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Interviews etc. with Apogee/3DR people  "A place to collect such stuff"

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Over the recent years I have come across various interviews with game developers, including people related to Apogee/3D Realms. Some of these are still online, some are only accessible via the Wayback Machine. It seems reasonable to keep track of them as potentially interesting information can be obtained from these documents.

Currently the idea is to sort links by person, and by publication date for each person. I'm not listing the Apogee Legacy Interviews as they are already neatly organized on their own.

George Broussard
GameSlice Interview (w/ Scott Miller) (1996)
Gamecenter.com Shadow Warrior Q&A (late 1996)
The Adrenaline Vault Interview (22 March 1997)
PC Games Shadow Warrior Guided Tour (1H 1997)

Richard "Levelord" Gray
Ritualistic Interview (8 April 1998)
Ritualistic Interview (25 December 1998)
Gamedesign.net Interview (1999)
GameSpy Interview (2000)
Shacknews Interview (20 August 2012)
TesAll Interview (30 January 2014)
duke64nukem.com Interview (8 October 2016)
Lecture at the Geek Picnic event (10 July 2017)

Jason Hall
The Adrenaline Vault Interview (31 March 1997)

Tom Hall
GameSlice Ion Storm Interview (w/ John Romero) (1997?)
DOS Games Archive Interview (ca. April 2002)

Lee Jackson
GameSpy Interview (7 July 2000)
The Cyber Den Interview (27 January 2016)

Bobby Prince (blog)
The Adrenaline Vault Interview (12 October 1997)

Scott Miller
GameSlice Interview (w/ George Broussard) (1996)
The Adrenaline Vault Interview (11 May 1997)
Gamasutra Interview (21 August 2009)
Arcade Attack Interview (22 April 2017)

Nick Newhard
The Adrenaline Vault Interview (26 April 1997)

John Passfield (official website)
Tsumea Interview (12 October 2002)
RGB Classic Games Interview (31 October 2005 - a fitting date for a talk with the author of Halloween Harry)
1 More Castle Interview (July 2012)
Gamasutra Blog Post (1 June 2015)

John Romero (official website)
Next Generation Online Interview (13 May 1997)
GameSlice Ion Storm Interview (w/ Tom Hall) (1997?)

Paul Schuytema
Online Gaming Review (OGR) Interview (1998?)

Joe Siegler (blog)
RGB Classic Games Interview (31 January 2006)

Ken Silverman (official website)
RGB Classic Games Interview (21 November 2005)
Arcade Attack Interview (1 May 2017)

Jon St. John
Arcade Attack Interview (15 May 2017)

Charlie Wiederhold
Gamedesign.net interview (1999)

Sunstorm Interactive (official website)
The Adrenaline Vault Interview (26 July 1997)
Online Gaming Review (OGR) Overview & Interview (1998?)

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Here's what I found in the Old-Games.RU forums today:

It's a lecture delivered by Richard "Levelord" Gray at the Geek Picnic 2017 event in Moscow & St. Petersburg (with consecutive interpretation into Russian).

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I've reworked the first post to have a semblance of a systematic presentation of interviews & stuff, and added more of the previously found entries. This is of course still very far from being comprehensive as of now.

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Added two Lee Jackson interviews and some more for Levelord. Also added links to official pages/blogs of some of the people listed here.

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Added a few more interviews with John Romero, Tom Hall, Paul Schuytema, George Broussard, Scott Miller and Sunstorm Interactive found via the Wayback Machine.

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Apparently I can no longer update the first post, here's two more interviews:

George Broussard
GameSpot interview (w/ William Scarboro)

Tom Hall
GameSpot interview

Both were published sometime in 1997, can't find more exact dates.

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Ken Silverman Dukeworld interview (29 November 1998)

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PC Games presents: Quake level editing tips by The Levelord

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