal use)
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