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  1. In Topic: looking for voice actors

    12 July 2019 - 06:36 PM

     Mark, on 12 July 2019 - 06:31 PM, said:

    Instead of doing the majority of the voices like in most of my projects I want to spread it around this time and see if I can find a few others to help.

    I'm looking for voices of characters found in the mean streets of new york. Gangsters, thugs, whores, other minor NPCs. All types of voices. White, Black, Latino, male and female. There will be lots of profanity. A heavy or light Brooklyn accent would be cool too. Think of Andrew Dice Clay as an example.

    I have lots of dialog written and recorded by me. Some "borrowed from the game "Kingpin". More dialog and characters yet to be created. If you have the ability to make a clean voice recording send a PM to me. I can send a few sample lines to see how you do. Or if you have some samples of your work already recorded send me a link to listen to them.

    Just to avoid any confusion, this is unpaid work for a non-commercial TC. In other words, just for fun.

    I can contribute with the latino one, although I don't know if my english accent sounds as you would expect. Maybe I can try something tomorrow, and send it to you.
  2. In Topic: Ion Fury

    30 May 2019 - 09:19 PM

    View PostHank, on 30 May 2019 - 08:33 PM, said:

    ^ Am I gonna bury my original vinyl albums?

    Make sure to take that on video and put some explosives, make slow motion captures of the explosions and upload it to YouTube, I'm pretty sure when you'll get thousand of views the band's trademark team is going to claim any profit you make from the video...
  3. In Topic: Ion Fury

    30 May 2019 - 09:48 AM

    Iron Mademoiselle
  4. In Topic: Ion Fury

    30 May 2019 - 07:40 AM

    My train if though is the following:

    I'll be the devil's advocate with this sentence,the first time I heard the name I immediately thought the game was called after the band just to notice it was "Ion" not "Iron" anyway it still sounded like a reference or homage to the band, so for a malicious mind the name can be just a copy with a modified letter.

    Alright, the point is I can't conceive a serious lawsuit that even contemplates illegal to take a band's name, change a letter and make a videogame out of it (wich isn't even the case with Ion Maiden named after an item of a previous game) this is beyond me. Hell even the name isn't a made up name, it is a fictional device, how I'd wish the decency of Johann Philipp Siebenkees the supposedly creator of the Iron Maiden story would sue the band for using the name. I think the only way to stop this non sense is if they talk directly to the band, and if both fans of the game and the band spam the official accounts with complete disagreement about the accusations. Let's wait until the lawsuit is official. Hell what a non sense.

    Edit: So I have read the twitts and articles, apparently the band is also claiming about the game's logo, style, skull, and protagonist similarities with the band counterparts. Yeah I see too many confused people expecting to play as a female version of Steve Harris just to want his money back when they notice there is no female Eddie around 🙄
  5. In Topic: What are you working on for Duke right now?

    28 May 2019 - 10:33 AM

    View PostGambini, on 26 May 2019 - 05:32 AM, said:

    This page is awesome!

    Specially love Zaxtor´s TV!

    here´s what i am working on right now:


    Posted Image


    Posted Image

    Are you sure this is not a model? :0


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  1. Photo 16 May 2017 - 06:51
    Haha nice!
  2. Photo 14 May 2017 - 08:06
    Merdoo merdoo!
    We were born only days apart. <3
  3. Photo 18 Sep 2015 - 21:53
    birthday for you norhax
  4. Photo 18 Sep 2015 - 13:03
    Happy Birthday!
  5. Photo 18 Sep 2015 - 00:47
    Happy birthday, dude! :)
  6. Photo 31 Jan 2014 - 19:02
    Hey buddy :))
  7. Photo 18 Sep 2011 - 09:43
    Thanks mate!!
  8. Photo 18 Sep 2011 - 01:23
    Happy birthday!
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