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  1. ZykovEddy's developer commentary series

    08 May 2019 - 09:50 AM

    Hello everyone! I've been feeling pretty nostalgic about my first years with Duke 3D community lately, so I decided to start a series on my youtube channel, featuring commentary about some of the maps and mods I've created for Duke Nukem 3D in the past 12 years. The series will feature some never heard before background info, the origin of inspiration for the maps, the history of my first experience with game editors, and more! You can watch the first part of the series below. Please excuse my heavy accent, this is the first time I'm doing something like this, hope it's not too bad for the ears. Anyway, enjoy the video, will post more later B)

  2. Alien Extermination TC: New Edition

    05 March 2018 - 01:21 PM

    Posted Image

    Hello everyone!

    For a long time I've been a huge fan of Alien movies. Being so popular, this franchise have spawned countless fan works, such as mods & maps for various games, including Duke 3D. Sadly, most of the projects are either have very few levels (AVD, Alien), or simply aren't polished enough, such as the case with ifamous Alien Extermination (AKA Alienz TC), released in 2000.

    Alienz TC was one of the first Duke 3D mods I've ever played, and it always confused the hell out of me. It has tons of levels, some of which are quite good, but it also has tons of bugs, questionable artwork, no original music (plays standard Duke 3D tracks) & lots of unused content. Even the gameplay is extremely unbalanced. It bugs me that such huge TC is so underdeveloped and unpolished, unlike other mods, such as the classic Aliens TC for DOOM, for example. This is why I decided to make Alienz TC: New Edition. I honestly think Alien Extermination has a lot of potential, and after updating it and fixing numorous errors, I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. If you're a fan of Aliens and you never played the original Alienz TC, this is a good opportunity to try it out!

    Basically, here's a list of changes:

    • Lots and lots of bugs fixed;
    • New item - motion tracker! Replaces Holoduke, detects moving aliens & other enemies;
    • New item - sentry gun! Replaces night vision goggles, can be placed anywhere, shoots aliens & other enemies, has a huge supply of bullets. Very useful against bosses;
    • Gameplay in the original was extremely unbalanced, with overpowered weapons and weak enemies (including bosses that you could kill by hitting them a few times with a granade launcher). I fixed that;
    • Levels tweaked & cleaned up, some of them rearranged slightly, to make gameplay more enjoyable;
    • New Edition features an entirely new soundtrack, to better fit Aliens theme;
    • New sounds, including ambient sounds for the levels;
    • Some of the weapons are changed, for example Flamegun now works like a classic flamethrower, when in the original it was basically a reskin of Freezethrower;
    • Enemies code tweaked to make them more unpredictable and dangerous;
    • Graphics polished;
    • Half of the cutsecenes in the original simply didn't work, including endings to episode 3 & 4 and intro to episode 4. I fixed that;
    • New level obstacles, including mines in episode 4 & self destruct timer in E1L7 (these are actually features that didn't get finished in the original version);
    • And many more!

    Download (incliding New Edition & old TC)

    Special thanks to NightFright for help!
    Original Alien Extermination TC is made by Team Triumph.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  3. The Pursuer

    21 August 2017 - 08:49 AM

    Do not play this mod with HRP and polymer. It does not contain new levels, just a new gameplay element.

    It may look like a regular enemy, but you can't kill it. It can go through walls. It will never stop. Run away as fast as you can. Just try to finish he level.

    You've heard it. Now it can see you.
    You've seen it. Now it can touch you.
    You've touched it. It's over for you.

  4. A.Dream 2 V2.0

    02 March 2017 - 04:17 AM

    Hi everyone. Long time no see. Well, it's been a long time since I've been doing something DN3D related. I have moved to other things (mostly vinyl related), but decided to make a small comeback.

    One thing bothered me all these years, and it's the original standalone version of A.Dream sequel which was released in 2009. To put it simply, it just sucks. I was too lazy to make a proper sequel, so I just took parts of my unfinished projects and combined them together with some CON hacks. For example, the beginning with the car crash was supposed to be a first level of TC I never finished, and docks area was also supposed to be a beginning of a horror map. Also, the flashlight in the original A.Dream 2 doesn't work properly.

    So, basically, I tried to make this version more fun and playable. I added polymer lighting, a working flashlight, an extra monster and weapon to make the action less repetitive, a couple of new scares and areas, and other things. Don't expect much, this is nothing special, just a less shitty version of the original.

    You may ask, why update original A.Dream 2 when there's a version of A.Dream 2 from A.dream trilogy? Well, let's say standalone A.Dream 2 is an alternative timeline. Besides, Dream 2 from A.dream trilogy have became a completely different map anyway, with new areas and lack of action, so there's still reason to play A.Dream 2 V2.0 and see the alternative ending to the series. Also, I really wanted to use polymer flashlight effect by Darkus.

    Download: https://www.mediafir...94d347k4lbgwv2y (requies polymer!)

    If you're not familiar with A.Dream series, here's the link to the first map.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image
  5. Octo Desperado

    01 April 2016 - 12:22 PM

    Posted Image

    Hello guys. It's been years since I released a Duke 3D usermap, so, I decided to have some fun and make a level for april fools day!
    It's essentially a sequel to Kill City and it's just as weird and wacky. Hope you'll have a good laugh playing the map! :)


    Special thanks to Vazovski for helping with a certain art!

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

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