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  1. In Topic: 3D Realms is hiring for new Build Engine Game

    29 March 2015 - 01:28 PM

    Duke 3d was getting really old by the time DNF was about to come out.
    Not only that DNF didn't help Duke Nukem become popular and relevant again, it actually did the opposite instead.
    DNF managed to kill almost all of Duke's popularity and relevance that Duke 3D still had after so many years had passed since it came out.
    Randy Pitchford had preached about how proud he is that he invested and bought the Duke rights from 3drealms and he was so upfront about how Duke will have such a long and prosperous future from now on.
    But then, reality struck him when DNF came out.
    Now, he knows the franchise has been totally tarnished and can't ever be taken seriously again after DNF's horrible fuckup so he will obviously not make any more duke nukem games.
    On the other hand, he won't sell the Duke Nukem rights to somebody else, because he is too proud of himself and would mean he would officially admit that everything he said positive about buying the Duke ip was a huge ass mistake and fuckup on his part.
    He much rather coward in a corner and dust everything under the rug and pretend nothing happened, rather than fucking sell the Duke ip to somebody that is actually interested in doing something with it...

    Yes Duke is cursed. If this ip wouldn't be cursed, it would not go through so many impossible turns of events.
    First, 3realms fail to deliver it, then gearbox delivers a complete failure of a game, then they hide the whole ip in a box and forget about it.
    Now a rich faggot with pixelated hipster dreams, that thinks he is cool and talented, goes on and buys 3drealms, making sure that if Duke is ever getting sold back to 3drealms in the future, it will most likely end up on the wrong hands again.

    Look at this mess. Duke has no fucking chance to ever make it back to where it was back in duke 3d days, not even close.
    It's dead, done for, ruined and kaput, all thanks to a bunch of stupid / jewish mother fuckers.
  2. In Topic: 3D Realms is hiring for new Build Engine Game

    29 March 2015 - 01:00 PM

    Awww please don't tell me you bought 3drealms to make a Duke 3d sequel / prequel / spinoff on Duke 3d's ACTUAL old engine and then actually expect people to take it seriously and even buy it!
    If you are even remotely thinking of doing something that anybody on this forum could have done ages ago as a fan project and then expect people to take it as canon to the series just because it has the 3drealms logo attached to it, you have to be fucking batshit crazy.

    I would like to believe that what Fresch is planning here is much more clever than I am suggesting but knowing his lack of vision and his superficiality, I really believe this is it...

    If you plan on using the build engine to create a different fps game or something that ties in with duke 3d or even some brutal doom type of mod and name it Brutal Duke, you are destined to fail...

    Man... Duke Nukem is cursed. Somebody really cursed this franchise after Duke 3d's success...
    I think it was a gipsy witch that got involved with this curse because it seems to last "forever"...
  3. In Topic: Descent: Underground.

    15 March 2015 - 12:32 AM

    It didn't get canceled. They will remove a few things to make it legally acceptable to be their own game.
    Go check their facebook.
    They are working on the game as we speak.
  4. In Topic: Titanic: Honor and Glory

    11 March 2015 - 09:10 PM

    I've been watching this project since 5 years or more.
    I accidentally found it on youtube back when it was using cryengine 2.
    It then moved to cryengine 3 and now on UE4.

    The idea is nice but not interesting enough to get them so much cash.
    The funding will definitely fail, no question about it.
    I also don't understand people that use indiegogo, when kickstarter is so much better known.
  5. In Topic: Bombshell

    03 March 2015 - 05:27 AM

    Good job Fresch. You won a new fanbase of idiots. Go find and make a forum to gather them all.
    People around these parts are not interested in your diablo shell.
    Why would anybody even really care about Bombshell to begin with?
    Selling Bombshell without Duke in a game is like trying to sell a game to super mario fans where the main hero is the mushroom from super mario games and nothing else that's familiar to the mario universe...

    I have absolutely no reason to be attached to her, whatsoever...
    And premiering her in a topdown shooter is a bad decision by all means.
    Way to cater to the feminists though, I am sure they will buy your game and make you filthy rich.
    And if they won't, I am sure Isis will.



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  1. Photo 24 Feb 2017 - 01:18
    Dang, I had no idea Mr.D was banned... I came here to wish him a happy birthday. UnBan the D ! lol
  2. Photo 24 Nov 2011 - 10:44
    "Tubular" - Now there's a word I haven't heard for decades.
  3. Photo 31 May 2011 - 01:19
    Tubular profile picture; it lookes like the skull portion of the T-800 Terminator.
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