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  1. In Topic: Ion Maiden

    15 December 2018 - 01:02 AM

    View PostTrooper Dan, on 13 December 2018 - 02:08 PM, said:

    The article is definitely saying something, it's just funny if you know more about the context -- Mblackwell writing about "new" IM features that he's had in his own EDuke32 projects going back 10 or 12 years :D

    Someone who knows how Build works inside out isn't the target audiance for this article though. I didn't write this but I believe part of the point was also to say "all these things you've been taking for granted since Half-Life came out, we kinda have to incorporate them ourselves from scratch", and I don't know if that's what you're implying, but I don't believe anyone has copy-pasted anything from their mods into IM.
    Also I believe part of the point of this blog entry is to explain to people that each Build dev has had to make its own effects and how they're made. It might seem like an obvious thing to you, but considering the widespread belief that "Build was updated with RoR for SW/Blood", people might think that any effect used in later Build games were made on the engine side, and by analogy, that IM can use any of those without having to work on them.
  2. In Topic: [Beta Release] Sea Sickness by DanM

    13 December 2018 - 03:43 AM

    I don't get it, it uses World Tour textures and enemies AND TROR? How are you supposed to play it? AFAIK WT doesn't support TROR and the stopgap for EDuke32 doesn't support the enemy.
  3. In Topic: Blood corner

    12 December 2018 - 08:34 AM

    View PostCommando Nukem, on 12 December 2018 - 08:10 AM, said:

    And I just any documentary on it's accuracy. It's not a documentary if it pushes an agenda. That's propaganda or a hit piece or just entertainment at that point. NoClips coverage of other property had been flawless. This was a chink in the armor.

    That's not to say their Blood example wasn't a faux-pas, but most news and documentary involve opinion to some degree whether the person making it intends it or not, they always have to choose an angle, it's inevitable. The documentary tears Valve a new asshole for their post Episode 2 behaviour for instance, with no different point of view given (although that's partly Valve's fault for not wanting to participate in the doc).
  4. In Topic: Blood corner

    12 December 2018 - 04:28 AM

    View PostCommando Nukem, on 11 December 2018 - 04:36 PM, said:

    Yeahhhh... That really had me going "waitaminute... What!?"

    I love NoClip's stuff, but wow... That was not cool.

    The entire documentary is made through the eyes of HL fans, to show how much influencial HL was, so what do you expect. Their FPS timeline in the video goes from Wolf3D, to Doom, to Quake, to HL. In reality HL owes as much to Duke as it does to Quake, it owes Quake the engine, but it owes Duke the realism, the interactivity, and the maps directly following each others (which Blood also had).

    All of this is ommitted, not mentionned, because the documentary follows the "revolutionnary and influencial HL" point of view. It's not a "FPS history" documentary, nor is it made to tell what inspired HL or to make it look weak.
    Anyway, anyone should take whatever is said with a grain of salt and a little perspective. I still thought it was a cool doc for what it's worth.
  5. In Topic: SIGIL

    11 December 2018 - 03:55 AM

    View PostZaxx, on 10 December 2018 - 07:46 AM, said:

    Romero's streaming the level pack:
    You can hear Buckethead music...

    Edit: Yep, Buckethead's soundtrack is in the mod... if you pay 40 bucks that is.

    My point is I have a very hard time calling it "the episode's soundtrack". From what I gather in the stream it's just the CD playing seperately, music doesn't play from the game (how many Doom sourceports even let you play music from a CD?), levels don't have tracks assigned to them which loop, and on top of this there is only one new exclusive track (meaning that the music wasn't created for the episode, and the one new track isn't made for a level in particular either) . It's more like what Blood did with Type-o-Negative.
    Therefore I find that claiming that you have to pay if you want the episode's music incorrect.

    View PostMusicallyInspired, on 10 December 2018 - 07:24 AM, said:

    It doesn't mention any other music other than Buckethead's, though. There's no reason to assume it has a new MIDI (or otherwise) soundtrack.

    I expect MIDI tracks from the original game play by default, box version or not.

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