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  1. In Topic: Build engine games general

    10 September 2018 - 12:42 AM

    Does anyone know the retail prices of all Build games at release starting with Witchaven?

    I'm very curious about late ones which are also pretty short, like Rides Again, NAM, WW2 GI. Even Redneck Rampage only has 2 episodes.
  2. In Topic: Redneck Rampage corner

    09 September 2018 - 06:42 AM

    View PostHang-lip, on 08 September 2018 - 05:15 PM, said:

    Route 66 levels suck grit, it makes my eyes hurt.

    I know what you mean, for some reasons most of everything in that add-on is very bright. Maybe try lowering brightness?

    I REALLY can't stand House of Ill Repute with its lazy flat layout, uninspired theme, and dozens of Vixens placed in "fuck you" manners, but otherwise I think all other maps range from good to great.

    You can really feel the Sunstorm spirit in some maps, and Travis' influence. A good example of that would be Jakes Gator Farm And Carnival Of Terror, the first map, and the way it handles secrets.

    Brewery, Slaughter House and Hoover Dam are definitely the high points. I find Hoover Dam and its tricks fascinating, especially considering that, someone correct me if I'm wrong, Broussard already wanted a Hoover Dam level for DNF by that time.

    View PostPhredreeke, on 09 September 2018 - 06:04 AM, said:


    Personally I like the Route 66 levels, Though they may have somewhat abundant item placemen making them a bit too easy (something it shares with Sunstorm's Blood add-on Cryptic Passage)

    Try pistol start on skill4/5. The maps play fine that way. Cryptic Passage is even more guilty of that, even on pitchfork start there is way too much of everything.
  3. In Topic: Build engine games general

    08 September 2018 - 03:48 AM

    View PostNancsi, on 31 August 2018 - 01:32 PM, said:

    Refinery has a nice, complex layout, but also a very depressing atmosphere, and I'm not sold on the texturing as well. It's one of those "journey to the center of feces" maps, which RR is infamous for.

    I would understand calling maps like Smelting Plant "journey to the center of feces", but not the entire game is like that, and not Refinery. The only "dirty" moment is going through the vats full of oil, which is a classic Build level progression trope, that is to say using the unexpected route, which is comparable for instance to sewage moments in DN3D like in Death Row, Launch Facility, etc

    In fact, Refinery could fit pretty much as is (without the bike) as a DN3D map, though more part of The Birth than ep1/3 due to the more realistic, down to earth layout and architecture, compared to L.A Metldown and Sharpnel City's tendency for cool but unrealistic crazyness.

    The reasons I like the map so much is that it's everything classic Build mapping, influenced by DN3D, is all about. It is highly theme centric: one map, one precise and cool theme. It has the interconnected layout, and you get to see later/earlier parts of the level as you progress from different point of views. It alternates between outdoor/indoor parts. The 3D feel: with lot's of Z involved either between SoS, sprite structures, or even a bit of RoR, while also having you fight enemies which are above or below you. Like I said level progression involves having to go through the unexpected cool route, but also requires solving some simple puzzles. The level has quite a lot awesome structures like machinery related to oil pumping and storage, and effects use like water level rising, the 2-way train over RoR, and of course tons of explosions including the place blowing up at the end.

    All of that is what defines classic Build level design, with all its tropes, and the map has it all. On top of this, the map is technically speaking very impressive and makes use of cool things RR/RR:RA brought to the table, for instance lighting/shading is a mix between regular sector/wall shading, lighting directly applied on textures, as well as using transparent black sprites, all used together to go over the limit of what should be possible with Build. There is also a very smart mix of sector and sprite structure for 3D layouts.
    The map is highly detailed but almost without ever hindering gameplay (I'll show that flaw later), the balance between "not enough" and "too much" is spot on to remain classic, playable, yet impressive.
    Then, there is also the bike at the start of the map, used not only for cool fights but as a progression mean. Also the annoying nature of keys and switches use inherent to RR is almost completely avoided, and there is also no "in your face" titty alien bitches, which are probably the two biggest flaws of RR.

    Finally, gunplay in the map is some of the finest in the entire RR franchise. Almost every enemy choice and placement is perfect and goes with the environment in a clever way, leading in a gameplay balance that goes from taking cover, to blasting shit up, to sniping, while always giving an incentive to switch weapons.

    The map isn't perfect though and there is one trope pretty much missing: secrets. iirc there is only 3 and only 1 of them is really interesting. Also this one room is too cramped for its own good and has some nasty invisible walls.
  4. In Topic: Demo versions of Build games

    07 September 2018 - 03:23 AM

    View PostMrFlibble, on 30 April 2012 - 05:06 AM, said:


    In this video at 6m10s, there seems to be a map transition, but which doesn't work with the demo in this zip, any idea what's going on?

    Also, the zip has 2 more map files power.map and power2.map not shown in this video, I suppose they're not playable as there are no enemies in them, is that correct?
    Edit: actually screw that, enemies just don't seem to show at all in mapster

    edit: nevermind, everything works, though the level transitions need to fiddled with to work, although it only seemed to start working when playing in 640*480

    This could have been a good game. Level design isn't great especially for a post DN3D demo, but it has some nice ideas.
    The game sure knows how to look great when it wents to as well and it has some cool ideas like the inventory, the hub system, or sprites you can push which then can be used to solve puzzles or access higher areas.

    Everything, player weapons and enemies, is projectile based so that doesn't always feel good, especially when projectile speed is so slow. Not to mention all enemies behave more or less the same.
    The grenades which are thrown by pressing a single key without having to switch weapons do feel great though.

    Some screenshots because why not

  5. In Topic: BloodGDX (News & Releases)

    01 September 2018 - 07:57 AM

    View Postfgsfds, on 01 September 2018 - 06:26 AM, said:

    Recoil is there. Your view goes down after firing. IMO it should be toggable. While it makes sense with keyboard controls, it feels stupid with KBM.

    If it's not completely cancelled it's heavily toned down then. Just launch the game and try to fire for as long as in that video while fighting the recoil with the mouse.

    Also not having that recoil is a gameplay balance changer:
    - Play kb only: can't fight the recoil so your aiming gets worse
    - kbm: you can fight the recoil but you get the post firing view twist

    The 2nd drawback already has a much less important impact than the first one, so getting rid of it altogether would unbalance things too much. Like stated in the booklet the weapon isn't designed so you should be able to unload 200 ammo in a row, that's what the titty guns are for.

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