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"Authentic" OPL Midi Synth for Blood  "Getting OPL3 Midi Synth option for Blood"

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I thought I would write a little guide for those who want to get the Blood music sounding like it would in Dosbox under the OPL3 (soundblaster 16) option.

Dosbox emulates sounds through several different modes, the most recent and arguably best option for OPL3 emulation is Nuked.
Using this as a basis, datajake1999 on the VOGONS forum has developed a midi driver for Windows that uses this emulation method.
See part of the thread here:
They have also developed specific midi patches for different games, so the specific way the instruments are played matches what is supposed to happen. In this case, there is a Blood specific midi patch that we will apply.

Getting the Files
The files are located here:
The zip file contains the code, but also the midi specific patches we need.
The exe is the driver installation.
(I seem to get false positives from the site, there is perhaps some issues with other files on the site, though I have scanned this files here with Bitdefender with no issues)

1) Run the opl3emu.exe and install the drivers you want, there is an option for three (Windows, Doom and Apogee). The one we really want is the Apogee driver. Though I have not tested this without installing at least the Windows and Apogee drivers.
2) Once this is done, open the zip file and look at the files located in opl3emu\apogee_tmb
3) Create a directory (folder) on the c: partition called OPLSynth. So you will have a directory structure that looks like this: C:\OPLSynth
4) Copy all the files from the zip directory opl3emu\apogee_tmb into the C:\OPLSynth
5) As the apogee_tmb.txt says, copy the apogee_blood.tmb file in the directory, paste it in place and rename the copy to apogee.tmb
6) If this all worked, then when you launch BloodGDX, you will see additional options under the Midi Synth (If not, try restarting first).
7) Select the Apogee OPL3 synth option
If you installed the apogee.tmb patch correctly, then the music should sound identical to how it does in Dosbox under the Soundblaster options.


It seems that reinstalling the sound driver (through something like the NVIDIA drivers) breaks the OPL installation. This is easily fixed, just reinstall it.

User is offline   Devon 

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I just tried it and it worked perfectly for me.

Thanks for sharing =)

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Glad it worked for you.

I was very happy when the option to select your own Midi driver was added, as I could do this.

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View PostTiddalick, on 30 September 2017 - 03:30 AM, said:

Glad it worked for you.

I was very happy when the option to select your own Midi driver was added, as I could do this.

What i really really want though is this

Also here is a link to the soundtrack recorded from a roland SC-55 http://www.vgmpf.com....php/Blood_(DOS)#Music

The roland is so damn awsome!

Btw anyone knows if it is possible to emulate the roland sc-55 in any way on new hardware?

Or maybe there is software so the old module works with win10 ?

Any info is apreciated.

Btw Bloodgdx supports only midi right now. where are the midi tracks located?
I was thinking i could use the roland files and replace them as a temporary fix until mp3/ogg/wma/flac or whatever file support we get later on.


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User is offline   Tiddalick 

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The Midi tracks are in the SOUNDS.RFF file.

Until M210 adds ogg/flac etc support, you don't have an option to play the recorded music that you want to.

The Midi format is interpreted by the OPL/Roland card and outputs the music.
Perhaps someone has made a Roland SC-55 driver like I linked above for the OPL based cards.
I will have a look. If I find anything like that I linked above, I will let you know.

User is online   supergoofy 

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you can use VirtualMIDISynth or BASSMIDI driver with a Roland SC-55 soundfont
Discussion here:

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