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  1. Using Duke It Out DC art/textures in Mapster32?

    14 November 2016 - 01:43 PM

    Hello guys,

    Sorry to ask something again, but I could not find this on Google or on this forum. I was planning to use some Duke It Out DC textures for my next map as it has some useful sprites/textures I'd like to use. However, I cannot see a way to get Mapster to see the textures. I do get a
    "Using G:/Steam/steamapps/common/Duke Nukem 3D/gameroot/addons/dc/ for game data" in the start-up screen, but loading a DC map gives me the HOM effect for any DC textures.

    Is it possible to get this running with the Megaton edition, or am I SOL? I may have the original CD-Rom lying around if that's needed..
  2. Stratum/height selection

    09 November 2016 - 09:56 AM

    Hello guys,

    I had a question in regards to selection of different "heights" in Mapster32. Way back in the Mac OS 9.8 era, I used a Mac Build editor called DukeEdit. This editor had a feature called "stratum", which allowed you to only see sectors and sprite within the selected Zmin and Zmax (see picture). It made sector-over-sector editing really easy compared to the spaghetti of lines it can now result in, as you could simply make floors you're not editing invisible.
    I've been trying to find this feature in Mapster32, but I can't find it. I'm assuming it was never implemented in the Windows Build/Mapster32 editor ( maybe the guy who ported the Mac variant came up with it on his own) but I was wondering if such a thing exists in Mapster32, and if not, if it is technically possible to implement it?

    If not, I'll have to suck it up I guess :)

    Thanks for your time :)


    View PostMetHy, on 09 November 2016 - 10:16 AM, said:

    Check the EDuke32 wiki for list of keys.

    Select a sector with altgr; then press CTRL+R. It will grey out any sector not on the same height level.

    Additionnaly you can use 2D/3D view mode (F3 ; change the view with Q and W)
  3. [Release] Bad case of Mondays

    08 November 2016 - 12:50 PM

    I did not see a sticky on this subforum with general rules. So uh. I hope it's not bad form to come back after.. 7? years only to post a map. If so, pardon me please. But I'd like for some people to see my map and I refuse to buy the Gearbox version to put it on their more active Workshop.

    So way way way way back in 2008-2009 I started on an office map . Real life hit harder than expected, and my interest in DN3D faded for quite some time. A few months ago I decided to pick it up again as a way to de-stress after work. I finally decided to release it on the Megaton workshop but that's fairly dead and I refuse to buy the Gearbox version to put it on their more active Workshop . Since this place still seems very active I thought I'd release it here to, since I think maybe you guys enjoy it here to (Though browsing through the latest maps here makes me feel hopelessly inadequate... ).

    READ ME FILE for Bad Case of Mondays

    A usermap by Thedutchjelle for Duke Nukem 3D.
    Music "Aftermath" by Kevin Macleod, https://incompetech....rc=USUAN1100575

    SINGLEPLAYER: Supported
    DIFFICULTIES: Implemented, 1-4. 4 is probably not winnable, but for those who love pain I'd say give it a whirl.
    COOPERATIVE: Implemented, although not balanced for this and thus not recommended.
    SECRETS: Yes.

    Release date: November 2016
    Hours construction time: Way, way to much.
    Programs used: Mapster32, Eduke32, Duke Nukem Megaton edition.
    Locale: Officebuilding/commercial building.
    Background story: About 25 years ago, a group of human traffickers were running their operation from a commercial officebuilding, using the rented place as a cover-up for their purposes.
    Eventually, the FBI managed to get wind of them, and all were arrested. Unfortunatly, not a single victim was found, despite the cops having secured all exits.. thus the rumours started to spread
    about a secret tunnel that the smugglers and traffickers built somewhere under their office space. Tainted by such a dark past, the unit sat abandoned for years until eventually it was forgotten and built over.


    Duke knows he's the best of the best, but even the best of the best can die and run out of ammo. He ran into a building, with the legions of outer space on his heels. "Dammit," he snarled, "Can I not get a moments rest to grab a drink
    anymore?". Although it pains his ego, Duke has no option but to wait out to worst part of the search. That was 10 minutes ago. It started to rain, and Duke it getting pretty pissed off at his current situation. He can't leave
    the way he came into the building as he would be obliterated.. but Duke remembers the rumours about this place. Can he find the secret exit tunnel?

    Piece of Cake: Fairly easy, no powerful monsters, some fodder and plenty of ammo.
    Let's Rock: Recommended for first time. Plenty of monsters to shred, with some commanders or newbeasts lurking about. My beta-tester solved this without dying and with no prior knowledge, so it's doable.
    Come get some: Prepare to get messed up by a flood of monsters. Commanders and Newbeasts more plentiful.
    Damn I'm Good: I don't actually expect you to win.

    Please note that this map is intended for exploration, as it has no keycards to guide you to the next section. If you hate that, this map might not be for you.

    Author's comment: This map was started way way back in 2007. Real life interfered, and I was never able to complete it, until now. It has some of my best shadow work in it :-). As an experiment, I wanted to make a map
    which did not have a single keycard door, yet still required some exploring. Thus, the player must explore the office building to find the derelict offices and the exit tunnel within. Originally I planned this to be a horror
    map, but DN3D does not lend itself for it. Instead, I added a boatload of monsters - they're looking for you! - and made ammo sparse. Make every shot count, I'd say.

    Yes, one known. A ventilation shaft near the red-coloured office unit has the possibility to teleport Duke through the floor to another floor.
    Minor update: While playing this map on Megaton, I experienced 2 CTDs that I have not experienced before. I do not know wether this is because of the map, because of Megaton, or because of something else entirely.

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