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    Yesterday, 03:43 PM

    Well it's been a crazy busy summer trying to get this site populated with as much quality material as I can get my hands on. So now i'd like to ask the community does anyone have a favorite good quality Duke Map/ Mod or TC that they would like to see on the site that I haven't already added? Let me know! I've just reached over 420 downloads and I'm slowing down on good material. Of course I haven't gotten around to adding some of my maps as I've been having too much fun revisiting some of these older maps and fantastic TC's i've totally missed out on.
  2. In Topic: Question for TROR pros

    Yesterday, 02:35 PM

    View PostMicky C, on 21 October 2017 - 01:09 PM, said:

    If you know what you’re doing you can get TROR working 99% glitch-free in all but the most complex situations in the classic renderer. I’d advise against dropping everything and simply using polymer, mostly because of the frame rate. That’s kind of like writing a document on Word without being able to spell, and relying on autocorrect. Sure, you might end up with a decent document, but you should really be learning how to spell first (classic TROR) before relying on it too much.

    What’s happening with AMC?

    Sorry Micky, I disagree. The minute you use transparent sloped adjacent TROR extended sectors you immediately run into problems with the classic renderer and TROR. As the Classic Renderer is just not capable of handling it, unless it is implemented on a very small scale with minimal draw distance. If someone is going to use TROR they are better learning with Polymer less problems/ limitations and overall less headache. Once they get the hang of it, they can refine the use of it so they can attempt to make it work in classic as it requires a certain technique to make it work. The key to making it work in Classic is the less TROR the better. Not great if the goal is to play with TROR.

    What people will realize is after working with TROR there are very specific instances where it needs to be applied and not to make an entire map solely out of TROR, but knowing when and where to use it. Unfortunately, that only comes after the all the features and the limitations are understood and a few different heavy Polymer TROR maps have been made as a result.
  3. In Topic: Question for TROR pros

    15 October 2017 - 06:43 PM

    View Postconoklast, on 15 October 2017 - 03:36 PM, said:

    Well both; normally any graphical glitches display as coloured lines in mapster32, and in game as the hall of mirrors effect. I'm using classic mode and the AMC version of eduke so that I can take advantage of some of the added effects.

    That is probably part of the problem the classic renderer doesn't properly display TROR correctly. Only the Polymer can render TROR properly.
  4. In Topic: Question for TROR pros

    14 October 2017 - 02:16 PM

    View Postconoklast, on 14 October 2017 - 01:11 PM, said:

    Thanks very much for your help Paul; I seem to have solved the issue using the Ctrl+J trick in F3 mode however I'll have to have a play around with it as I'm getting a few graphical glitches.

    Graphical glitches in Mapster or Eduke?

    TROR works best with Polymer. If you are experiencing glitches try this: Open the Mapster Console with the key '~'

    Then type:
    setrendermode 4
    <press enter>
    Close Console '~'

    Do the glitches go away?

    If the Glitches occur in Eduke just make sure when you start EDuke32 you have the Polymer Checkbox ticked in the EDuke32 game launch menu.
  5. In Topic: Question for TROR pros

    14 October 2017 - 09:24 AM

    View PostPaul B, on 14 October 2017 - 08:19 AM, said:

    Hi, I think what's happening is you are adding additional sectors to an already extended sector. The new sector you are adding isn't an extended sector so it appears as a regular sector with a Floor and Ceiling. If you want existing sectors to have a transparent floor and ceiling you have to extend those sectors up and down joining them to the existing sectors. When you do this the sector Above & Below will also need to have the same wall verticies.

    Also what is very useful is joining upper and lower extended sectors by highlighting each layer and using [Ctrl-J] to join sectors. To select these vertical layers you will need to use the F3 view to adjust your Z-Axis so you can select the layers you want.


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