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  1. In Topic: Mapster making no sense regarding placement of edited maps

    Yesterday, 05:24 PM

    not sure about your setup,
    for starters

    Simply use admin privileges when saving stuff in C:/programs or create your work in your 'user' sections. This is what I do.
  2. In Topic: Bombshell

    16 August 2017 - 07:15 PM

    View PostNever Forgotten, on 16 August 2017 - 05:50 PM, said:

    [Something more like this? :dukeaffirmative:

    Not really
    I like(d) Bombshell, as a game.
    Viewing her from top-down, it makes little difference what her hair cut is like or her hair color.

    I think, I'm one of the few who still likes (liked) the game, but gave up hoping for a patch to fix up its flaws. :(

    Even I can make a new better looking character with MakeHuman (or other software) to please the masses; but in the end it's how the game plays and if bugs need to be fixed, to establish a cool game. The latter (fixing it) never came to Steam-Updates. Thus, like other games, it ended up in my virtual trash compactor, never to be seen again.

    Sound negative? Probably. I'm just fed up with the gaming industry, or better said, commercial gaming industry. It's almost like the movie industry now - repetitive, boring and extreme conservative, don't risk new stuff, we need to sell it.. I say - fuck it guys. :ninja:
  3. In Topic: What are you working on for Duke right now?

    15 August 2017 - 05:42 PM

    @ Sanek - Since you asked about lighting:
    Based on my experience, for lighting as such, (fluorescent lights) the light beams look off. Even in a high humidity area. Another catch is that they don't create sharp shadows on the floor, since those lamps are not directional.

    It looks cool though, but that's about it.

    Maybe, make some spot lights in the centre, and they can have a beam and shadows.

    Just saying. :)
  4. In Topic: Duke Nukem 3D Beta [0.60 - 0.99]

    13 August 2017 - 02:39 PM

    Not sure, the only thing I remember was this unfinished work

    from this site
  5. In Topic: What Are You Listening To Now?

    11 August 2017 - 02:24 PM

    :lol: :D :P :dukecigar:


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