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Senior Unpaid Intern at Viceland
29 years old
October 22, 1988
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Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Stopping griefers in Minecraft, treating women respectfully while tipping my fedora, hunting down and honor killing Sam Hyde

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AIM  fuckthepatriarchy1988
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Website URL  http://www.youtube.com/user/vice
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  1. In Topic: DVD drive not recognizing disks

    12 June 2018 - 09:42 PM

    Just buy another internal drive and swap the bezel.
  2. In Topic: DVD drive not recognizing disks

    21 April 2018 - 10:17 PM

    ...You're asking questions about a $15 component that isn't working that's known to die a lot?

    Just buy another.

    Jesus Christ.

    Natural gas was pulled out of the ground, destroying our water, and then burned, to process this tiny, useless, mind polluting stream of electrical signals. Highly reactive uranium atoms were smashed together in a billion dollar facility that's rusting, out of date, and poorly inspected. Coal was mined, harvested, and lit on fire to power your miracle machine, but not before people died trying to get it out of the ground so you could ask such a worthless question.

    Think next time so my grandchildren can grow up in a world with electricity.
  3. In Topic: Sega corner.

    21 April 2018 - 06:18 PM

    Am I the only one here who fucking hates Sonic Mania? That game is a fucking diarrhea mess.
  4. In Topic: The Dell/Alienware discussion.

    21 April 2018 - 06:13 PM

    Holy shit, buy that. If you can get the model with the 1060 I'd buy that, though. I recommend that machine to a customer and he brought it back so I could load some pirated software on it.

    That system is SUPERB! Holy fucking shit, the build quality is gonna blow your mind dude. So much power in such a small space. Awesome little machine.
  5. In Topic: Screen blacks out - Monitor or GPU issue?

    19 April 2018 - 06:18 PM

    If you're getting unique problems with Blu-Ray movies, it's probably an HDCP issue, and almost certainly the monitor.



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  1. Photo 22 Oct 2015 - 10:39
    Happy Birthday dude! 8-)
  2. Photo 22 Oct 2014 - 19:12
    Happy birthday you crazy mofo!
  3. Photo 10 Sep 2014 - 06:42
    Reminder that this exists:
  4. Photo 18 Jan 2014 - 14:48
    If your horny, Let's do it
    Ride it, My Pony
    My saddle's waiting
    Come and jump on it
  5. Photo 14 Jun 2013 - 16:47
    I was up till 4AM drinking. Chill out, bro.
  6. Photo 14 Jun 2013 - 15:13
    Man, are you okay? We're worried.
  7. Photo 06 Jun 2013 - 09:50
    [-] I hate that stupid "level map" comparison
  8. Photo 03 Jun 2013 - 13:13
    [Crysis Voice] MAXIMUM...WARNING![Crysis Voice]
  9. Photo 04 Apr 2013 - 16:52
    "Yatta, did you install a filter that keeps me from saying the N Word in Thai? Because that's bullshit. "
    Nope, I just checked. We have no censors/filters enabled. It's probably still not a good idea to use that word, though.
  10. Photo 16 Feb 2013 - 20:02
    Stop hitting on me.
  11. Photo 21 Jan 2012 - 17:39
    Sorry but I'm getting rid of that fucking dog. It's so annoying. Plus it makes every one of my posts look like a troll post.
  12. Photo 21 Jan 2012 - 12:19
  13. Photo 27 May 2011 - 21:51
    Hehe ;)
  14. Photo 27 Apr 2011 - 20:18
    Yo I smoke blunts like I fuck cunts
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