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  1. Going Back to Windows 7 From 10 Downsides?

    04 June 2017 - 10:01 PM

    Hi there!

    I've been using Windows 10 since about the time it came out. Regardless, I'm getting continually frustrated with it and it's driving me ******* nuts, and I'm really considering going back to Windows 7. I do dual boot Linux which I have less problems with, but I simply need Windows sadly.

    Essentially I want to lean about anybody else's experience who's maybe downgraded and if there's any significant trade off.

    I don't particularly care about D3D12 support, and I don't plan on updating my CPU to Kaby Lake\Ryzen which is apparently only supported in Windows 10 even if they may work anyway. However, I do have an Elgato HD60 capture device and its software is only supported on Windows 10. I was wondering if anybody else had luck with running with just OBS in Windows 7?

    I do need to be able to use at least Visual Studio 2013, which I know is supported on Windows 7, and it seems like above that VS versions do support Windows 7 SP1. I do quite like VS2015\2017, and I do occasionally make use of C++14 features which require those newer compilers. (Of course I could use GCC\MinGW, but I have never tried to integrate it with Visual Studio, if that's even possible without using some external build system)

    I think those are the primary things I'm concerned with. All I want to know is about those things and make sure I can deal with them.

    For anyone who's interested as to why I'm frustrated with Windows 10, well it started off really well.

    However as time has gone on it's gotten worse. Windows Update broke for me and I tried a variety of fixes and nothing worked until the Creator's Update rolled around which I had to manually install. I'm constantly annoyed with application focus being stolen at random times. I'll be watching a fullscreen video or play a game and boom it's instantly minimized. I've looked through the task scheduler and such and have been unable to find a culprit and that's driving me insane. It's also annoying to have to deal with Windows 10 nagging with Cortana, ads and such. Which I had Cortana disabled, and after I installed the Creator's Update, it was back annoying me again. I shouldn't have to fight against my operating system to set things the way I want.
  2. .map File Format Documentation

    29 April 2017 - 03:45 AM

    Hi there.

    So I've pretty much been referencing this website: http://www.shikadi.n..._Format_(Build) for documentation on Duke3D file formats. The documentation on this website is pretty awesome, but I'm worried there's some errors as I seem to have run into some. It does link to this https://github.com/j...oc/buildinf.txt which does have a lot more detailed information, but I really like the condensed documentation of the map format.

    I've been trying to avoid going through code because even something like eduke32 is so C like it's just so ridiculous to try to read.

    Anyway, the issues I'm worried about regarding this documentation are that the types specified are wrong, and I would like to write better\easier to read documentation.

    The first issue I came across was with the "cursectnum." Here it's specified as a uint32. I was getting wonky results reading it from the map file. The fact that "numsectors" was a uint16 kind of tipped me off that it was probably wrong. It doesn't make sense for the sector number to be bigger than the total number of sectors. So I assume this is supposed to be a uint16 as well?

    The other thing I noticed is that the positions here are written as unsigned, yet looking in mapster32, the position is definitely signed. Is that because of additions to eduke32, or is it supposed to be signed?

    Looking at the buildinf.txt, I don't even see it using unsigned. It uses longs and shorts. Also the posZ is apparently shifted up 4, but in the buildinf.txt, it doesn't show this being used. Should it then be read as posZ = posZ >> 4? What is the significance of posZ supposedly being shifted like that?

    Can anyone verify that this documentation isn't completely broken?
  3. Network Bugs Discussion

    29 December 2015 - 02:27 PM

    Hello everyone, it's been a while, and I know networking has been broken for a while, and it will likely be fixed some day, but hell, I figured I'd start a discussion about bugs and where I've found them happen because if some random programmer out there wants to help get it running, that'd be cool.

    Anyway, the first bug which I've pinpointed where it happens:

    (Currently at revision 5498)


    Line 1200ish:

    if (G_HaveActor(sprite[i].picnum))
        A_Execute(i, P_GetP(s), otherx);

    A_Execute is called and this is where the server player dies on spawn. This leads to gameexec.c:

    Line 1398ish:

                VM_CONDITIONAL(A_IncurDamage(vm.g_i) >= 0);

    The value here seems to be gotten by tw from insptr. I don't where it's coming from yet, but I'll try to take a closer look into it.

    Back to actors.c:

    Line 1233ish:
    [s] else
             p->pos.x = s->x;
             p->pos.y = s->y;
             p->pos.z = s->z-(20<<8);

    This is where the server player cannot move as the position is getting reset every frame.

    I don't know if this is the right way to fix it, because I'm not fully familiar with the code, but doing a check like this:

    if (p != g_player[myconnectindex].ps)

    Seems to fix it.

    Edit: It seems with ud.god set to 1, this doesn't matter, so something else is going on, as the player is spawned dead, hence why he can't move.

    I've been playing in the Source engine for a while now, and that just seemed to way to do it, but I dunno, could be wrong.

    I'm looking for anyone out there with enough free time to want to take this on. So I wanted to start a discussion on it. I know, I'm a lame-ass programmer, but I'm gonna do my best here. I want to see eduke32's networking live. Well, this is all here for information purposes, if anybody has any more information and wants to track these things down with me, I'd appreciate it. Looking forward to it!
  4. EDuke32 with NVIDIA Shadowplay

    29 October 2014 - 06:33 PM

    Not sure if this belongs here or in the General Duke\Help Me section as I don't think of this really as a bug... However this seems to be specifically with EDuke32. Essentially, NVIDIA Shadowplay just refuses to run with EDuke32. Even if one uses it to record the desktop before launching the game, it will cut out the recording. Any idea what the deal is?

    I thought it would be cool to record a video considering YouTube now supports 60 FPS. Well, it'd be cool if I could get the game to run at 60 FPS at a stable rate anyway. Haha. Ah well, anybody got a clue? I tried both with the latest debug version of EDuke32 and the old version that comes with the HRP.
  5. Exporting Map Geometry to Model

    25 October 2014 - 07:59 PM

    I vaguely recall reading something about using a 3D ripper of sorts while in-game to "rip" models. I don't know the extent of this.

    However I'm curious of any special way this might be done in a more native less third party hackish way. I've been away from any mapping related things here for a long time and don't know quite as much as I'd like to about its progression. Essentially all I'm interested in is exporting all level geometry into a model. I don't particularly care for sprites, sector effectors, or the like. Just pure level geometry. I'm not sure about something like an elevator, but you get the basic concept. Anything like that exist?


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