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Viewing Topic: Duke Being Put To Pasture?

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  1. In Topic: Duke Being Put To Pasture?

    23 minutes ago

    View PostWorkWandaWork, on 18 June 2019 - 01:35 PM, said:

    I hadn't read that one, that was a good post by Jimmy. Thanks for linking it!

    Really? I think it was wrong from the get go. For starters, I don't think Randy cares about public opinion. Then second, what's the problem with hiring women even if it's just because to make the franchise less misogynist? Really, who the fuck cares if the game is good? The game was utter shit for many reasons, and it all started back in the 3DRealms days. Even respected people like Allen Blum was working on it. The hired women might even knew nothing, and might added nothing worthwhile. But not because they were women, not because they were hired for some kind of censorship or whatever. The game was bad because of many many things, and highlighting this is clearly just an insecure agenda.
  2. In Topic: Duke Being Put To Pasture?

    39 minutes ago



    If you don't think this is the case, if you don't think that Gearbox was worried about this, don't forget that they literally hired two women to write DNF.

    And before you start bitching again, yes, I understand what your point was in that post. But it was just an insecure BS.

    The rest of your rant cries about further insecurities. You don't hate me, but hate yourself. I bet in real life you have some girly traits, and this is the way you compensate here.

    Disclaimer here: I don't hate you. In fact, I found you to be an intelligent guy, and I always prefer to make friendship with intelligent people than with retards. But your inferiority complexes and immature insecurities clearly overweigh the intelligent side of you. And I find it rather sad, mate. Deep inside I always wanted to have a good discussion with you about whatever. And it always ended up in your disgusting insults.
  3. In Topic: Duke Being Put To Pasture?

    Today, 12:46 PM

    When I say "sensible way", I don't mean there is only one predestinated way. And that way is certainly not some retarded dogma like "blame the rich people", which caused 100 million deaths. People should discuss the case and find together the least offensive solution. I know it's not always possible, and life is a bit harder than that, but living with worthless ideas whose job is only to separate people has no progressive value. Competition and cooperation are magic words here.
  4. In Topic: Duke Being Put To Pasture?

    Today, 12:17 PM

    Communists/leftists/anarchists suck.
    Nazis/fascists/antisemites/neocons suck.
    Liberalis/feminazis/SJW's/genderfascists/Sorosists/betas suck.
    Conservatives/male chauvinists/all religious bigots/climate deniers suck.

    Apoliticals suck as well.

    The only fucking truth is: pragmatism. If there is a problem, you have to solve it in a sensible way. If that solution is leaning towards liberal views or conservative views or whatnot, then do it. Living with fake ideas made by frauds to dig fake trenches between parts of people is utterly nonsensical.
  5. In Topic: Duke Being Put To Pasture?

    Today, 11:56 AM

    Oh, and you like calling others girls or women, but I never EVER saw someone else moaning about a downvote like you. :D

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