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How to change weapons triggers in blood?

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I want to start modding with custom sprites and add them differents events, Which programs do you have to use ? Thanks !

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BAFed is a cool tool to add sprites to art files, although it breaks animated sprites, so sometimes ARTEDIT has to be used, unless M210 fixes his soft.

QAVEDITOR is used to work on weapons. Since the tool doesn't support more than 15 tile art files (because the tool comes from leaked Blood Alpha and no one tried to compile a new version which could use Blood's retail RFF files and all tiles art files), you'll have to use "TILES015.ART". It has some free space to add some sprites.

SEQEDITOR is used to work on monsters/enemies.

QAVSND is used to add custom sounds to QAV files (weapons). BTW it's possible to add more custom sounds to Blood without replacing current ones, but replacing is possible too.

What do you mean by changing triggers for weapons? You mean changing its projectile? It's possible to change a bit triggers, but you cannot replace Sawed-Off with Pistol. A Shotgun has to be a shotgun. Also Sawed-Off supports 4 triggers, 1 trigger = 1 ammo consumption and the least number of hitscan projectiles, 4 trigger = 4 ammo consumption and the highest number of hitscan projectiles. Surprisingly trigger 3 is also supported, but more than 4 crashes the game. And similar for other weapons.

A lot of tools and tutorials can be found here: http://www.baitd.bloodgame.ru/bme.htm

To be honest, despite all these tutorials and tools, I would say not a lot of is basically possible. All the modding support is very limited.

Good luck!

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