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Metal Gear Survive Beta  "It is a beta"


I though I wasn't going to touch the beta of metal gear survive, but I saw a friend of mine play it and he said it is really fun ,So I downloaded it and I played it myself, I had fun in playing the game but I was kind of disappointed that they copy and pasted maps.

anyone here played it?

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Haven't played it but I'm a huge Metal Gear fan and I watched a friend play it. It didn't seem interesting at all and he said that the controls were weird since they were very different from Phantom Pain. I'm a bit flabbergasted that Konami thought this would be a good idea because Metal Gear has never had anything to do with zombies, the the zombie fad has long passed already. The Metal Gear fan in me still kind of wants to check it out but I'd rather just see the franchise dead and buried alongside Kojima's departure from them.

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I thought I was a very die hard Metal Gear fan. This one doesn't phase me at all and I have no interest.

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I did play it and i had a lot of fun probably because it retains the same gameplay formula of MGSV which was fun already and it improves it by a long shot, items that you extracted in MGSV like turrets and cannons didn't have much use in MGSV, but in Survive they finally have use and that's why i like Survive everything from MGSV is used appropriately and it's not wasted into some base that you're never gonna use.

Coop is also very fun probably my favorite part of the game, we'll see how the campaign holds up with the new base building gimmick and stuff.



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I can't wait for the review from angry joe that what I'm waiting for

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Damn, I hope Konami will go bankrupt and will have to sell its IPs one day because franchises like Silent Hill, Castlevania and MGS deserve a lot better. What a fucking travesty.

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People are finding some nice easter eggs left by Kojima Productions developers in Metal Gear Survive. They don't sound jazzed to be working on the project.




By the time the beta rolled around, I'd seen enough to know I didn't care.

Ostensibly they fired Kojima because of his spending on MGS V. Then the game releases, and it's in the black on release day, effectively vindicating Kojima.

It's as though Konami is hellbent on proving that video games in general, and Metal Gear specifically, aren't profitable, even if they have to sabotage themselves to do it. Take that, Kojima!

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Well, at least fanboys managed to "behave themselves" this time so Survive will end up being the giant flop it deserves to be:
Konami always gave Kojima shit for spending too much money on game development... well guess what, Konami, Kojima always managed to earn that money back...

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Konami will see the lack of sales and say “huh, guess people don’t like Metal Gear.”

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I'd rather a good brand die than be mutilated so. I'm not a Metal Gear fan, but it sounds like it would be better off put to bed.


I was hoping to see the story of Young Snake and Big Boss meeting for the first and second time, in one last reimagined game. That could have kept the spirit alive even if it wasn’t quite the same without Kojima. Now MGS is most likely dead. Even a PS4 collection would have been nice.

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View Posthismasterplan, on 28 February 2018 - 04:50 AM, said:

Konami will see the lack of sales and say “huh, guess people don’t like Metal Gear.”

Well it's arrogant and stupid old Konami alright so there's a chance of that happening but I have to say I really don't care. The thing about Konami is that you get the impression that they are always complaining about high development costs and video games being a risky business while at the same time they are sitting on one of the the most valuable IP portfolios in gaming history. That's why everyone, especially their fans hate them.

I was never much of an MGS fan, I enjoyed the games like anyone else but it was never that close to my heart. On the other hand I'm pretty much a die hard Silent Hill and Castlevania fan so imagine my disappointment in seeing how Konami is not doing a goddamn thing with those amazing franchises. Capcom, SEGA and even Square are releasing remakes, remasters of their IPs and even stellar new games like Resident Evil 7, Yakuza 6 or Final Fantasy XV.

What did Konami do? First they put Silent Hill into a deep, deep grave by releasing dogshit like the Silent Hill HD Collection and cheaply made games like SH Book of Memories and Downpour. Hell, Downpour even had some potential and it was developed by a competent team, they just couldn't really make the game what it should have been because of the lack of budget. Then Konami proceeded to mess up Castlevania: first came Lords of Shadow which was a great new entry in the series but it had nothing to do with its roots. Still, most of what it had was good so it was definitely a nice start... but then Mirror of Fate and LoS2 (a 10-15 hour, noticeably cheaper sequel to a 25-30 hour game) came and that was it for Castlevania.

Meanwhile people on Steam are asking for PC ports to at least Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood for years now but Konami is just sitting on the IP. Even cheaply made ports would sell well on all 4 major platforms and they would give some visibility for the old franchise but nope, Konami is not doing it because Konami can't do business.

Silent Hill? Well, that one's clearly a goldmine: SH2-3-4 are games that don't need remakes or remasters because they look good even today if you raise the resolution to HD with some fanmade fixes. The problem: the HD Collection was a mess while the old PC ports are unavailable. They literally just have to take the old PC ports, implement widescreen support, fix some compatibility issues, add some effects to SH2 that are worse in the PC version than in the PS2 originals, dump that on Steam and current gen consoles and everyone and their mothers would buy the shit out of them. SH1 is the one that aged badly, that game would benefit a lot from a remake in the style of what Capcom made for Resident Evil 1. Sure, that would mean work (and money) for Konami but the game itself is so iconic that it could put the franchise back on track in itself.

TLDR: Fuck Konami.

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