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  1. In Topic: Doom corner

    13 March 2019 - 01:22 PM

    View Postaxl, on 19 February 2019 - 11:27 AM, said:

    Oh okay, since we're revisting all classic doom, let me complete my previous list then ;)


    - Toxin Refinery (E1M3)
    - Computer Station (E1M7)
    - Containment Area (E2M2)

    DOOM 2

    - Industrial Zone (map 15)
    - O of Destruction (map 11)
    - Tenements (map 17)

    TNT (really difficult since I don't like TNT at all)

    - Caribbean (map 32)
    - Heck (map 28)
    - Pharaoh (map 31)

    PLUTONIA (love them all, maybe not Tombstone)

    - Odyssey of Noises (map 29)
    - Go2 it (map 32)
    - Speed (map 12)

    NO REST FOR THE LIVING (my god, what a brilliant episode)

    - Hell Mountain (map 4)
    - Vivisection (map 5)
    - The Earth Base (map 1)

    MASTER LEVELS (too hard to pick my favorite ones, as like you said... most of them are really meh)

    Doom: E1M2, E1M3, E1M7, E2M2, E4M6 (Against Thee Wickedly is really an awesome level)
    Doom II: Map 06, Map 11, Map 27, Map 28, Map 29 (Monster Condo is my favourite level of classic Dooom)
    Plutonia: still not a fan, but I kinda enjoyed Abattoire of it's visuals despite WTF trap at the end, and some later maps like Impossible Mission.
    NRFTL: all of it, probably my favourite thing ever in Doom, but in particular: Canyon of Dead, Hell Mountain, March of the Demons and Baron's Banquet.
  2. In Topic: Ion Maiden

    09 March 2019 - 07:43 AM

    View PostDaedolon, on 09 March 2019 - 07:33 AM, said:

    I think he's talking about Wrath.

    Yeah, stupid me, only read the last post. :lol:
  3. In Topic: Ion Maiden

    09 March 2019 - 07:04 AM

    View PostNightFright, on 09 March 2019 - 06:36 AM, said:

    If all the levels are as large as the one(s) they showed in the gameplay trailer, 15 maps will keep you busy for a while. Still, I guess we are looking at 8-10h gameplay max, presumably.

    You mean the preview campaign? Or are there any new gameplay trailer?
  4. In Topic: Is there a way to get the old expansions?

    08 March 2019 - 02:14 PM

    View PostMrFlibble, on 02 March 2019 - 12:52 AM, said:

    And yet IIRC this was not supported by the Doomworld community.

    Also, there's no such thing as abandonware, legally.

    Doomworld is such a weird place. I got my first warning points there because I just asked about a compilation release if it was legit.
  5. In Topic: [RELEASE] Poison Heart

    03 March 2019 - 04:36 AM

    View Postck3D, on 03 March 2019 - 04:15 AM, said:

    Hey if you don't mind me chiming in - I don't think you guys are even disagreeing. The way I understand it, Nancsi was basically just saying how he thought monster placement was crucial (which is true) and quite possibly a lost art in that some potentially considerable aspects of its implementation might occasionally get overlooked, drawing comparisons to the original maps only to shine light on how even the monsters' aesthetics were taken in consideration as far as their utilization, basically recounting the original science behind them. I actually appreciate him bringing up his opinion on the matter, maybe more people should dare sharing their personal preferences like that because then mappers would have a whole array of viewpoints to analyze their own levels from, pre- or post-creative process (coincidentally that's also why Forge's feedback to mappers originally as just a player and then his reviewing frenzy was always so useful). I guess sometimes form or language quirks can distort or exacerbate certain points one tries to make online (especially in the case of discussions involving native vs. non-native English speakers, I see that happen all the time), but I can see what he means.

    I think what might come off as unfair to somebody who's played this map though is just that you (indirectly) used it as a counter-example (or made it sound like one because of the general context, whatever - I personally understood what you meant) to the mere idea of any science behind monster placement. You left the map super early as soon as you started seeing a different wave of enemies coming up which ruined the vibe, coherence or consistency for you, which is natural. But then you did miss getting to see how the monsters were used in 85% of the map; I'm already well aware of the science you described in that post earlier (that I was too busy to address before), also lament that it can be a lost art sometimes (although people still do amazing things, just in a less traditional style) and actually kind of went through with it in this level, which I think may be why Forge is reacting (not that I mean to speak for him). I've actually tried to be smart with monsters the whole way through, of course as the map progresses new elements get introduced; but I like to believe that if you didn't leave the map then you would have realized those new elements actually all contributed to one same coherent direction, mood and storyline per se. Your opinion is only logical, but I have to bring it to your attention that you basically left during a transition phase in the map that might have made more sense if you could have kept going. I can see what probably put you off as soon as the second street area though, it's got some pretty tough fights especially when you first get there and have to clean up the mess. Once you keep going and exploring the rest of the map though, you realize it's actually a coherent part of the whole picture and not anticlimactic. Or so is hoping my delusional ass!

    You know, when people are getting older and rustier, they have less time for deep playthroughs and that weird thing called life often strikes in. That's why I for one play much less Duke nowadays, than I used to in the glory days of AMC forums. A couple of weeks ago DT asked me if I played Alien Armageddon so far, and I said I didn't have time for such a big release. Usually when a really high profile thing comes out, like World Tour or Ion Maiden (or Sigil in the future), I will play them as soon as I can, but with the cornucopia of other levels and episodes around, many others are often missed, and sometimes unfairly I stop playing midway as well, if something doesn't match my weird preconceptions.

    But an MRCK map always get a special attention from me, because you - in my opinion - had created your own vision/interpretation of the game (just like Blum, Travis, William Gee, Rouaud etc.), and for that matter you made maps I really really enjoy. That's why I even started this map, and quite sadly this cannot be said about 9 of the 10 userlevels that had been created in the last few years. Granted, after this discussion I will play the rest of the map, and give my annoying review of the full product, so be warned. :D

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