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Duke Nukem Manhattan Project on Windows 10 possible?  "Looking for a way to get DNMP to run on my machine"


I recently purchased a copy of DNMP, and I can get the game to install just fine, but when I try to launch the game, nothing happens. I have Windows 10 Home 64-bit. The back of the jewel case states that it runs on 98/ME/2000/XP, but I've had a surprising amount of success with running games from that era (from original install discs, mind you) under Windows 10. This seems to be one of three so far that I just can't seem to get running, the other two being MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries, and Star Trek: The Next Generation: BORG, which apparently refuses to run on anything but a fully compatible Windows 95 machine. But I digress. Has anyone been successful in getting Manhattan Project to run under Windows 10, or am I actually going to need a machine packing XP to run it?

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I have the gog.com version and it runs perfectly fine on Win10 Home 64bit.

I cannot even recall that I had to change something.

Did you try compatibility mode for the exe?

Ony my machine one checkbox is checked under compatibility (but I assume that this is the way gog.com delivers it, as I never changed something there).
It is the checkbox with the high dpi-scaling and it is set to "program" in the menu below the checkbox (so that the program itself handles the scaling, not the system).

Sorry that I cannot describe it better, as my Win10 is German and I don't know the exact description on an English WIn10..

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No, no, you helped a great deal; you got me thinking, and I got a copy of the executable from the GOG version from a friend of mine, and literally, that's all I needed to get the CD version working. It's weird how a copy of the EXE that's around only one-sixth the size of the original (the original EXE is 1,555 KB, and the GOG EXE is only 256 KB) can mean the difference between the game working on Windows 10 and not working at all on Windows 10. So, seriously, thank you so much for getting the wheels in my head turning; I would never have thought to try the GOG EXE otherwise.

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