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  1. In Topic: Hosting for Duke sites (especially mods and TCs)

    26 April 2015 - 01:16 AM

    It's an older topic, but it is a sticky, so:

    For actual mods, NexusMods will now host mods for any game. Looks like no one has requested any Duke Nukem mods be hosted yet, but the process is simple: Using the upload wizard, just put in Duke Nukem 3D as the game.

    Eventually, if there are enough mods, or if someone pitches in, Nexus Mod Manager could support Duke Nukem 3D, allowing one click mod downloads and updates.
  2. In Topic: Project Bubblegum: An HRP downloader/updater [PHP Coders Welcome]

    26 July 2011 - 11:22 AM

    View PostMr.Flibble, on 23 July 2011 - 07:05 PM, said:

    I get an error about having two backup folders. I have no idea what that means but it is preventing an update.

    Sorry about that, it's a Windows bug. Explorer won't let go of the backups folder when it's renamed the first time, so it can't rename it the second time. The next update will automatically download Unlocker (or a similar program) and unlock/rename the backups folder. In the meantime, you can just delete the backups folder (make sure you still have the two HRP zip files in your autoload folder).
  3. In Topic: Project Bubblegum: An HRP downloader/updater [PHP Coders Welcome]

    20 July 2011 - 09:30 PM

    Sorry, I accidentally unplugged my hard drive at work and couldn't respond.

    View PostDeeperThought, on 20 July 2011 - 02:03 PM, said:

    I have just looked at that, and you did list some intriguing possibilities. Do you currently have a good understanding of map format, or did you just list those as theoretical possibilities? Right now I'm having trouble thinking of a use for it that would justify the effort it would take to implement it.

    Theoretical. I just have the specifications for the different file formats so far. The abstraction would all be handled by this program (reading files, decoding them, changing the contents, and recreating them at runtime); biggest benefits I think are possible are consistent CON files for multiplayer matches, preventing incompatibilities between different mods and maps, and automatically resolving resource conflicts. Would you be able to do anything special by editing the original Duke 3D con files? Would allowing your mod to run commands and scripts before launching the game be useful? Can you think of any limitations you've had to work around that would be removed with new features like this? Would at least having (possibly) smaller con files improve performance or leave more room for expansion?

    I think there's some potential in it, but all I can do is provide the tools and framework. Discovering interesting ways of using new features like that is best left to quality content creators such as yourself (people who are more familiar with the ins and outs of the EDuke32 engine).


    Well my ftp program has no trouble seeing the modified dates on my website files, so it must be possible.

    I have encountered a few websites that didn't give out proper timestamps, which makes knowing whether a file has changed or not impossible. Thankfully, none of the resources for this project so far have needed timestamping, and the ones that did supported it.


    Can you check the last modified date on DUKEPLUS.zip without downloading it? If not, I can make sure there is a little file in the directory with that information that can be downloaded separately.

    I did a bit of digging and I can use these directions to get the creation time of the DukePlus zip (it says the last modified time was Sunday at 3am GMT). I can have it download the zip and record the timestamp from the server somewhere, then just check the timestamps afterwards to see if an update is needed.

    BTW, was tinkering around with Duke Plus. I found it interesting that you can put all the DukePlus content into a zip file, then all the dukeplus cons (including strooper.con and dukebike.con) into a DukePlus subdirectory, and DukePlus would work flawlessly (without specifying the DukePlus folder as a custom game content folder; all the resources in the zip are used properly). Eduke.con seems to get loaded okay, but when it tries to include any other con files it only searches in sub-folders of eduke32.exe and not the zip file. If EDuke32 could be made to search in the same zip file as the con doing the including, DukePlus should work zipped up in the Autoload folder.
  4. In Topic: Duke Plus and polymer

    20 July 2011 - 08:43 PM

    I've narrowed it down. The change is caused by dukeplus.con, line 2:

    setcfgname dp.cfg

    If you comment it out, polymer never changes in eduke32.cfg. Maybe a bug in EDuke32 that is just triggered by DukePlus.

    Also, wrong forum?
  5. In Topic: Fnord

    20 July 2011 - 12:15 PM

    View PostJoe3DR, on 20 July 2011 - 09:50 AM, said:

    My own reason. I'd wager some money none of you can guess why.



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