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  1. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    Yesterday, 11:42 AM

    When the vial exploded prematurely in the trash pit.
    Did you take the first vial to the secret room where we blow up the door.
    Or threw the vial into the trash chute?
  2. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    Yesterday, 11:40 AM

    I checked door took vial no explosion.
    I took vial then checked door without tape, no explosion
    I took tape , checked door then took vial no explosion.
    I took stuff, stick on door and threw a pipebomb boom.
    Worked as suppose to.
    Tested around 40min ago.

    Which door , there are several yellow doors.
    I can play the level lil later today and see.
    doubt it would do that. I beat that level before creating V2
  3. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    Yesterday, 10:23 AM

    yes game has some mechanical issues (core of the Eduke) when something shoot 2 flat sprites, sometime bullet can go (between the sprite even if they toucheachothers) and hit you and making it look like it goes through the sprite tunnel like Level 3.

    which yellow door in the core?

    which door you refer too.
    One with the pit.

    When you click the door it says "This door looks poorly designed.."
    I clicked door before putting the explosive on it and works fine.
    Didn't prematurely exploded.
    Little foot tapping sound such as landing triggers it
  4. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    Yesterday, 09:54 AM

    if mobs shoots diagonally they can hit you cus the bullet get super close of the shield without touching it.

    btw shield had some fixes such as the menu bug that wouldn't trigger until you turn off one weap selection.
    Other if you switch back to claw it cancels the shield so you don't have to wait minutes for it to decay before you can reshield
  5. In Topic: Trequonia mod [RELEASED]

    Yesterday, 09:06 AM

    out of the dimension is one of the most ultimate challenging level.
    Extreme length
    And puzzle.

    Last maze (in the eye of the storm) itself is very long, probably long as many average levels and has several bosses including the last boss.

    The shield orb if you refer as the one that makes a 1 sided shield.
    One side you can shoot, other side blocks stuff.

    It protect from mostly firelaser and other projectile.
    RPG missile also get blocked but explosion radius can still hit you.

    Shield take soo many shots before it disappears


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