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need help with zero hour resources


after, for some time, running zero hour using a n64 emulator and a graphical hook to copy 3d data from screen into a model format, I decided to give the zero hour resource dump made available at https://forums.duke4...hour-resources/ a shot.

I would like to run the resource data in a manner that has it on screen like seen in the following video, and not all black.

video of duke nukem zero hour levels loading in eduke32:

im un able to run the levels and ill explain my current issue:
when I start any of the maps I get a error saying no palette found! you can see this error in the following video:
( as of 10/6/2017 the video was just uploaded and may take a few mins to become avalible:)
no pallette
edit: ill fix this in a few not sure whats up with the link. here is a link to a vid I uploaded of the error:

but then, if I was to have duke nukem 25th anv. installed, the maps then load but they all look like this:

There are 2 things going on here, and two reasons why the levels feature black surfaces. when im in the level as is in the last video, I can do a global shaders divide of 100 and a lot of the surfaces light up and are visible, not black. the remainder of the black surface's has something to do with how the level dosnt even load unless I have dukes 25th installed via steam. so this leads me to think I do not have the bestest duke nukem 3d build installed. or the most preferred by the software or situation at hand, where in the first video I posted that was uploaded by someone who had the right setup was able to see all the textures in the levels.

how can I fix this?
what version of duke nukem 3d should I use and where can I get it from?
any other advice?
thanks for any comments helps a lot. thanks.


Edit: when I have Duke 25t installed, the incorrect textures are used, when I do not have it installed, I am unable to use mapster32 but eduke32 dose start up.

I'm currently useing Duke.grp from atomic 1.7 in the root of eduke32.

I have a feeling I should ask this question again if you know what I mean but perhaps the issue lies elsewhere.
"What's the best version of Duke nukem 3D to use when it comes to my setup and where do I get it?"

I do note that it's dukes 25th install in steam at fault for incorrect textures being used compared to the other users video who shows him exploring the properly textured levels

Edit: sorry if I posted this in the incorrect place. I'll look into moveing this whole thread to bug reports and help mes section of the forums. Sorry and thanks for your time.

This post has been edited by Snake Plissken: 06 October 2017 - 09:00 AM


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