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  1. In Topic: Texture Alignment

    08 August 2017 - 01:47 PM

    Walls . , (hold control and it works for all walls in line with the same picnum)

    Floors/ceiling best bet is to try tab (copies data) enter (paste) if first wall relativity is off that should align the textures.
  2. In Topic: Build engine games general

    07 August 2017 - 11:57 AM

    Since that fix I can now compile ekenbuild out of the box, but it still doesn't run for me. Testgame.log just stops at loading the texture cache.
  3. In Topic: Shadow Warrior - "New Episode"

    06 August 2017 - 09:21 AM

    That's a chicken or egg type question. I read it as first a new port, then a new episode, with neither actually happening :)
  4. In Topic: Build engine games general

    05 August 2017 - 07:54 PM

    Yeah, that sounds good. As of now all of the ekenbuild.exe's I've been able to compile just crash at start-up (after screen res menu, with a quick flicker of a window opening.)
  5. In Topic: Searching for old map: Outworld

    05 August 2017 - 09:41 AM


    Web Page: Am I the only person who hates the web???


    Title : OUT WORLD
    Author : James Thies
    E-mail : ji...@emapnet.com
    Web Page : Am I the only person who hates the

    The Game:
    Your R&R is OVER, Duke! Get your ass out of bed,
    grab your boots and
    hit the streets. "Out World", a lonely colony at the
    edge of charted
    space is under attack by several different species of
    aliens! Earth
    Defense hasn't been able to send reinforcements yet,
    so we need YOU
    to win the battle of control of Out World, until help

    Outworld is BIG and VERY detailed- plenty of things to
    break and blow-
    up. But, I did keep an eye on the frame rate, it's
    doesn't go below
    10, however, if you run around and let the aliens
    follow you, it will
    go down to a crawl. I recommend 66Mz or faster and
    kill everything as
    soon as you see it!
    In addition to the detailed graphics, there are plenty
    of sound
    effects, including Duke Talking- check it out!

    To play, you must include all of the files in this
    ZIPped file in your
    (Registered version) Duke3d directory and type:

    duke3d -map outworld.map

    or duke3d /map outworld.map

    Additional Credits to :
    Klaus Breuer (sz0...@rzmail.uni-erlangen.de) Without his
    Unofficial FAQ
    Guide to Build, I would probably still be trying to figure
    out how to make a
    sector within a sector.

    And Everybody else that uploaded a map, that I could learn
    from! I
    appreciate it!!

    Also by the author:
    Dukeval1,2,3.wav's (Virtual Valerie gets in on with Duke 3D)/
    (Troopers to Doomed Space Marine)/ Turr-Spid.zip (Turrets to
    tiny Doom2
    spiders/ Pyro13.con ([Alternative Game.Con] Give Duke

    Working on:Sharks to Heretic Gargoyles, Octabrain to
    (probably include them in my next map)

    * Play Information *
    Episode and Level # : E1L1 (I Guess)
    Single Player : OH YEAH!
    New Graphics : YES! Including XXX animations!!!
    New Sounds : YES! New sounds for the Fat
    Commander and Octabrain
    and Duke's pistol
    DukeMatch Level : Nope- probably too big anyway
    Difficulty Settings : Don't know how to implement them!

    * Construction *
    Base : From scratch
    Editor(s) used : Build, Editart, Deutex, Paintshop
    Programs also used: Duke3d Reg
    Version, Doom2,
    Quake(!) and a bunch of others for
    the sounds and

    Known Bugs : none, I think.

    Time :Friggin' months, man! You wouldn't
    believe it!
    ENTIRE weekends, Entire sick days,
    and every other
    spare minute I had, until my EYES
    bled! I can't
    believe I'm finally finshed!!!
    I hope you all appreciate my

    Comments welcome!
    ji...@emapnet.com (The Hermit)

    Have fun conquering OUTWORLD!



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