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Custom Weapons

User is offline   Dzierzan 


Since we have finally the first working port for Blood, I was thinking if it were possible to make weapons moddable in the future. Well, there's a tool named Qaveditor which allows making animations for Blood. The tool came from leaked Blood alpha, as many as other tools. But the biggest pain a butt is that the ability of modding Blood weapons is very limited. Let's say if slot 3 is sawed-off, then it has to be shotgun type weapon. The point is you cannot change a projectile or a number of hitpoints, although you can change a trigger number, for example instead of using 1 shell, you'll use 3, but no more than 4 cause it will crash the game (for other weapons it's different, yet similar). Another issue is that Tommy gun normal fire can be canceled, so if you make custom animation for that, you migth have always glitchy animation.

I've made some own weapon animations cause I was inspired by NoOne's weapons mod which he released along with Final Alone in the Dark. http://cruo.bloodgam...apons&rid=62457 . And it just hurts my heart seeing there's no way to have more fun with custom weapons like it's possible in Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior or even Doom. Damn Blood's source code...

Here are my creations, note that in the 2nd video I added squishing sounds for Heart weapon.



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User is offline   Dr_Proton 


I have no idea how the code works but maybe M210 will find a way around those limitations :P

User is offline   darkcaleb 


Hey those weapons look cool! :P You know what would be cool from the point of the pitchfork, to able to throw it at your enemy ;) instant death for lower enemies! Keep up the good work, these weapons look something that could fit into a old western package!

User is offline   Dzierzan 


Haha. Sadly, the pitchfork only accepts 4 animations: down, up, idle and attack. No way to throw it.

I am planning also:

  • a reskin for Tesla Gun, perhaps with changed characteristcs,
  • improve Heart alt fire. I didn't show it in the video, but right now it's 1:1 to Voodoo Doll with heart sprite. I found very interesting alpha Ripper Heart sprites from Shadow Warrior. I think I am going to use those sprites to make new frames. This might be very interesting.
  • add beta Riotgun from Shadow Warrior. There's a version of that gun where you could eject the magazine. It's unfinished, but there are lots of Cabel hand sprite sheet so I could make my own interpretation of this gun.
  • maybe make own Beast Claws. There are qav files with inactive beast claws weapon.

Of course if someone is interested in trying these weapons, then I can say I will give my work to NoOne who will make another version of his Weapon Mod.

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User is offline   Jim 


How about a super Cerberus with actually 3 heads?

User is offline   Dzierzan 


Yeah, it is also possible to reskin monsters, it's very similar to weapon animations. Although I am not sure if it's possible to change triggers for them so the game won't crash. But who would be crazy enough to reskin the whole spritesheet for at least one monster?

User is offline   Dzierzan 


Another portion of custom weapons.

This time:
- beta riotgun from Shadow Warrior remastered by Mike12,
- faster alt fire for Revolvers,
- alt fire for Heart weapon,
- one dynamite from alpha Blood.

Sadly, I tried to add one dynamite from alpha, but if I try to replace bundle dynamite tiles with one dynamite, the game will have a bug were rotating dynamite animation will not be triggered. Instead the animation where a dynamite is supposed to be on ground will be triggered. This also applies to prox dynamite, remote dynamite, gas can and enemies.

User is offline   Dzierzan 


I don't like double posting and I know no one likes that in any forum, but what can I do bump this thead? Unless someone cleans that...

Anyways, here are my weapons. They will be a part of Weapons Mod, but I am releasing them now if someone is interested in testing them.

Custom weapons are compatible with both Dosbox and GDX versions.


BEFORE you start the installation, make sure you make a backup of following files:

  • TILES015.ART


  • Put .bat, .art files and WPNMOD20 folder to your Blood folder.
  • Drag any bat file and drop it on Dosbox exe file or its shortcut.
  • QAV and RAW files should being installed now if everything went smooth.
  • Voila! You should be able to use a custom weapon now.

  • Riotgun is not using TILES023.art yet. It uses TILES015, it's in the TILES folder. If you install that weapon, make sure you copy and paste that file to your Blood folder. Beware though, using edited TILES015 makes a bug where Tchernobog will always face you (you won't see see side or back sprites), so this is not Dosbox or GDX bug, but a bug of using BAFed tool.
  • I recommend copying and pasting SOUNDS.RFF everytime you wish to install another shotgun type weapon. It's because they are using the same or different sounds and it might be at the end mixed. It will be nicely sorted in the future Weapons Mod version.
  • If you wish to come back to vanilla weapons, just copy and paste BLOOD.RFF and SOUNDS.RFF to Blood folder.


User is offline   SplatterH 


So, can we expect things like adding new enemies, weapons, etc like with doom mods? :0

EDIT: great work on those btw ;D

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User is offline   Dzierzan 


Weapon Mod was available for years, although I am working on improving its weapons since I never liked all the animations. Basically most of the stuff is done and Weapons Mod ver 3.0 should be released soon. Additionaly WM30 hacks the game to change strings, which means changing names of weapons and there's another little hack for other weapon to change ammo consumption. But these hacks only work for Dosbox version. Weapons generally work for GDX too.

Editing enemies is possible too, like adding more frames or changing the place of fire trigger, but nothing too much fancy, but basicially something like Smooth Blood mod is possible if there were people able making additional sprites. Though I am not sure about making such for Dosbox version since Blood only uses 32 MB of RAM. Yes, yes, GDX, but we're not going to have any modding support any time soon.

Some pictures:
















Those weapons aren't weaker than standard ones? They would be more interesting if ADDED instead of replaced, like make the flare gun rare and the revolver becomes common weapon around. But i don't think it is possible at the moment.

User is offline   Dzierzan 


You cannot change damage, number of projectiles or replace Flare Gun with Revolver and changing its projectiles. Yeah, not a lot of is possible with tools I have.

Basically yes, revolvers are weaker than Tommy Gun. Heart is powerful than Voodoo (more triggers, but consumes more ammo). Pump action shotgun always uses two ammo and it's a bit faster than Sawed-Off. Alpha Napalm Launcher (or more like Dark Gun) is just a reskin, though it fires a bit slower. Tesla Coil is maily a reskin, but I made it possible shooting one projectile (one click, one shot), vanilla Tesla Gun fires 4 or 5 projectiles if you input fire.

I also have edited Life Leech (added eye moving animation) which is in theory weaker than vanilla one, but if used right, it's more powerful cause you can quickly fire 4 projectiles. This makes it a buffed Flare Gun kind of cause it put on fire enemies :thumbsup:.

Well, if someone wants a hardcore mode, I would suggest installing any revolver, single barreled sawed-off and Napalm Launcher for the most difficult Blood :P.

Nevertheless, I agree ADDING would be more interesting than replacing, but trust me, even replaying Blood with custom weapons is interesting enough. Sadly, untill GDX or any other port is finished, no better modding will be possible, so this is basically the best which is possible.

User is offline   SplatterH 


Does anyone know if M210 is interested in support modding once he finishes this port? I don't know how this really works, but im interested in learning if extended mod support is guaranteed.

User is offline   Dzierzan 


As far as I know, M210 might do mod support which is going to be con scripting, but after he does Redneck Rampage port... yeah...

User is offline   SplatterH 


Sarcastic yes, right? Too bad, really thought we would finally be able to have complex mods :thumbsup:

User is offline   m210® 


View PostSplatterH, on 13 August 2017 - 07:20 AM, said:

Sarcastic yes, right? Too bad, really thought we would finally be able to have complex mods :thumbsup:

I really want to make port of RR, but it will not too soon, but when I made it, I will have working con codes which I can include to bloodgdx too....maybe...

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