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  1. Dunno if mentioned before or not but Aiming up and down wont work sometimes

    26 April 2019 - 11:53 AM

    When you Press End and Home sometime it wont respond at all to look up and down for aiming (aiming up and down)
    Is random.
    times it works
    Sometimes it wont work at all almost making you think your buttons are broken.
    If you press PgUp and PgDown and then End or Home right after before the player restore to default (looking ahead) you can bypass the bug and aim up or down.

    And some minor TROR hom / slime trails, less severe than older Eduke32 in classic and polymost mode.

    While we virtually no longer see the hom from corners of TROR when we goto edge of it
    nor the hom in hexagon TROR etc,

    There could still be hom if you do a star shaped TROR (not the hom version) but cropping version but It can be masked with sprites...
    Only occur of the TROR goes halfway through the floor or ceiling.

    Posted Image

    Also in more complex TROR in certain area it causes vanishing, Hom, and other type of vanishing can be "masked" with a sprite and some slimetrail (sometimes)
    Posted Image

    These bugs does not exist in Polymer mode.
    not as I know of.

    For latest mapster of April 20 (one comes with r7618
    When you switch to 3Dmode from 2Dmode and 2Dmode to 3Dmode it freezes for several seconds before proceeding.

    Also Eduke32 r7618 has a slow loading time when you load a map.
    Sometime the map can take several minutes to load (loading textures in polymost mode)

    To look up and down in Mapster (latest one)
    Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+A wont work at all

    the projectile through transparent and explosions are fixed thx.


    Comp spec incase needed.

    I use Intel Core i5-7400CPU 3.00Ghz - 4core, 4thread
    Windows 10
    All Dukes works fine.

    I need to get nore ram tho
    I have 8GB DDR4

    Video Card
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 04G-P4-6251-KR
    4GB GDDR5 ACX 2.0 single fan
    1290Mhz base clock
    1392Mhz Boost clock
    65GT/s Texture fill rate
    7008Mhz Memory clock
    112.16GB/s Memory bandwidth

  2. Child's play 2019, what is your views on it?

    08 February 2019 - 10:00 PM

    What is / are your reactions and views on the upcoming movie of the infamous killer doll?
    Same producer of the 2017 IT film

    Trailer of it

    atm is TBA as for the voice of Chucky, we dunno who will voice it yet

    Jennifer Tilly doesn't want to have any part of it

    Jennifer Tilly trashes new Child’s Play remake: “#NotmyChucky”

    I'll see it as a huge fan of Chucky.
    I hope Brad Dourif will voice Chucky in this one like all others.

    Child's Play' reboot trailer suggests Chucky is now a killer robot
  3. Working on Oblivion TC HRP

    02 February 2019 - 04:34 PM

    So it will run in Polymost mode, (better results)
    Also 8bit mode is supported

    1, It will have fixes, improvements etc
    2, several current level expansions.. It wont make levelplay longer, these will be optional exploring deeper in the levels.. Ammos, Health etc can be found
    3, 6 extra levels, 1 level for E4L12 (Darkwoods) and 5 levels for the Purgatory or Episode 6 (cannot be accessed by the menu but accessible by Episode 4.

    Also comet Hale-Bopp will be Seen in E1, E2 and some of E3

    So purpose of that will be to retrieve the "black chaos gem"
    On Oblivion when we finish the mod, we see all the gems except the black gem.

    Extra level names will be;

    DEATH SEA - Darksea will be Aboard a strange large Ferry and must fight off monsters etc
    DEATH ZONE - Is the island and will have somekind of a temple-pyramid like structure
    DECEIT - A strange level that could cause deception to the player etc
    TWISTED REALM - a more bizarre level
    DARK VORTEX - a strange vortex with all kind of things etc
    THE END OF TIME - A strange place with somekind of a fancy building or something

    Now few shots of remastered levels of Episode 1 and some expansion
    Posted Image

    Old thread of the mod on AMC forums
  4. There is a bug I've discovered. has to do with explosions and projectiles

    22 December 2018 - 02:51 AM

    If you're behind a translucent glass or fire etc.
    Your projectile will be invisible and so as explosions.
    But fires wont.
    Nor debris.

    The problem starts at 2016-05-13 r5728

    EDuke32 2.0.0devel r5728 (64-bit) C++ build
    Compiled May 13 2016 15:37:41

    I tested some 2017, 2018 duke, prob still present

    At 2016-05-05 r5718 everything works fine

    EDuke32 2.0.0devel r5718 (64-bit) C++ build
    Compiled May 05 2016 13:07:43

    r5718 and before everything are normal.

    So I'm sure providing accurate revision and where it starts etc will be easy to trace down this bug.
    here is a vid of the issue
    is not a code bug but a core bug.

    I tested with 12-20-2018 r7297
    bug still exist
  5. I wonder if as for "today" if we can add new ANM / IVF clips?

    12 December 2018 - 01:59 PM

    In the past we cannot add new ones but can only replace the current hard coded clips etc.

    Like on May 2012s The Commander said : "Videos can only replace the hard coded ANM (sorry we cant add new videos at this time it seems)"
    On that thread

    They can be replaced but we cannot add new one at this time it seems.
    That was on May 2012 it was said.

    Things can change in 6.5 years sometimes.

    but on as for 2018s
    Can we add extra cutscenes?
    Like a different/new cutscene when you finish a level in let say Ep4, Ep5, Ep6 etc
    And new CINEOV (endgame clip) For Ep5, Ep6 etc?

    For the Ep clear clip
    Like when you end an episode, "level clear in an episode"

    Ep1 and Ep2 backgrounds when you clear a level are different.
    Ep3 and Ep4 have same background as Ep1 when you finish a map.
    only Ep2 is different.


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