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Duke Nukem joining "Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan"

User is online   Never Forgotten 

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Here's the announcement:


What Hack’n’Slash MMORPG would be complete without a strong cast? That’s why we are thrilled to announce the addition of the legendary Duke Nukem to Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan’s already deadly dozen!

We have been working in collaboration with Gearbox Publishing to bring our favourite videogame tough-guy to the planet Titan. The Broken had better be worried, the Duke is coming to scrap them and chew bubblegum, and guess what? He’s all outta’ gum.

Pre-order the SciFi Action MMORPG now to get access to the Alpha Test! https://igg.me/at/WildBuster

What are your thoughts?

Who Loves Ya Baby?

Never Forgotten/Focus Gaming

User is offline   Newken 

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MMORPG? No, thanks.

User is offline   brullov 

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Rly. Will they add Duke to League of Legends?

User is offline   KaijuTurtle 

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Interesting. I can't say ill be preordering this but upon release I will definitely give it a look. I appreciate, if nothing else, that Randy was sincere in his intention to get Duke into other projects.

User is online   NightFright 

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Tbh I am only pissed by now about what Gearbox is doing with the Duke Nukem brand. Just putting the character in all kinds of games randomly doesn't turn them into games I would like to play as a Duke fan. It is uninspired, shameful and embarrassing.

I really wished a company with solid funding would buy the DN rights. It shouldn't stay in the hands of Gearbox which is obviously struggling for survival by now, with its last hope being Borderlands 3. Rereleasing older titles with ridicilous pricetags or putting Duke in other games shows how desperate they have become and how clueless they are regarding what to do with the rights.

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User is online   NightFright 

  • The Truth is in here
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Well, keeping the character alive and "present" is one thing. But just using it as a sideshow character or as a substitute to play with instead of the real protagonist doesn't do justice to Duke. Maybe Gearbox doesn't realize this or simply doesn't care for the sake of quick profit, but what we need quite badly is a new full-scale Duke game that doesn't suck.

User is online   Duke Legacy 

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I haven't been here in two weeks and I decided to get on to see what new on Duke Nukem, Why are they putting Duke Nukem in a kids game ?

also is BattleBorn really that bad I just saw it for $10 at Wal Mart.

Duke4 Supporter

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If your brain tells you one thing and your heart tells you another, get rid of those silly doubts and listen to your brain.

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