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  1. In Topic: Sloped underwater surfaces

    19 January 2018 - 02:01 PM

    Ctrl+pgup/down normally works but when dealing with slopes, the sector has it's Z set at the firstwall.
    However you can't really get sprites at the base level that easily without potentially having the sprite in the wrong sector.
    The moment you put it even a single unit inside the correct sector, it gets affected by the "slope Z collision calculation", pushing it up/down.

    Interesting bit of development is seen with powerslave/exhumed as you can only slope upwards from the firstwall, without this you will always be at the firstwall's Z level despite being in slopes (leaves you floating).
    Kind of shows what a nasty hack the slopes truly are in the engine :)
  2. In Topic: Sloped underwater surfaces

    19 January 2018 - 12:15 AM

    Checking sector floor Z and putting sprite to floor Z with F7 and F8 doesn't help ?
    (In this case the x/y location shouldn't matter)
  3. In Topic: [Release] 20 Sector Challenge Community Build Project

    28 December 2017 - 06:23 AM

    View PostJan Satcitananda, on 28 December 2017 - 01:17 AM, said:

    If you're interested about object appearance/disappearance effect, it involves tricky joining of non-adjacent sectors and placing objects inside a very fast ring-shaped swing door sector which gets out of view instantly, making the sectors inside it invisible. The effect works in reverse as well.

    Thanks! Pretty much what i figured in spoiler tags.
    Clever use of that.
  4. In Topic: [Release] 20 Sector Challenge Community Build Project

    27 December 2017 - 08:43 AM

    Took me about 45mins, knowing the level of skill involved, I'm going to hold back a bit less :)
    Some spoilers..

    Some really nice build pornography here, however some times there were maybe a little bit too many sacrifices with the effects taking center stage just to show off some gimmick instead of game play. It was still a risk worth taking as it had some really original ideas to deliver.
    Still, some sections like the "paste" area were a bit too vague and ended up suffering as it seemed to desperately pull some strings to get the mechanic working, should have had that text in another place for example.
    Despite all this, I still appreciated the effort behind it but I did have to cheat a bit in mapster to see where to use that tag.

    Another vague part was the tank, cool as heck with the tools available but it really needed custom code to shine properly as operating it wasn't very intuitive: i.e. usermaps these days have so many decorative switches/viewscreens that I wouldn't rely on those 100% anymore, not your fault, but it also can be worked around. Still, this whole contraption was top notch and I think I figured out everything else (effects) out pretty quickly but not this. Haven't studied it but it does indeed look nasty and one of those things that not even the mapper himself wants to touch once it's working :D

    In short: A pretty ambitious map but also due to being just a map, it suffered a bit from trying to binge on with resources. Still a very memorable and enjoyable map ! Thanks guys!

  5. In Topic: Recreation of map Plug and Pray

    20 December 2017 - 09:44 AM

    Sorry but that download has the whole DUKE3D.GRP for atomic. :(

    Please re-upload this without the copyrighted data !

    Also congrats for completing this, your previous work has been of high quality and I urge anyone interested to try this out.
    The WIP builds that i saw were the best recreation by far.

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