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  1. In Topic: Net Neutrality....2.0? 3.0?

    Yesterday, 07:06 PM

    Hey Mark.
    It's about when radio started in the 20s and who won, within the time span of the current internet. Bottom line, shall we let history repeat itself? NBC and CBC control rose from 6% to 30% and 70% of air time.

    To parrot one of those moronic sales pitches from Pai himself, here is one asinine from Hank.
    There are only a few murderers (0.1%) around, in the entire populations. I think the laws against murder should be abolished, since it the majority of people will never be killed, and we all have guns to revenge a victim when a rare murder took place.

    This fight against Pai and his corporate masters ain't over, in fact, it has just begun. :)
  2. In Topic: Net Neutrality....2.0? 3.0?

    Yesterday, 03:37 PM

    View PostMark., on 14 December 2017 - 12:35 PM, said:

    Did the FTC lose strictly because the judge ruled they have no authority like you claim? Or was it some other factors. If throttling has been going on under NN whats different when it's gone?

    This is one of the few times where I have to adopt the "we'll just have to wait and see" opinion. Usually things are more black and white.

    Yes, but too lazy to search for the actual documents, since that case could go to the Supreme Court.
    Yes, it is not black and white.

    But for tonight, it's time to relax, congratulate Pai on a well executed stunt, and plan to settle this issue once and for all.

    since you enjoy Talk Radio - food for thought about the history of radio, and what happens if corporation have free roam.
  3. In Topic: Net Neutrality....2.0? 3.0?

    13 December 2017 - 05:40 PM

    View PostForge, on 13 December 2017 - 05:01 PM, said:

    I'd happier with the way things are, rather than being extorted for privacy and open un-throttled access to the internet outside of an isp provided email server.

    ^ Should win: Quote of the Year award! :wub:
  4. In Topic: Net Neutrality....2.0? 3.0?

    13 December 2017 - 04:14 PM

    FCCs , ehm, official marketing manifesto (Fact Sheet)

    Page 150
    We find the no-blocking and no-throttling rules are unnecessary to prevent the harms that they were intended to thwart.
    We find that the transparency rule we adopt today—coupled with our enforcement authority and with FTC enforcement of ISP commitments, antitrust law, consumer expectations, and ISP incentives—will be sufficient to prevent these harms, particularly given the consensus against blocking practices, as reflected in the scarcity of actual cases of such blocking.

    Just throwing it in, to support my previous post.

    Page 175
    Maintaining Title II Classification of Broadband Internet Access Service. We have found that the Title II Order decreased investment and is likely to continue to decrease investment by ISPs.

    Over the past several years, the internet has rapidly developed a universal presence, which has significantly benefited the Internet Service Providers industry in the United States.

    ISPs grew 5% per year.

    Looks like, the fight will start in earnest on Friday, see you FCC fuckers in court. :dukeaffirmative:
  5. In Topic: Net Neutrality....2.0? 3.0?

    12 December 2017 - 08:00 PM

    View PostMark., on 12 December 2017 - 07:13 PM, said:

    I don't have a smart phone, I don't stream games or movies, my monthly charges have been a constant uptick for decades. The only difference I have been able to glean from this is I could be deluged with ads from the ISP when they sell my info. Otherwise I don't see how having NN or not affects me.

    Fair enough.

    Just one thing, as Forge suggested, what will you do if duke4 is on the ban list from your ISP? Say, for vulgar language and extreme anti PC content?

    And yes, with the complex laws, left over, for as long as they (ISP) tell you in advance what they are about to do, they can not even be sued anymore, by you or anyone else. All they need to do is to inform you, in advance, that they will screen 'hate' sites to protect your children, or grandchildren. (Not that simple, but theoretically possible)

    I use duckduckgo, to make a deep web searches. What if they only allow Google/Bink/Yahoo shit, because they confuse the deep web with the dark (criminal) web?

    There is a saying:
    When they came for such and such, I did not say anything. When they came for the other such and such, I did not say anything. Then they came for me, and no one was left to speak.

    I tell you right now, get out of your lazy butt, and do the American thing, and fight for what is right, doesn't matter that you are fine right now with the service! :dukecigar:


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