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Sexy Bitch
31 years old
September 9, 1987
Female Female
Arkansas, Usa
Im; Cassie.<br /><br />You like me or you don't- Take your pick.<br /><br />I'm 22, I tell everyone that i am 21, again.<br /><br />I am a very lucky girl.v I am Nor-Cal Native.<br /><br />It's a beautiful thing.<br /><br />I like Piercings and Tattoos.<br /><br />I live in Arkansas.- I like it.<br /><br />I work as an Independent Contractor<br /><br />Anywhoser-<br /><br />I really enjoy Music.<br /><br />ALOT.<br /><br />More like Excuse me just so you know I am OBSESSED with music.<br /><br />I drive alot- I live in the middle of no where.<br /><br />&lt;3 I love someone very dear to my heart, He always loves me.[[Penguins]]<br /><br />I am all about peace and Love in your hood it<br /><br />doesn't get much better then that.<br /><br />My friends are amazing. So is my family.<br /><br />I love them always- They are the only people who will always be around.<br /><br />I want to be strong enough to make it on my own.<br /><br />I think I am getting there.<br /><br /><br /><br />I have been told that I am very &quot;unique&quot; I think they are trying to tell me I am a wierdo or maybe<br /><br />Wanna be friends?Message me.

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AIM  nakedlegos05@aol.com
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Website URL  http://Myspace.com/ms.mendo

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