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  1. In Topic: Raw palette resources

    12 November 2017 - 01:26 PM

    Is there any documentation about how to use this new feature? How'd you even learn about it?
  2. In Topic: Will this corrupt my map?

    10 November 2017 - 06:13 PM

    View PostBestViking, on 10 November 2017 - 06:03 PM, said:

    It's the circular thing that is to be moved, with alt-gr to be attached to the red sectors. I have made the vertices correspond. What makes me hesitate is if it will corrupt when I join the vertices, since a red wall and white wall meet.

    EDIT: Here is a screenshot of the larger area so you can see it in context. It's a hallway with sprite walls and ceiling to connect to another white sector. The ceiling outside is space(with pal 3 for the sectors you walk in inside that construct).

    Zaxtor is right, you can't just drag that over and have it snap into place (like white walls do) because the redwalls are full double sided already, connect the dots first, join up sectors to clean it up then drag it into place.
  3. In Topic: Shadow Warrior palettes working in Mapster32

    10 November 2017 - 06:07 PM

    Now I want to know how you made that image to begin with, not by hand obviously.
  4. In Topic: Shadow Warrior palettes working in Mapster32

    10 November 2017 - 05:24 PM

    That's cool, but how did he make the raw file?
  5. In Topic: Shadow Warrior palettes working in Mapster32

    10 November 2017 - 05:07 PM

    How did you make the raw file?


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