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  1. Fallout 76 is an absolute fucking disaster.

    29 November 2018 - 03:20 PM

    I have never seen such a poorly received launch of a big budget title. Bethesda has really screwed the pooch on this one. Every single facet of this release has been a catastrophe. They've been living on borrowed time for a while already, their games have a reputation for being buggy, unoptimized, clunky pieces of shit, with gamers forgiving this because they enjoy the settings and stories. Fallout 76 has delivered everything they're known to be bad at, and nothing they're known to be good at. It appears even hardcore fans don't trust them anymore. Zenimax has to be eyeballing id Software as their new golden boys.
  2. Get Banned or Not?

    09 October 2014 - 09:24 PM

  3. Wildfire Studios' Pinball game patches by Mok

    31 March 2014 - 11:01 PM

    Hey folks, I was playing Balls of Steel and looking for the Devil's Island 'spin-off' and found out this guy named Mok made patches for all of Wildfire Studio's pinball games. It took me a few minutes to hunt them down, and I figured they might get lost at some point. Then I got on track of the BOSLoader which fixes graphical glitches and generally makes things easier. So I'm archiving all this stuff here if anyone wants them

    By Mok
    - KISS Pinball 1.22a
    - Ultimate Pinball Gold 1.0a
    - Balls of Steel 1.3c [Note: GOG.com version comes pre-patched)
    - Devil's Island Pinball 1.2a
    - Dirt Track Racing Pinball 1.0a
    - Austin Powers Pinball 1.0a
    By Jason Hood
    - Balls of Steel Barbarian Table Fix [Note: GOG.com/1.3c appears to fix this issue.]
    - Ultimate Pinball Gold MainLauncher.exe hack (Makes the table select screen windowed 800x600)

    Balls of Steel Loader v1.0 by Christophe Thibault
    Balls of Steel Loader v1.1 hack by Jason Hood
    -includes .dll hacks for use with all other BOS engine games (Devil's Island, Dirt Track Racing, KISS Pinball, Austin Powers Pinball, and Ultimate Pinball Gold)
  4. Looking for Duke Nukem: Zero Hour promo art

    15 July 2013 - 12:19 PM

    I was looking up some old video game art today, and this caught my eye. I've never seen this before. Anybody got a clue where it's from and got a better picture?

    Posted Image
  5. The Duke Nukem and BUILD Archives

    06 May 2013 - 11:56 AM

    Hi dudes and dudettes. Here's a collection I've been gathering of random tidbits from various Duke and BUILD games. Everything from screenshots to concept art. Thanks to a lot of the super sleuths in the community (you know who you are.) I found some of this stuff on my own, but with most of it I had help. If you happen to notice I'm missing something, please post it! It will get added to the package. Special thanks to MYHOUSE.MAP for making me get off my ass.

    If there are any web designers out here interested in helping me, I would love to put this stuff up on an actual webpage for all to easily view. Send me a PM if you're interested in doing this.

    The BUILD Archive - 150 MB [UPDATED:May 1st, 2014]
    (Includes Duke3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Redneck Rampage, and more)

    The Duke Archive - 15 MB [UPDATED:May 1st, 2014]
    (Includes Endangered Species, D-Day, and more but not Duke3D or DNF)

    The DNF Archive - 351 MB [UPDATED:February 18th, 2014]
    (Culled from all eras. Probably far from complete, but there's a LOT of stuff here.)


    The Prey Archive - 95 MB [UPDATED:February 18th, 2014]
    (Mainly 1990s stuff. I'm sure I'm missing a lot here, but it's hard to find stuff with such a generic title.)

    Once again most of the stuff was found by the hard work of other folks, I just thought to put it all together.
    Do the community a favour and hook me up with anything I'm missing.


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  1. Photo 28 May 2014 - 22:06
    You should thank me for your current avatar :P
  2. Photo 14 Jan 2014 - 19:02
    ELFDICK? Common man be more creative than that.
  3. Photo 26 Mar 2013 - 19:13
  4. Photo 23 Mar 2013 - 15:50
    You fuckin' jackass...
  5. Photo 16 Feb 2013 - 19:52
    You need to start calling me more you fucking ni-...I mean, dork. Yeah, dork.
  6. Photo 29 Jan 2013 - 12:18
    Saw the thread where you went apeshit because people weren't getting what you were saying about licensing. I lol'd. I understood what you were saying, though. Don't talk about it so nobody knows you're doing it, leak it long enough to be mirrored everywhere, take it down, and let the Streisand effect take over. It's brilliant.
  7. Photo 19 Oct 2012 - 12:58
    You need to get on Steam more, you big dork!
  8. Photo 27 Mar 2012 - 22:45
    You need to get on Google/Gmail Chat or MSN more, you big dork!
  9. Photo 06 Dec 2011 - 14:07
    Happy B-Day, Captain!
  10. Photo 04 Oct 2011 - 17:12
    You live in Virgin.....ia?
  11. Photo 28 Aug 2011 - 17:51
  12. Photo 28 Aug 2011 - 16:48
    You need to get on Google/Gmail Chat or MSN more, you big dork!
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