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I made my own VR head-mounted display

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I had this idea for a while now, because I wanted something more modern than my HMZ-T1, but I hate the vendor lock-in introduced by the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. I wanted something that did not introduce any artificial compatibility or DRM issue and was as easy to install as a monitor.

About a month ago I had ordered the 2K Topfoison display from China. Unfortunately, when it arrived and I connected it to my PC, I discovered that it was ONLY compatible with one resolution, namely 2560x1440. Unfortunately, I don't have any other device that supports that resolution, so I could not make it work because I could not set my video card to output that resolution in the first place. Topfoison would not take it back because it would cost too much, so I bit the bullet and archived it as a false start (hoping to be able to sell it on Ebay).

Next step: order the 1080p display. This, I was sure it would work, because my gaming PC was already set to 1080p.
I also ordered a VR "receptacle" for smartphones (what's the correct name for those objects? They are certainly not HMDs, because they lack the D part) I would be able to wear comfortably, a mini-HDMI cable and a micro-USB cable.

When everything arrived, I connected the display to the PC and verified that it worked. Next, I located a game for which I had already installed ReShade and the SuperDepth3D.fx shader, and added the 3D Adjuster shader to correct the proportions of the scene. When the game was launched, I carefully aligned the display to the lenses of the "receptacle", so that the view would be centered and in focus.
I fixed the display in position with duct tape, closed what now had actually become an HMD, and fixed the control board in front of it with more duct tape.

End result:
Posted Image
As far as the PC is concerned, this is a monitor, nothing more, nothing less. No DRM, no vendor lock-in.

And this is a still shot from a Prey level I'm making, inspired by what Paul Schuytema showed at E3 in 1998, seen through a lens of my HMD:
Posted Image

One of the next games I played with my HMD was EDuke32, displayed in stereoscopy by following this guide. As far as I'm concerned, THAT is the real Duke VR. Any port that makes use of proprietary hardware and refuses to work on different hardware just because it lacks the correct identification is not worthy of my time.

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