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25 years old
June 29, 1992
Male Male
New Zealand
Duke Nukem, Gaming, Collecting Duke Nukem, making Eduke mods.

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Website URL  http://wesker500.deviantart.com/
Skype  xMobilemux

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  1. In Topic: Duke Nukem: Intergalactic Bounty Hunter?

    Yesterday, 11:51 AM

    I guess I should have added that I don't think this concept of Duke as a Bounty Hunter should be part of the current franchise timeline, but rather a rebooted/redesigned version of Duke.
    If Gearbox makes a new Duke Nukem game it's very likely to be a reboot as continuing the Douche Nukem timeline isn't something anyone wants and I don't know if they can go all Devil May Cry and make nothing but prequels to DNF.

    I just believe that if Duke was going to be rebooted, turning him into a bounty hunter in space could work, especially if they took heavy inspiration from Prey 2.
  2. In Topic: MicroTransactions and Loot Boxes

    22 November 2017 - 03:29 AM

    Posted Image

    Damn I love CDPR.
  3. In Topic: MicroTransactions and Loot Boxes

    15 November 2017 - 12:33 PM

    Yeah CD Projekt RED is one of the only hopes I still have in Western gaming.
    Posted Image
  4. In Topic: MicroTransactions and Loot Boxes

    14 November 2017 - 03:29 AM

    I'm honestly surprised that Capcom, yes that Capcom that was known for horrible downloadable and disc locked content practices, forcing Resident Evil into a CoD pandering machine and had less than $130mil in the bank one time is actually being very anti micro transactions.

    The whole loot boxes and micro transaction crap is why I'm not really interested in Western gaming anymore(with some exceptions) and mostly focusing on Japanese games, specifically the Yakuza series(which I very highly recommend btw).

    Though the fact that Sony's new CEO is looking into Micro transactions shows that even then it won't be entirely safe.
  5. In Topic: Ion Maiden

    13 November 2017 - 07:38 PM

    Love the gib animation, it works great with an explosion, but I'm just hoping that the weapons in the game will have a satisfying punch to them resulting in the gibs.

    Last thing I want is for the shotgun to feel like a water pistol.

    View PostTekedon, on 12 November 2017 - 09:38 AM, said:

    I think the hand somehow looks to masculine in the gif.

    Can't tell if it's the sprite of a hand from one of the devs(like Duke's was) or if they just used it from the character model of Shelly.

    But forget all that, I still gots ta know!

    Will Shelly's VA grind her god damn teeth!!!!!????



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  1. Photo 29 Jun 2016 - 09:03
    Happy Birthday!
  2. Photo 25 Aug 2014 - 09:35
    Very nice images, just wondering what program do you use?
    If it's XNALARA, would you mind PMing me a few of those models? (not for redistribution just personal use)
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