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  1. Sprites Ignoring Their Shade Value

    10 June 2010 - 09:30 AM

    I talked with two old school Duke mappers who know about these things and they both confirmed with some amount of certainty that this is a bug: all sprites (except wall aligned sprites) completely ignore the shade value you give them and just adopt the exact shade value of the sector they are in.

    So if you put a sprite of shade value -25 in a sector of shade value +25, the sprite will render with shade value +25 (floor shading considered for indoor and ceiling shade for parallaxed, as usual). Instead, as far as I know how this should work, the two values should be added to each other, so a sprite of -25 shade in a +25 shade sector should render with 0 shade. Or a sprite with +7 shade in a +10 sector should render as +17 etc. Both mappers I talked to (since I don't have previous experiences with Duke mapping) told me that they are confident this is a recent EDuke32 thing and it didn't use to work this way.

    Basically you can't manipulate sprite shade at all other than for wall sprites.

    Tell me if this is truly a recent bug or I am just delusional and you were never supposed to manipulate the shade of decorative sprites.

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