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Can I make My Own Version of SD Duke?  "I want Mod Old SD_duke"

User is offline   corpy 


Hello to all! I am New In that forum... umm Maybe somone remember me From 3Dr Forums...
Aniway I want Mod old SD_duke adding and removing things inside of that...
and Can I do that? and Can I Upload it too?
Sry About Bad english ;)

User is offline   PimpUigi 


IMHO you should talk in the other SD_Duke thread.

But I think you should do it.
I outlined what I feel needs to be changed, but I lack the power to change the things myself.

btw the answer is yes, because the community welcomes all changes, additions, and updates.

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User is online   supergoofy 


@corpy, yes you can modify the SD_Duke mod and post it here. I would be glad to see a new release.

But to avoid confusion, because this build will be supported by only you and not the old author, you should name it to : SD_Duke Plus or SD_Duke Xtreme or something like that.

User is offline   corpy 


Thank'z... I'll Try do something with that...
I've made one duke mod only :) Changed Gun texture :D
Ok I'll Check this thing out and try to do something with that...
I am Noob a little with that scripting and things...

User is offline   PimpUigi 


Corp, did you even look at the other thread?

User is offline   Hellbound 


If anyone wants to mess with SD_Duke, I have no problem with that. It's even very satisfying to see that someone still is interested in it.
I write that as I feel responsible for this mod, since I think I've spent much more time on it than anyone else :)

Anyway it would be nice to see an opinion of Dr. Kill, Parkar and Hunter_rus.

User is offline   Parkar 

  • Honored Donor


By all means go ahead.

I personally don't even use this mod any more since Duke Plus is so close to what I had in mind from the beginning (I think I even considered using the name Duke plus) and so much more. Only thing it's really missing from my initial vision is visible weapons and more varied Duke models for the different pals.

User is offline   corpy 


I just wanted something of start Duke Nukem 3D modding...
So I can see How Duke3D and eDuke .con scripting works...
I've seen tutorials in that forum but haven't seen any con scripting tutorials...
Where can I find some?
anyway thanks...


Corp, did you even look at the other thread?

Yes I have... :)

EDIT: I found con editing tutorials...

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User is offline   PimpUigi 


So much for keeping this project in one thread then. : (

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