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  1. [RELEASE] Naked Dash

    24 September 2017 - 07:35 AM

    Duke had been capture yet again! This time things are looking real bad: aliens took Nukem to their base and put him in prison cell, but that isn't even the worst part.
    Our hero must survive a venture through the "Naked Dash": a surreal office complex built by aliens for entertainment purposes and filled with deadly traps and puzzles.
    Will Duke be able to make it through this doomed office fortress which took lives of many men before him? More importantly, will you help him escape?

    General Info:
    This map was finished in approximately 7 or 8 weeks; it doesn't have difficulty settings and it also almost exceeded Mapster wall limit (around 70 spare walls left).
    It is best to go blindfolded, but if you just hate fun or something:

    Posted ImagePosted Image
    Report any found bugs!

    Be patient and pay attention!
    Be nice: don't cheat and have fun!


    View PostMister Sinister, on 25 September 2017 - 06:01 AM, said:

    Updated the map to 1.1. Fixes include:

    Please note the following: use 6444 build or older, the latest build (6450) breaks the crane section!
    If any of the moderators care to update my OP with new download link, attach the new version and post my warning about build 6450, I'd be very grateful.

  2. [RELEASE] Close Range

    20 April 2016 - 02:49 PM

    I present you "Close Range": a disjointed mess of a space level made in two weeks while being extra stressed and extra pissed by educational system.
    The level was built from a blueprint I made sometime in March. It combines bits and pieces of different ideas I had back then, yet the main focus are laser tripboms.
    I mean, do you actually use these things? Well here you'll get plenty to use.

    Don't pick Come Get Some unless you are good at high speed maneuvering in close quarters.
    No additional beta-testers were involved. Please report any bugs you found!
    Also this is the first space level I have actually finished.

    Have fun!


    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Upd: modified the timed door puzzle to make it less infuriating.
  3. [RELEASE] Der Ist Mars

    01 April 2016 - 08:00 AM

    I can't remember many Mars maps, so here's one.
    Duke has crash landed somewhere on Mars and found himself nearby a small alien colony.
    Those alien bastards! Seek and destroy!

    Posted Image

  4. [RELEASE] Sludge Plunge

    05 February 2016 - 07:26 AM

    So I was playing Liquidator...

    Sludge Plunge is a map set in swamp area. I can't remember many swamp maps in Duke so here's one.
    You'll be travelling through swamps, caves, small towns and etc. Exciting stuff!
    Also there are lots of secret places, but there is one Super Secret I challenge you to find!

    Have fun.

    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Updated: coop support for 5 players; sky issue fix; new secret
  5. Community Episode?

    27 September 2015 - 07:07 AM

    Hey there, guys.

    I always thought CBPs are a very nice tradition that keeps DN3D alive and I think we should keep it going. An idea sparkled in my head, so I came up with this concept for another CBP episode.

    Most usermaps and CBP made by Duke community usually revolve around the most typical DN3D gameplay in terms of design choices. While this is nothing bad at all, I think it has become somewhat stale with no further evolution, because there are so many unexplore gimmiks in game mechanics it's a shame we didn't put them into good use. That's why I think people should go somewhat experimental with their maps and that's exactly what I'd really like to do with this CBP.

    The idea is to make an episode which consists entirely of gimmik levels. What's a gimmik level? It's a level built around a certain pinpointed mechanic in DN3D gameplay which affects the overall design and gameplay style.
    Examples of gimmik levels:
    - Siebenpolis by ck3d (a level built around the jetpack mechanic)
    - Caught And Butchered by me [Death Drive] (a level where your primary weapon is Shrinker Ray)
    - Abstratech by Micky C [Duke Hard] (a level which uses rotating walls excessively)

    So I've been thinking maybe we can get together, come up with some cool ideas and make an entire episode of these?
    (set in space btw)

    What do you think, guys?


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