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  1. In Topic: Abduction 4.1 - Erotic Duke flash game WIP (NSFW)

    Today, 06:57 AM

    I find it ironic that in my flash game, I talk about the different possibilities of a Duke Nukem movie with Michael Bay behind it and John Cena starring. And that was supposed to be a joke.
  2. In Topic: Duke 3d Enemy and Character Sprite Variants

    Yesterday, 07:55 PM

    View Poststumppy84, on 22 January 2018 - 07:36 PM, said:

    Awesome! You and Jet_Nick are great at this stuff! What’s your efficient method?

    I replicate the original method of using a 3d model and rendering it at multiple angles. I have file setup with the lighting, camera, animation set. I drop in a model and hit render and it churns out all the angles. I used 3dsmax.
  3. In Topic: Duke 3d Enemy and Character Sprite Variants

    Yesterday, 02:37 PM

    I really appreciate it guys! I'm kind of on a sprite drawing phase right now (taking a small break from Abduction 4.1) and after finding a very efficient method of making these I decided to churn out what I can. Many of these ideas I wanted to do a long time ago.

    Here's preview of Dr. Proton(s)
    Attached File  drprotonpreview.jpg (59.41K)
    Number of downloads: 46

    And 2 Fat Commander variants:

    Attached File  fatcommander1.png (319.73K)
    Number of downloads: 45

    Attached File  fatcommander2.png (350.23K)
    Number of downloads: 49
    I really like how the DNF variant turned out. Using a mancubus head saved me some time.
  4. In Topic: Duke 3d Enemy and Character Sprite Variants

    Yesterday, 06:50 AM

    View Postjet_nick, on 22 January 2018 - 04:41 AM, said:

    Those are exactly the ones I'm using. I had trouble opening the 3d model for the spider one so I ended up making it myself (considering the design is rather boxy and simplistic). One interesting thing, using actual 3d models, the character proportions are mostly realistic. But in the Duke 3d universe, everyone's proportions are more exaggerated (wider, bigger arms and heads) so I did the same with Dr Proton so he wouldn't look like a stick. I may show a preview later.

    Question: Do I need to credit the author from Deviantart since I'm using his extracted 3d models?

    And thanks, Major Tom. I really appreciate it. I just hope someone will code these into mods one day.
  5. In Topic: Duke 3d Enemy and Character Sprite Variants

    21 January 2018 - 07:32 PM


    Attached File  battlelord1.png (694.48K)
    Number of downloads: 57

    Attached File  battlelord2.png (860.56K)
    Number of downloads: 57
    I personally think the concept art for this one is freaky looking. I almost didn't want to make him because of that.

    BTW, I think I'm making good progress with Dr. Proton sprites. So far, I have a hovering, spider, and walking versions. I used the Duke Forever 3d model.



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