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  1. Trying to remember/find an old mod

    17 July 2019 - 01:59 AM

    This has been bothering me for a few months ever since I was randomly reminded of it.

    Way, way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, we're talking 11, maybe 12 years ago, I downloaded a massive mod pack. It was a whole assortment of different mods from all over. It had old ones like The Gate, and relatively new ones (at the time) like Duke Plus.

    One of these was I think a multiplayer-oriented mod, bringing in a bunch of different game modes, and a few packed-in user maps (I think, anyway. I could be wrong and those maps were just part of the pack). I actually played this one a fair bit, not against anyone, but it did have a game mode where waves of enemies would spawn in the map and you had to kill them all until you died (or not; maybe you respawned?) or possibly a boss spawned. I don't remember. Point is, you could play that single-player. Which I tended to do somewhat often. I even remember it was the first time I ever played Roch Island, at the time not knowing what it was until I downloaded it for myself many years later.

    I don't remember the name of this thing. I don't know if it would play well on modern EDuke32. Frankly I don't even remember if the mod was of any decent quality; I only remember starting it up to play that mode (I think that's what's commonly called Invasion? I don't play enough multiplayer games/modes to know) more than a few times.

    If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please refresh my memory of whatever I'm thinking of.
  2. I'm pretty sure one of my USB ports/devices is failing but I don't know which one

    25 June 2019 - 11:24 AM

    Thread title and desc.

    Just yesterday my machine began making the disconnect/reconnect noises non-stop for a period of about 5 minutes. Thing is, I was in-game at the time, and I can confirm that three of my devices were working properly: keyboard, mouse, and speakers (all USB). I even got a "device failed to install" message, followed by a "device successfully installed".

    I checked the windows event logs for the time and all I got was an extremely unhelpful "USB Device [long string of random characters] successfully installed".

    Then today, when I turned my computer on it stalled at the BIOS screen. I know from past experience that hardware changes make the motherboard pee itself in terror if they happen before boot, so I'm almost certain this is related. Trouble is I don't know what's causing it. I don't have that many USB devices besides those three. I do have a controller in a questionable port, but at least until now physical touch is what's bothered it. That could have changed; whenever it throws a fit seems to be random so it's impossible to reliably test. Worth noting is that both front ports have had issues. The controller is in the one that has had the least amount of issues. The other one has nothing in it because it fails to read damn near anything that goes into it, frequently dropping connection. I would not be surprised if the device that manages both of those is what's failing, but trouble is I don't know how to confirm it nor how to fix it.
  3. DC Ending Silence

    26 February 2019 - 12:28 AM

    I will say upfront that this might not be an eDuke issue. However I'm not sure where else to turn.

    I originally reported this thinking this was an issue with the HRP (as I used its music pack) but it turns out that is not true.

    For whatever reason, the DC ending is completely silent, save for a about a second's worth of the wind sfx. I can't report any version of eduke where this problem started, as I don't believe I've ever seen it work since I returned to the Duke scene in 2013, when Megaton came out. Obviously I am using the Megaton's version of the DC GRP, but I've not heard anyone report this problem before. I've even opened mine up in GRP studio and the ending sound file is still present and working fine when extracted.

    I just don't know what's happened, and this issue persists even today.
  4. Shift + KP5 does not respond

    26 February 2019 - 12:20 AM

    Thread title. I use a control scheme that utilizes the keypad numbers, and they all work fine under all circumstances except Keypad 5, which does not respond if I am holding shift at the same time, while all the others do.

    This has been an issue for a long time. The latest version I have where it functioned as it was supposed to is r6428. The earliest version I have where it broke is r6576.

    Yes I realize this is late reporting.
  5. Adding in quotes without overwrites

    28 December 2018 - 11:13 AM

    (I'm honestly not sure if this belonged here or in the help me section)

    Thread title, basically. I want to add in some additional Duke one-liners without replacing existing ones. Setting aside quality mashing for the moment, I simply want to learn the process. I didn't see any dedicated tutorials or breakdowns of the one-liner system. I'm sure they exist somewhere, but they're probably embedded and I don't know where to start searching. I did try reverse-engineering mods I know that pulled that off, but as usual looking at the con code made my brain melt. I grasped the concept of declaring the additional sound files exist (though I don't quite know how; lots of numbers there), but when it came to actually calling on them, I don't know how that works or where that happens.

    Also I realize I'm approaching this situation from more of a middle/top-down position as opposed to a bottom-top approach like most tutorials are designed, but what can I say. It's easier for me to learn this way.



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