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29 years old
November 8, 1989
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Classic Games, Archiving Game relics, Writing stories, playing computer games, and even living life as usual. <br /><br />(Now own Duke Assault, Duke!Zone, Duke Nukem Atomic Edition, Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, Doom 2, And more)

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  1. How does this work?

    17 May 2010 - 05:53 PM

    I been experimenting with Edukes Launcher and trying to figure out if it was possible to launch both "The Gate" and "Duke Plus" simultaneously. The results were, new HOM's effects where plain textures should be, disabled custom AI's, and a ton of other questions to spawned out of the pits of my enthusiasm.

    First of all, I'm not entirely sure how Duke 3D functions or Win32 Ports of Duke3D function. I know you got your CON files, your GRP files, and your misc files which I wont bother to address. I want to know what the connection is there between a CON and GRP file. I barely know that a GRP file almost works somewhat like a Doom Wad file. But do CON files have any connection with GRP files, or does the game engine run them both upon detection... Or does it have to register certain directories to pick up these files?

    I need somebody to break it down for me... I'm not so good at reading wiki documents or listing to dated material that sounds like what Linux users would say when I tried using Ubuntu. (They often get way too technical and expect me to know how raw programming works rather than explaining the functions of it). I need somebody to explain to me in some detail how this works. So that I may be able to utilize the Eduke Engine more effectively.

    Oh, and many apologies if I'm being a little too detailed in submitting my first post..

    (I have some experience in running some Doom Engines for miscellaneous info.)

    Thanks for any help on this!


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