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Viewing Topic: That goddamn fps / frametime jit...

My Information

30 years old
June 10, 1989
Male Male
DIY projects, Eduke modding, MTG player, FoF player( now inactive), Bass player (since feb 2013)

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Topics I've Started

  1. Alpha channel rendering bug

    04 September 2018 - 03:45 AM

    Prior to 2016-05-13 build, alpha channel for overlapping hi-res sprites like PNGs worked very well (left side of the picture); starting from that build, transprarency rendering became buggy as shown on the right side:

    Posted Image

    This still occurs in the latest build on different machines/OSs.

    - (and to be honest, it's another reason i did not include a newer Eduke build in KickAss mod)
  2. Double damage with RPG_IMPACT flag ?

    29 August 2018 - 03:30 AM

    I already talked about this issue in my Kickass Duke mod thread HERE

    Since Eduke build 2016/08/29 (both 32bit and 64bit), custom RPG_TYPE projectiles with PROJECTILE_RPG_IMPACT flag set and hitradius 0 started to inflict on direct impact a damage equal to double the EXTRA declared.
    Prior to this build, projectiles always inflicted only 1 times EXTRA damage on direct hit with hitradius 0.
    (In reality, projectiles did EXTRA -1 damage points, now (EXTRA x2 ) -1 points )
    Of course, projectiles with no PROJECTILE_RPG_IMPACT flag and hitradius 0 do no damage at all.

    Someone on my thread told that this is a new damage system similar to DOS version, where the RPG with hitradius 0 inflicted double damage on impact anyway, while i always assumed that hitradius 0 meant NO hitradius instance, for projectiles like lasers, plasma, spikes/nails etc.

    I doubt this is an intended feature, as i read no mention about it in changelog files next to that release, it would force ppl to define an halved damage for projectiles like this.

    This kind of behaviour still occurs to other Dukers, so i think logs and sys configuration are not relevant atm.
  3. KickAss Duke

    07 June 2018 - 12:28 PM

    KickAss Duke

    After years of development, pauses, remaking, recoding and so on, my mod KickAss Duke is finally out to the public with its 1.0 release.

    KickAss Duke or KADuke is a gameplay modification , enriching Duke Nukem 3d with a large amount of features.
    The major cores are weapons, inventory and gore, featuring +20 weapons and +10 items, new and old ones but all recoded, while violence got very improved with physics and more particles and effects.
    Also, KADuke gives D3D a bit of modern-rethinking, due to many modern games, mods and tcs in last 10-15 years which served as inspiration; at the same time it proposes to bring back some Lameduke/Beta scrapped materials and ideas.
    All the new items replace randomly original pickups , so no map is touched. It is designed for playing original episodes and usermaps.
    This mod will be gradually enriched of many features planned (and mostly done, but put away ATM), like new enemies, other gore features, items and weapons, maybe some maps and episodes with special objects; so, many updates are expected. There will be some fixes and suggestions to follow, for sure.

    A more complete list of KADuke features:

    - 23 weapons in total, where the original 9 have been improved... various features: legit alien drops, reloading, alternate fire, shared/multiple ammo, recoil, diminishing accuracy, better bobbing, status-inflicting
    - Improved melee fighting , replacing slot 1 Knee with fists, kicks and WASD combos (reaching "24" new weapons)
    - 11 items for the inventory, recoded from 0
    - The "Brutal Engine" (customizable)
    MORE blood, stayput jibs and pools, physics on corpses and jibs with explosions, hit detection with injuries (only headshots for the moment)
    - New sounds and visual effects, mainly weapon effects
    - New HUD, customizable
    - Various improvements to enemies
    - Various gameplay enhancements: stepsounds, stamina, double tap evade, lookleft/right
    - Some aestethic improvements
    - KickAss options menu : violence settings, hud and crosshair settings, item drop mode and so on
    - The "Djuke Box", for selecting music from other levels while playing
    - Various fixes

    You can read the development thread and a bit of more infos Here

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    DOWNLOAD IT HERE ! (Ver. 1.02) http://www.mediafire...e_1.02.zip/file

    Changelog :

    Also check KADuke ModDB page Here

    Posted Image Posted Image

    Do not forget the readme file for important infos, expecially for installation and controls.

    ANY suggestion or critic is welcome.

    Now go and enjoy new badass methods for ass-kicking !!
  4. KickAss Duke (Coming Soon)

    31 August 2016 - 04:15 AM

    Dear Dukers, i'm very proud of presenting my near-to-release mod:

    KickAss Duke a.k.a. KA Duke

    This is a gameplay modification , enriching vanilla Duke3d with a large amount of features.
    The main core is the weapons-inventory-gore combination, featuring a huge amount of coded and recoded stuff, as i found my base engine to add as many pieces as i want, and violence got very improved with physics and more particles/effects.
    Also, it gives D3D a bit of modern-rethinking, as the elements from which i took inspiration comes from many modern games, mods and tcs in last 10-15 years; at the same time it proposes to bring back some Lameduke scrapped materials and ideas.
    For enjoying new content, pickups and encounters are randomized, plus some code-to-map discrete additions, with the idea to not touch any original map.
    It keeps TILES014 and TILES015 free, so it would be compatible with the most part of all user map released in years.
    Due to some new effects it's needed to be run on polymost mode, and is not compatible with HRP, but the appearance is 99% 8bit/software like.

    Basing on the stuff i need to complete, it will be released this October (if not, before 2017 anyway)

    The 1.0 release will contain so far:

    - New/improved weapons, 22 in total atm.
    among features: legit alien items, reloading, alfire, shared/multiple ammo, recoil, diminishing accuracy, better bobbing, status-inflicting
    - New/improved inventory items, 11 in total, recoded from zero
    - The "Brutal Engine" (customizable)
    MORE blood, stayput jibs and pools, physics on corpses and jibs, hit loc. detection with injuries (headshots, for example)
    - Improved melee fighting , replacing Knee with fists, kicks and WASD combos
    - New sounds and visual effects
    explosions, smoke, weapon effects mainly
    - New HUD, customizable
    - Various improvements to enemies
    - Various gameplay enhancements
    stepsounds, stamina, breath, double tap evade, lookleft/right, zoom view
    - Few environmental improvements
    new rats, new cactuses and trees, scraps'n'debris
    - KA options menu
    violence settings, hud/crosshair settings, item drop mode, movement features
    - Various fixes

    And here are some pics:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    // I'll upload a video next week, too

    This project is the way i found to dump what i worked on for years... and to be honest, releasing it is more like a gift for me, than for you.
    I call it "The Mod" of mine, and it will be gradually enriched of many features i planned (and mostly done), like new enemies, behaviors/AI, items, maybe some maps, so several updates/packs are expected.

    Just a bit of story:

    This mod is actually my very old mod called Duke Nukem Again, started in 2007.
    It featured all the stuff KickAss gots, but being a project planned for a campaign, it planned more than 10 maps and many map related objects or items, impossible to complete for a single person, i'm still not a mapper, indeed. And it was getting done with long pauses.
    In 2013 i stopped DNA and i started to make projects with my friends Artem and JetNick, Duke Begins in primis, and other several ideas that never saw sunlight; in last two years we left and paused so many times our works, due to some debates and real life.
    Last year, Artem gave me an idea on "Brutal Duke" (a sort of copy of brutal doom), which i accepted because i knew it can be done, because many features were already done in DNAgain and fixed or enhanced with time, but we abandoned it.
    Now that some time passed, i decided that my ten years of (inefficient :P ) modding skills must not be wasted, and in June i resumed alone this project, with better aims and better ideas; this started as "Brutal Duke" with main focus on violence, then it went "KickAss", because the concept fits more the (cool?) stuff i worked on.
    Basically: [DNAgain] - [Maps/story/environment] = [KA Duke] :D

    I have a little help requests in fact of sprites:

    Also, a little "disclaimer" :

    Moreover, testers are well-accepted :)
    // EDIT: i could work a bit on the mod name, but i found nothing satisfying at the moment

    I hope you'll like this project and you'll pleased to play it once released, See Ya!
  5. Duke Nukem Begins

    24 July 2013 - 01:04 AM

    So guys, here it is first work Balls Of Steel team would present to you...


    By CK, JetNick and RichardStorm
    ( coming soon a topic or a site for us )

    This mod is the first of a serie we planned about duke story and universe in past and future; it turns around the events and bad guys of old duke chapters: DN1, DN2 and 3D (no DNF) , according to our interpretation. So, people, expect to meet Proton and Rigelatins, and new strange things.

    This mod is the past. A chronicle about Duke's father, Dave Nukem, who already met aliens time before the 3d years, Duke's birth in 1967, then some events about Duke's youth in 1986 circa.

    About gameplay, it shows a new HUD, new enemies, different weapons, cinematics, a good soundtrack (we hope) and many other things.
    Right now we're still working on various places: plot, maps, con features and so on; we alre also trying to give voice to our characters, with the help of other people. The percentage of completion is about 30%.

    Stop talking, here are some -good- first screenshots on what we've worked 'til now; all of these ones are taken from first episode, playing with Dave:

    Somewhere in the 2nd level

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    New pigs again...

    Posted Image

    ..and this bad guy...

    Posted Image

    Random fun

    Posted Image

    We hope to give you a good gaming experience with this work, we will appreciate any comment about it and you're welcome if you want to help us !


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